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I think the Barrie is a pretty good fit for a high instep.I'm a 9E on the brannock with an average/low arch and high instep. I size the Barrie in 8.5E. 9D also fits pretty well.IME the Grant last can work for those with a high instep but you may find yourself right on the bubble. Just a touch snugger across the instep than the equivalent Barrie size.
Received this shirt in my Kamakura lucky bag. Don't think I'll be wearing so here you go. Pink university stripe pinpoint Oxford button down in Tokyo classic fit 43/85 (US 17/33.5) NWT $40 shipped Link to the shirt on Kamakura website: http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gIF0085613881/
@peppercorn78 I agree with Rstldr and IME the TB is just slightly wider than the Barrie.
Received my fukubukuro. Generally pleased with the selection. White pinpoint, pink university stripe and lavender herringbone.
Great front page post @mdubs! Can't imagine there being a better one out there! and hope everyone on this forum had a happy New Year!
excellent! love the shade and pairing!
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're enjoying it with the ones you love (that includes your Alden's 😄)!
Sounds like 7.5E in Plaza would work for you. I picked up a 9E myself and wear a 8.5E on the Barrie. I have a wide foot and high instep. That being said, everyone's foot is unique so YMMV.Interesting that you are a full size up from the Barrie from the Grant (and a D width). A member recently described the Grant last as a 'Barrie Junior' shape and it seems to fit my foot that way. I wear 8.5E Barrie and a 9D Grant.
Congrats, these are awesome! Been waiting for a WT plaza boot for a while... can't wait for my pair to arrive!
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