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Do you have any pics? Where are you located? Thanks
Do you have pics of the sole and heel? Thanks
Where did you get these? Thanks
really interested, I can do paypal as well. Let me know how it goes.
Want to get it as gift for someone. In good working condition. With original manuals and box. I am located in Chicago, and all other locations are welcome as well. Thanks
Do you have pictures? Thanks
Had the orientation today. Went well. Worn simple suit + tie. No other accessories. Thanks!
Website says 299?
Thanks everyone for the advice. The company did say that I should wear professional in the first day. So I think I'll probably go with the suit + black shoes and belt with a watch, since a pocket square is kind of a controversy, and I don't currently own one.
Hey, I am going to start my internship soon. And there will probably an orientation on the first day, and I am wondering what should I wear? It's finance industry, and I am still in college. I think suit and tie is probably a must. I have a navy, charcoal and black suit. Accessorywise, I am not that sure. Shall I wear a tie bar? a watch? pocket square? etc? Thanks a lot!
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