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Definitely give them a call. You will find them helpful, but it may be difficult for them to evaluate a repair unless they have the shoe in hand. Good luck.
Chogall: I can't give you the details. Ask Nick. He's the professional.
Ceoceo: Perhaps you meant, "How does one obtain SF member special pricing?" I live in Manhattan. I took my ailing shoes to the best in NYC. Nick spontaneously offered a discount. I was grateful; I accepted.
Chogall: It required a new welt. I don't know whether or not it was done by "hand." Perhaps there was some machine intervention. Regardless, it was well done.
Yes, and the "not flush mounted" work fine. Had them for years, and yes, they must be replaced periodically. The more expensive flush mounted are a much nicer solution to the toe-wear problem. I will have all new shoes flush mounted at B. Nelson unless they are factory mounted.
Lovely, Shikar.
My ignorant guess is just that: improperly waxed thread. We shall have to wait for an expert opinion.
Dissolved? No. Apparently unstable, however. Nick suggested that I had grounds for contacting Vass and asking that they make it right. They may well have done so, but I chose to place my shoes in Nick's hands. A modest sum of money gave me back my shoes better than ever. I live in the city, so the proximity is convenient and I now know first hand that Nick is to be trusted with my high-end shoes. He's now doing some minor repair work on a pair of Alden shell.
We would, of course, like to see some pictures, Shikar. In the spirit of this thread, please see my recent tribute to Nick's work:
Thanks, fritzl. I agree.
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