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Could you take some pictures with them on? I ordered a pair of the Eastport Bluchers from LLBS in suede, but the tongue seems a little short to me so I'm considering returning them for a pair of these.
Do you mind sharing the 40% off F&F code?
Do you happen to have any pictures wearing either pair?
Some popular brands in the Urban Outfitters sale (Gant, Filson, Minnetonka, etc.) For $30, was thinking of getting a pair of these:
Lands End Canvas has 40% off sale items with code CANVASFS50 and PIN 3311. That code is supposed to have free shipping as well. If it doesn't work, they have one listed on their site for just the 40% off: CANVAS40 and PIN 1234
Extra discounts on PF Flyers at 6PM. They've usually got good deals on them, but seem to be running extra discounts at the moment. Bought these for $32 shipped.
Here's another one-time use for 40% off: [COUPON USED, SORRY] Please reply if you use it so others know it's no longer up for grabs.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock PSA: 30% off at BR + free ship ($100+) for today only. 25% off tomorrow. 2 days only... BRSPECIAL is the code Clarks DBs are avail thats why I posted here. Used this to buy two pairs of taupe... returning whichever one doesn't fit me as well.
I bought some jojoba oil from Trader Joe's. It was $6.99 for a 4oz. bottle. Mixed a few small squirts with water (probably a 1:15 ratio) into a travel shampoo bottle. I think I might need to use even less oil next time, or at least apply less of the mixture. My hair feels a little too oily, but I think this could work.
I'm not using any product currently... I'm looking for something that tries to replicate some of the natural hair oils.
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