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thanks a lot. and yea, tucking the shirt is kind of awkward in a college setting
Having been a member in this forum for a while, however, I spent most of the time in the men's wear section, and learned a lot. While I am now far more knowledgeable on more formal clothes such as shirts and suits, I found out that I can't really think of a way to dress to bars/clubs. A little bit of my background. I am still in college, and so I can't buy anything really fancy. My idea for dressing to clubs are: Casual shirt + blazer slim...
Living in Chicago for the whole summer. Haven't heard of this place until now. a lot more to explore.
Really helpful website indeed.
Hey, I am in about the same situations as you. For shirts, I think H&M makes some decent ones for 39.95, and they could be lower when on sale. The point is that they have a really slimmer and more modern fit. Pants: Express producer's good, but I wear 30 waist while in other brands I wear 32 waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection I don't know how big your head is but I have had great success fitting Kio Yamato and Urband Frames. Kio has a tension fit that can be made to bow around the temples (usually the largest part on an asian) and then the Urband frames have a natural bow in the temple and the metal has a bit of flex to it. Thanks a lot! but those are kind of over my budget for now? are there any other alternatives?
Measurements for 38R? Thanks
Eyeglasses for asian men? My face is kind of wider than average so is there any size or design that is good for me? It's somehow hard to find glasses with the right fit. Thanks a lot!
measurement of Zara? thanks
Do you have measurements for the blazer? thanks
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