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Moustache guy Kidding, i actually dont know lol
They ship to Australia but not New Zealand ? Da fk ? Might need to proxy/forward from USA then... Anyways, is there a women sale link for the significant other ?
Great thanks Neon i trust you and everyone on this thread who has given me advice. Everyone said to go 43 Just kopped the 43
Argh sorry guys having sizing dilemma for the AW13 wyatts I just tried at Nike size US 9.5 and US 10. Both fits fine but Flyknit USA 9.5 fits me a bit snug and a bit of restricted movement I think I'm more like a US 10 as its more comfortable Go for the 42.5 or go 43 in AW13 Wyatts ? Some said that AW13 wyatts fit TTS and to size down for AW14 See image on brannock scale. Feet is almost a 10
How do you guys remove stains on white gitman ? Should i take them to dry clean ?
Someone has a 42.5 and 43 in aw13 harness black wyatt For reference, I am a 42.5 EU in rick Owens geobaskets a Nike flyknit in 9.5-10 US and heard the wyatt have low instep? What size do you recommend I get?
Anyone selling a TOJ Daypack? How much does a mint one usually go for these days ?
Anyone handled this particular piece before ? Quite interested http://*****************/listings/100065
Hi guys Interested to get this denim jacket but unsure on sizing http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-casual-jackets-original-jean-jacket-in-dark-dirty-vintage-blue-denim_cod34485716tf.html#dept=permanent_men_ Been told to get TTS: I am normally a 46, so should i get a small or medium ? I am about 6 feet tall 155 lb and wearing a medium in the SLP tee with size 29 denim
^ I've been good thanks. Hope you are well too. Haha I lurk, usually Havent been buying much as of late
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