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How do you size these compared to the Barrie? I wear a 8.5E/9D on the Barrie and have been eyeing these for the past month. I'm also surprised these haven't moved faster.
great stuff!
thanks for the heads up! just ordered the beautiful Alt Weins!
I've ordered from Kent Wang and Epaulet before so there's no issue with them arriving within 2 weeks. In fact Kent's stuff tends to get to me in 2-3 days since I live in Houston. I like the Vanda option because of the custom monogramming and the good looking tie but shipping time is a concern.In the end I'll probably get 2 of the 3 ties below to keep my options open.EpauletKW
The wedding I'm attending would lean toward the casual side but not too far over. I like the Vanda and particularly because they can do Chinese character monograms! But the wedding is just under two weeks ago and afraid it wouldnt make it to the states in time. Glad that shepherd check was brought up. I'm also looking at black or possibly red check. I plan on wearing a high blue navy suit along with a white shirt. pretty standard wedding guest attire. May I should...
Looks like glen plaid is the way to for a wedding tie. This kent wang offering looks like a favorite on this thread: any thoughts on this offering by epaulet? is it too casual for a wedding?
Thanks for posting. I agree with your comments as it does appear sleeker but not surprising considering the last and flat welt. So from that standpoint its an interesting mix of a sleeker last and casual light welt. I like it but on the fence about getting a pair.
Anyone have photos of the cigar PTB on the Aberdeen last offered by Harrison Limited? I'm curious about the cigar shade and last appearance on the PTB.
I resemble this remark. Thanks for the input.
The tyrol blucher is sharp and would have been a no-brainer for me but not available in my size.
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