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FWIW, I'm a 9E on the Brannock (i think) and my goto Barrie size is the 8.5E. I have a few pairs in 9D and the width feels the same as the 8.5E, with the 9E just incrementally longer.
+1. this is my sizing as well.
I'd imagine they'd work well for you in 8.5D but may depend on your instep and sock preference.I'm a 9E on the Brannock as well but I like my TB indies in 8.5E. I have a highish instep and like to wear them with thicker socks.
[[SPOILER]] thanks
@LA GUY Any chance at updating my shipping info on the Cabourns?
I picked up a pair of shell indies last month and wasn't charged import taxes. They were shipped via EMS and were accompanied with paperwork that stated the shoes were made in the USA along with the value. I feel pretty lucky.
+1000!thanks jonnyrich! picked up the cadets this morning
great looking fabric! can't wait to receive mine.
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