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even here in vienna where they know a little bit about opera, the dress standard du jour is basically whatever you were walking around the city in.
clegg. if it has a stiffened base to hold its form better than other bags that tend to go floppy if not fully stuffed
ive used both a full grain leather and a cotton duffle (currently Killspencer) and honestly both are a pain in the ass to carry. i currently use them for car-trips. wouldnt want to lug anything like this around terminals be it train or plane. for that i wheel a cabin rollaboard
no sleep loss over that bridle leather strap. its not supple. but not stiff enough to hold its shape. just awkwardly so. its not comfortable. you can just see from the pics its hole punched for unreasonably long length. not as adjustable as the fabric strap.first ive punched extra holes in my 258's strap, then replaced it altogether with a fabric one, which i find is better.
samsung hasnt taken digital seriously until this last year for a single camera solution, a sony RX100 or panasonic LX100 would meet most peoples needs
its not much to do with the camera itself but the composition: stand camera at chest height to have natural POV. have camera flat to minimize keystoning and geometric distortion. stand far back and zoom in to declutter the background. and/or shoot at the widest aperture to defocus the background. pre-focus to your position, and use multi-shot self-timer mode if possible to capture many frames in 1 attempt. most importantly is to be well lit with a soft, diffuse light...
well im not a fisherman but my leather soles arent particularly felted or felt-like in texture (fibers are short and not matted). nor do i walk underwater. not sure what all is involved in rubber processing.... would be interested to learn... but from what ive seen leather tanning is a very environmentally destructive process
MOST pavement are coarse enough to be grippy regardless of the sole. some that are worn smooth are trickier on leather than they are on rubber composition on footwear. mostly its various types of tiles inside building that is often much more problematic. CF of leather on asphalt, concrete, and indeed most surfaces are going to be worse than rubber. i cant believe this has to be even argued. athletic shoes are rubber soled for a reason. (they all suck on ice.)
youre right, its quite tough to find collars with the right dimensions and lay beneath jacketsfor midmarket rtw, Makers Shirt (aka Nakamura or however theyre branded in US) semi-wide is nice
i have to admit, i just realized ive confused marcoalondra and sartodinapoli for the same person. (and thats not intended to be detractive to either). both bring insiders voice but with entirely different....flavor. anyway, sorry for side-stepping the thread.
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