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Looking for a pair. Let me know your price
How does the CP Chelsea fit ? I am between a US 9.5-10 Do I get a 42 or 43 ?
What is a good priced go-to slim chino these days ? Bonobos ? H&M ? Unis Gio ? W+H Westpoint ?
Slim fit Khaki and Navy Fit approximately waist 30
Hey guys, anyone know how these new season Wyatt Chelsea fit ? I am between a US 9.5-10 For reference, I wear SLP high top in 42, Common Projects achilles in 42, and AW13 Wyatt harness boots in 43 http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/shoes-boots-classic-wyatt-40-boot-in-tan-suede_cod44821546jb.html#section=men_shoes
Damn, that is a real nice jacket. What was the pricing on that ? (non-sale i assume?)
how does the latest FW16 wyatt chelsea tan fit ? Would a 43.5 fit me ? I wear wyatt harness from FW13 in size 43 Usually Nike US 10 I think the 43.5 will be half a size big ? Negligible ?
As per title Looking for the black/white colorway To fit US 9.5-10... i believe i need a 9-9.5 as they fit large ?
Saw this on grailed but unsure - how to tell authenticity ? Or what other similar options can I look at ? Oliver People , MyKita ? https://*****************/listings/457061-Thom-Browne-TB-Glasses
Any deals for Qasa ?
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