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I'm sized for 43U and 42.5F in standard shoes.The 42.5F shoes are a hair too tight for me, esp when feet naturally swell during the day.P2-42.5 boots laces up just right. There is enough breathing room in the toes. And with winter socks they would be a firm-perfect fit. So, very happy as they are.For lacing I actually considered going full eyelets the whole way. In retrospect, would not be practical. I emailed them a pic I found on the web and asked to "make em like...
linen-cotton mix wrinkles slightly less than pure linen. but still wrinkle plenty. and the weight/density of the fabric has a major effect, too, not just the composition; a heavy irish linen could wear equivalent to a lightweight l-c blend. as far as comfort, in tropical climates like south and southeast asia, no clothing fabric is of any help. they are all intolerable. the reason i like the linen is simply for its interesting texture.
yesyesi hang it on my dolphin statue when i get home
youre also crazy but this is nice.love whatever this leather is 2nd from the left - whats it called?
thats a tasty shade of green
im not sure of the terminology. ive seen split toe models with the edges burred off and so i expressed to vass that i preferred this pinched style for confirmation.this is top down of p2 last. they seem a bit wider at vamp and toe box than F last
new arrival this morning
In magnitude of events for people it's a side distraction in their daily lives that ranks about the same as going for coffee.So they stop in after work, a day of shopping, etc. (And there's a big part from walk-up tourists too)The difference is that in general the local population has a tough higher dressing standards than those in California.
even here in vienna where they know a little bit about opera, the dress standard du jour is basically whatever you were walking around the city in.
clegg. if it has a stiffened base to hold its form better than other bags that tend to go floppy if not fully stuffed
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