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Hey guys, My parents are coming to the states for the first time this Christmas in Seattle. They are at their early 50s, coming from Hong Kong area. Just wondering what are the places for clothes they should visit. I really want to impress them with some high quality stuff that aren't made in China or something like that since they can easily get them for much cheaper if they want to. P.S. they are doctors. so the dress code is pretty lax but not too casual. Just had a...
no money, no selvedge
what does the size mean? How wide is the frame? Thanks
Here is the link, will be updated regularly: Pants, Jeans, Glasses, Shorts, Shirts, Suits, Dress, Blazers, Casual, Hair, Shoes, Watches, Luggages, Outerwear Hair: Tea Tree Shampoo Casual: Lands End Canvas Club Monaco J Crew HM Gap Brooks Brothers Dress: HM J Crew Brooks Brothers Incotex - pants Mabitex - pants Club Monaco Blazers Lands End Canvas Chino Blazer Size...
Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra do u want a fit pic or just a pic of them laid out? slim or straight fit? i'll do it tomorrow because my house has bad lighting Hey, if you could post the leg openings for the slim and straight too, that will be really helpful! Thanks!
Would you post measurements? thanks
Comment on the jeans and pants' fit? Jeans Pants
what is the waist for the BR wool pants? Thanks
measurement for the gap jeans? Thanks
Need lower rise to tuck in shirt for a smart casual look? Critique on this fit? and this? Thanks
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