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if i didnt see it, it didnt happen. and im sticking to that narrative.
wasnt as visible as i feared it would be
so glad the camo fad never caught on
The Joke down there goes, "how can you tell someone works in the oil patch? 9 fingers and a rolex"
purely comparative judgement, of shoes of assorted brands and lasts, i would say F is on the shorter side for instep profile
wrong country
Sinn 356 Sinn 556 Sinn 6000
with the stowa you get to customize whether you want logo or not, date or not, chrono function, sub-dials, auto or manual, COSC cert or not, etc. thats worth the wait. the only thing that's missing is option for a diamond crown and a larger dial (e.g. like the Big Pilot), as they were required for legibility and operation with gloves.
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