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i like em both ways
half way up everest isnt climbing and theres no "dinging" about, its just a leisurely walk up towards EBC
they need to do them a nice brown tweed herringbone...but i think the havana brown plain will do. and because its havana the jacket can be orphaned lazio light grey check looking nice if it were flannel
Sept's a good time Riga: 9/10 Tallinn: 7/10 Vilnius: 5/10 StP: 8/10 Stockholm: 5/10 have fun
cant wait to see the havana brown plain vs burgundy plain in person http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_AT/pre_order_suits/havana-brown-plain/P3956.html?start=2&cgid=pre_order_suits http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_AT/pre_order_suits/havana-burgundy-plain/P3958.html?start=15&cgid=pre_order_suits although i think brown will take it
seersucker? kinda ooglay
signifies handwork. i also dislike the shirring on my shirt and wont order them next time
Get mine from swiss air lines. They're soft and comfortable as hell
I like most of the styling and the in-hand quality isn't shit. Don't really care about other brands (or any brands) or if they cost 100 bucks more or 100 bucks less. They're just shoes.
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