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signifies handwork. i also dislike the shirring on my shirt and wont order them next time
Get mine from swiss air lines. They're soft and comfortable as hell
I like most of the styling and the in-hand quality isn't shit. Don't really care about other brands (or any brands) or if they cost 100 bucks more or 100 bucks less. They're just shoes.
(1) no one is going to give you a job based on the brand of suit you wear (2) no one gives a shit where you went to school
the jackets are very similar in key fit points to havana. the pants are similar to sienna... if anything, it might be a *smidgen* smaller in diameter in thigh and seat. would need to sit down and lay one atop the other to be sure.for the color, or for the fit? on my mac air laptop the color is very very true to life.one thig that irks me about linen - not this one in specific but perhaps pure linen jacket in general - is that no matter how careful i am when seated,...
Jort-line lux shirts: -mop buttons too thin -would have prefer full placket (instead of french) -strange cuff button config: (1) shouldnt need double buttons on a sleeve-length-specific shirt! (2) left cuff is single button to accomodate wristwatches... what if wearer is left-handed! -cuff shirring a bit too blossomy for me -collar unlined and thin... maybe a tad short (worn under SS' own jackets!) not a great value for 150 EUR but i kept mine anyway
i have 3 but spread between 20 - 150M so how do i vote? mean value? median? harmonic mean?
we have moralsif you want to do it - why not ask them first?
there should be a point system tied to every account so that when one makes a thread , public votes determine whether their noob ass gets relegated to the Segundo league of SF or promoted back to Primera.
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