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Interesting to see so many comments about not sizing up. I am in the same opinion as @cityplace, I wear a size 42 and a L/XL in most polos but a XXL in KW polos.
Arrival of 3 Kamakura shirts yesterday
[[SPOILER]] very nice. these are a very underrated model! I'm wearing my 9015's today as well!
I've 'exchanged' a shirt before and the service was excellent. I emailed their customer service and they were very accommodating. I placed a new order for the correct size (it was my mistake) and paid for it. At the same time I sent back the incorrect size. My new shirt arrived quickly and when they received the shirt I was returning, they reimbursed shirt and my shipping costs. Hope you get the same experience.
I wear an 8.5E in the Barrie and go with a 9E in the Grant. The Grant in 9E feels a little roomier but it's preferable to the snugger 9D. Hope this helps.
Welcome Adam, glad to you in the forum!
FWIW, I'm a 9E on the Brannock (i think) and my goto Barrie size is the 8.5E. I have a few pairs in 9D and the width feels the same as the 8.5E, with the 9E just incrementally longer.
+1. this is my sizing as well.
I'd imagine they'd work well for you in 8.5D but may depend on your instep and sock preference.I'm a 9E on the Brannock as well but I like my TB indies in 8.5E. I have a highish instep and like to wear them with thicker socks.
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