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yesyesi hang it on my dolphin statue when i get home
youre also crazy but this is nice.love whatever this leather is 2nd from the left - whats it called?
thats a tasty shade of green
im not sure of the terminology. ive seen split toe models with the edges burred off and so i expressed to vass that i preferred this pinched style for confirmation.this is top down of p2 last. they seem a bit wider at vamp and toe box than F last
new arrival this morning
In magnitude of events for people it's a side distraction in their daily lives that ranks about the same as going for coffee.So they stop in after work, a day of shopping, etc. (And there's a big part from walk-up tourists too)The difference is that in general the local population has a tough higher dressing standards than those in California.
even here in vienna where they know a little bit about opera, the dress standard du jour is basically whatever you were walking around the city in.
clegg. if it has a stiffened base to hold its form better than other bags that tend to go floppy if not fully stuffed
ive used both a full grain leather and a cotton duffle (currently Killspencer) and honestly both are a pain in the ass to carry. i currently use them for car-trips. wouldnt want to lug anything like this around terminals be it train or plane. for that i wheel a cabin rollaboard
no sleep loss over that bridle leather strap. its not supple. but not stiff enough to hold its shape. just awkwardly so. its not comfortable. you can just see from the pics its hole punched for unreasonably long length. not as adjustable as the fabric strap.first ive punched extra holes in my 258's strap, then replaced it altogether with a fabric one, which i find is better.
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