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Would you posts back picture of the uniqlos? Thanks!
Would you post some measurements for the pants? Waist, hem? Thanks
would you post some measurement for the suit? Thanks!
what are the leg openings of the j crew jeans? Thanks
It was raining for a few days, and I found out my jacket wasn't ready for these kind of weather at all. There's white water mark left on the jacket after it dried out, and I don't feel like getting it dry cleaned every time after it rains. I am wondering what type of jackets should I wear during this kind of weather? Even I am bring an umbrella, it is still pretty easy to get wet. Thanks a lot!
what is the material of the suit?
is there any picture from the back?
hey what're the leg openings? Thanks
do you have any 9.5 or 10 left?
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