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stopped by the BCN store to check out the Norweger/Forest shoes in suede. price was 340EUR, but unfortunately not stocked in my size. went home to order online and saw that the same pair is listed at 385EUR. what gives? further, they want +45EUR for toe taps. (doesnt make sense with the rubber half sole, but w/e) actually prefer to buy split toe suede bluchers from a local shop that produces shoes in-house. makes more sense, as norwegers (despite the name) is very...
It's leather. Leather wears quick, especially when wet (=softened). Not a big deal, even if the stitching is worn through the sole won't delaminate. Save it for a service...and replacethe toe with rubber or metal next time
all things being equal, i prefer something regionally manufactured to support local industry. and i also like to buy goods from companies with a heritage. its a feel-good value-add more than anything. but is not a basis of decision making. primary factors are function and form. in context of clothing this means fit and fabric (material, weave, pattern, color, etc), far ahead of anything else. i have suits jackets trousers shirts ties etc from purple label to atolini...
calm down, cowboy
the other problems you describe sound legitimate, im just judging by the pictureswhether with shoes or garments or accessories of luxury goods at luxury prices i dont expect perfect construction quality anymore. the extra money is sunk into superior raw material and the styling (and of course the name).
you seem easily confused.
i have zero incentive or interest in defending or blaspheming vass. no personal association other than owning multiple pairs. while to the every day person, ~500$ is an extreme amount of money on a pair of shoes that deserves geometric perfection, relative to whats available on the market -- how theyre constructed and finished -- the "problems" you illustrate with picture represents a level of expection that is simply unrealistic.
Got another big batch of clothes in today. Some observations: * About 1 in 10 jackets are off-sized (I've bought and kept a ton). So they're not perfectly consistent, but with the good return policy, free shipping, etc, it's worth a gamble. * Love thick pearl buttons on new Jort shirts. Thin ones from last year cheapened the shirt. Also this new shirt is quite shorter than previous (other fit aspects normal). * Double cuffs are seriously wide. 26cm on a 38/15...
i like boggi its not handstitched by an old italian grandpa in naples (or chinese sweatshops in naples... but probably chinese sweatshops in china), but price point is fair and styling is smart
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