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Fred Perry
[quote name="SpooPoker" Looks good from here broseph[/quote] Thanks A pound well spent
spoo ?
St Michael was a brand that was owned and used by Marks & Spencer from 1928 until 2000. In 2000, Marks & Spencer dropped the St Michael brand, and replacing it with the Marks & Spencer brand. The St Michael name was subsequently adopted as a 'quality guarantee'
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Pakistan - India semi looks like it's going to happen..... I have taken next wednesday off work.....!!!!!!! Regards. Before the Worldcup Started I booked the Days off for both semi finals as for the final its on a weekend so thats not a worry Pakistan and India the match it self will be Mother of all great games
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar I sorely miss Amir and Asif. If Pakistan had those 2 followed by Shoaib, Gul and Afridi....they would be the best bowling lineup and tear thru most teams. Just feel ESP sad for Amir. BUT u reap what u sow. Regards. +1
May the best team win Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar BUT on any given day Razzak or Afridi can win a match alone!! The Pakistan - India matches will generate the most interest by far, so hope they both stay in the running. Regards. No prediction about Pakistani team they are the dark horse they can do a big upset like 1992 when there was no chance they won or simply be out of the cup like 2007 Geoffrey Boycott once said...
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild What is the difference between shaerwaani and uchkun? -
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Hello...but Pakistan did awesome in the twenty20...thanks for hosting it!! Regards. Indeed it was a great T20 as every single team had there spectators to cheer them up (not to mention Pakistani and Indian spectators) as England is home of cricket and in England we have one of the best cricket grounds in the world I say England must host these kind of events on a regular basis Back to topic The Ashes...
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