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they advised me to not put any taps on single sole. already regretting it - disliking the way the bare sole wears down even after just a few wears. will have to rectify it locally.
whats the length on that collar?
any of you guys have a tap - whether rubber or metal - put on a vass single sole?
i have a local store that is also a rimowa-authorized repair shop. very lovely people there. they fix pretty much anything in a day. never had a problem with support there.enough for me to order a replacement topas piece this weekthat said, if you want utmost purchase protection, get the stuff with lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty.i think that is more to serve as deterrent against content-theft, than it is for cosmetics protection
i speculate fuji just wanted to grab a bunch of money from the x100s before releasing the firmware to update the x100. all of those improvements could have -- purely guessing -- been easily written in code to push out earlier. used x100 is an excellent value.
i looked hard at these 2. i think the pelagos is +2mm in size, though?
pocket seems a bit square, and tall
fabric looks lovely. can you show a wider (full length) shot though?
whatever happened to that fritzl? enjoying the slow life in Salzkammergut i imagine
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