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waterman phileas. looks, feels, and writes much better than lamy safari. and my other much more upmarket pens too if i have to be honest.
not sure if my leather soles are oak-bark-tanned or what (b/t cj, vass, rmw, sutors, grensons, rlp, etc) but on certain surfaces im liable to bust ass.they all scuff up to different textures, densities, and smoothness (vass and rlp seem slickest).... but none of them are anywhere close to being as grippy as dainite (rubber) is.*you dont need to be a material scientist to accept that fact.*and dainite is pretty damn shitty on snow and ice, too. awaiting soon arrival of...
The very nature of message board is to invite comments and discussion. It needs not be an explicit request. Exposing your photo to public forum is fair grounds for exposing that photo to opinion.If you dont want this, publish it on a private blog where you can control the comments.If you can see this photo you should be able to see all associated comments.What sartodi says carries non-zero informative value. How its judged is up to each viewer.Hes not yet censored but i...
killer upper combo
I don't understand this crowd-censorship of SartodiNapoli He might write things that you might not agree with, or are not pleasant to hear, but they're not mean-spirited, and are more constructive than blind adulation born from our sensitivity to offending others He brings an informative and necessary voice. I hope the circle-jerkers don't run him off the forum
where can one get formal credentials that qualify taste?
I guess someone needs to be forthright: This forum is more interested in fine tailoring. You're not getting many opinions because it's a sweater and nobody gives a shit.
Or you could go for the ever-reliable Germanshttp://www.european-umbrellas.com/gentlemen/oertel-handmade.htmlThe 200EUR models are one-piece solid staff, 8-10 ribs, pearl'ed enclosure loop (thought tbh i prefer snap buttons), and a shiny metal badgeAlso a great deal for Americans @ current exchange rate
i dont know what sort of labor people do in their clothes but i havent had any article of clothing at any price point not last years. save for wool sweaters.
flip a coin on the style and get the color you need (black).imo both look better on F last
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