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So I am in a quite tight budget right now. Found these on Ebay. The seller mentioned about recapping the heel. How does that work? How much is it going to cost? Thanks
@rogerlaisiuwa, Thanks, I got them from Ebay for around $30. They're made by Florsheim, I believe it's the Lexington model. @Xenon, I think that's because of my post. Thanks @bearsfan172, The suit is made by Tommy Hilfiger, trim fit. Shirts are made by H&M. Shoes by Florsheim. I am about 5' 9, 165 lbs. Wearing 38S. If that helps. Btw, are you in Chicago? @vincerich, Haha, I am still in college, and video game is not a bad thing. thanks for the critique, I'll...
Thanks So i decide to keep one M and other S. here's some pics Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
any dimensions of the first Dunhill? Thanks
and yes, it is in finance industry. I am also looking to upgrade a pair of black cap toe shoes too. Hopefully I can find a deal Thanks!
What is the size of H&M suit? Thanks
yes, i can button it and feel no problem. Any tips on taking this kind of pictures? Thanks
do you have more pics for the uniqlo? thanks
The shoes are bought from Ebay, $25, Florsheim
Thanks a lot! I think the boot cut it's because of the angle Definitely try to find a nicer camera next time..
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