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beautiful shoes and a great deal! good luck!
Been wanting v-tips for a while and this sounds like a fantastic makeup. deposit made!
I'll be in Madison, WI for a few days and wanted to get a few recommendations on men's stores, shops, restaurants and other points of interest worth checking out. Thanks for any recommendations!.
Cigar Indy Boot 40566Ccommando soleantiqued edge360 degree weltTrubalance lastno hooks
[[SPOILER]] Their shipments via EMS are great. I've ordered over a dozen shirts from Kamakura and have never had an issue with additional fees.
I recall seeing a couple of posts in the past couple of weeks asking about shoe trees. Not as good as JosABank deals but BOGO at Woodlore on their full cedar shoe trees. Woodlore
J Crew x Alden Color 8 Indie Boot with crepe sole New with box, please see pictures. $625 shipping included to CONUS. For other locations please PM.
SOLD Cigar shell cordovan Alden leisure handsewn (LHS) in 9D (regular). Flush metal toe taps by B Nelson of NY. Model 6717, LHS, built on Van last for The Shoemart (Bootmaker Edition). Note that these loafers have an antique edge. Purchased from The Shoemart in 2014 and worn sparingly. Please see pictures. The shoes will be shipped with Alden shoe bags. Price includes shipping within the CONUS. For shipping outside the CONUS please send a message. regards,
Crosspost from the Alden thread... Finally got around to wearing my new Alt Wein Bluchers with Epaulet trousers.
New Epaulet Alt Wein Bluchers at the end of the first day of wear. Well worth the year+ wait
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