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Someone with access to the US web storefront check if they have the navy military-style polyester waterproof coat? Price and size availability? And are the Vegas or Texas stores open yet. (I'm routed to a "foreign" site)
Tokyo. Better food. More eclectic styles. Not as dirty and smelly as Paris.
decided to also order the 40-150 while im at it. a little more reach - why not!
its among the best looking (&sounding) supercar of the modern era....
Rogas won multiple races in GT3 Cup cars....
im a subscriber of CAR and EVO. havent read a NA mag in a long while. just picked up a digital copy of road & track and remembered why... the writing is ATROCIOUS and the content is garbage
thats not an E90
that's why i wear mine with the price tag hanging off the tongue
You didn't have cashmere sweaters flown in from Scotland when you were young? (would they have been flown or freighted in 1950)Back to the chimney sweep you go.
Nice! Olympus' 12-40 and 75/1.8 are awaiting me for xmas
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