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i imagine so, with the fibers trapping some water. i see it along the veins of waxed cotton fabric - good 'country' appeal, but functionality wise not as good as dedicated synthetic materials.
some recommendations for future visitors to (european luxury brand)Lanchid 19 (on the quieter buda side; great view; next to nice restaurants)4 Seasons ... may have seen this one in movies, recently SpyContinental HotelBoscolo (AC by Marriott)restaurants:Mak BistroComme Chez SoiPampas Argentine SteakhouseCafe DeryneHemingway... many more. dont skip the goose livernightlife: walk the Jewish quarter / Kazinczy. check out Szimpla Kert for the...
i nominate mafoofan
movie was really bad, but honestly, the entire bond series has always been farcical shit
2-4cm too short
yeah, those looked were the green wholecuts on the otherside. those has to be the next pair.... a bit ostentacious but delicious nonetheless
im bored of dark brown suede. the red-brown looks really rich in person. its gorgeous. 3 finishes and 3 different tones on 1 shoe is too much for me... but if it suits you....
Brook's Nephews
Anyone with Forest last confirm that it has a very topographical, anatomical footbed? That's the 5 minute impression I had when I was trying stuff at the store. But the memory lasted only 5 minutes. I'm torn between Norweger/Forest and similar with Vass P2 MTO. Vass last having a flatter footbed and not as supportive for long days of standing and walking...but I can get a nicer shade of suede
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