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Thanks a lot guys! Just a quick question. What is the inseam for NC? I know NS is about 33.
Hey guys, new to APCs. My true waist is 32, and I want to slim and tapered leg. Which pair should I get? I have been looking at 29 NS, or NC. I am 5'9, around 165, pretty athletic build. Something tho, i got pretty big calves (around 8 at the widest point) How much will they stretch at the waist and other area? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 i can see now! those look good man. 3 month? yes sir, first wear on jan-07-11 http://encountar.com/blog/2011/01/07...nt-2/#more-249
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 shinny new camera and you use imageshack? you do realize we cant see shit, right? try photobucket! haha updated to my tumblr
Just got a new camera today 501 STF 3 months - 2 hot soak - no wash
any pics and measurements? Thanks
Would you post 15x32 measurements? Thanks
Hi, I am looking for a staple suit for my wardrobe. Navy or Charcoal and possibly grey- with or without stripes Chest size: 38 Pants 32W 30L I am 5' 10'' 165lbs Other specs Want a modern, slim fit no pleats has dual vents leg opening <= 8 inches Brands wanted: RLBL/RLPL, BBBF but open to others as well Budget: under $600 (I am still in college) Thanks a lot!
Quote: Originally Posted by haspy Quick Question: I was looking into buying the Unbranded Indigo Skinny 14.5oz Selvedge Jean from UO but I'm not too sure on the sizing? I am usually a 34/34 in skinnys. Do you think I should stay the same or go up in sizes? Thanks Check this out, it might help http://www.theunbrandedbrand.com/fit-guide/
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