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how many of these guys were secretly ecstatic at the opportunity to accessorize with their umbrellas?
Few faults with SS shirts: *previous season's Jort/La Spalla buttons were way too thin. (current ones are acceptable) *the shoulder shirring is a bit too much... shirt looked medieval blousey at times *enlarged left cuff is a nice touch... unless you wear wristwatch on your right *french cuff way too large. complete no-go if you are looking at FC the standard line shirts are okay. re: "construction quality".... completely overblown on this forum. between SS, BB, RLP,...
base price as of november is 135,000 HUF before you get to exotic materials and processes
if i could run a 4 minute mile, is that still the fastest means of traveling from los angeles to new york?
because they're a european shop that sells to more than just californian clientellenights here can get chilly
with baroque shirts, obviously
i imagine so, with the fibers trapping some water. i see it along the veins of waxed cotton fabric - good 'country' appeal, but functionality wise not as good as dedicated synthetic materials.
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