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do you have measurements of the first two j crews? Thanks
hi, What are the materials of the first few +J clothes? Thanks
would you post the measurement of the first two BR and the kenneth cole pants? Waist Knee and leg opening Thanks a lot!
Hi I have an iPhone 4 16g sealed. Brand new never used, want to sell it for $700. Paypal. Got some pics here Thanks Now on ebay
thanks a lot. and yea, tucking the shirt is kind of awkward in a college setting
Having been a member in this forum for a while, however, I spent most of the time in the men's wear section, and learned a lot. While I am now far more knowledgeable on more formal clothes such as shirts and suits, I found out that I can't really think of a way to dress to bars/clubs. A little bit of my background. I am still in college, and so I can't buy anything really fancy. My idea for dressing to clubs are: Casual shirt + blazer slim...
Living in Chicago for the whole summer. Haven't heard of this place until now. a lot more to explore.
Really helpful website indeed.
Hey, I am in about the same situations as you. For shirts, I think H&M makes some decent ones for 39.95, and they could be lower when on sale. The point is that they have a really slimmer and more modern fit. Pants: Express producer's good, but I wear 30 waist while in other brands I wear 32 waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection I don't know how big your head is but I have had great success fitting Kio Yamato and Urband Frames. Kio has a tension fit that can be made to bow around the temples (usually the largest part on an asian) and then the Urband frames have a natural bow in the temple and the metal has a bit of flex to it. Thanks a lot! but those are kind of over my budget for now? are there any other alternatives?
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