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depends on the aircraft. on crj700 emb170 emb175 etc doesnt matter what class youre ticketed in
If that agreement is "I'll give you 20 bucks if you backflip off the roof". Not when it involves intellectual property. Way too complicated a barter for it to be done verbally. Rookie mistake.Well, I guess that Rory guy looks all sorts of greasy.
Are you a filmmaker by trade ? For long ? Your post immediately stopped me at the 2nd paragraph.......This was a harsh lesson-learned in business fundamentals, that should have been learned from day 1. Secure all your work with words - defined deadlines and deliverables.Hope it was a worthwhile experience
roger, how many pairs are you going to buy! they must know you on a first name basis by name
2 pair of MTO and 1 RTW and none are marked anywhere, not inside, not outside, not on boxes, not even on on trees
gorgeous monks
smaller crowd than florence too! and much more interesting than milan
hrm, so what differentiates alexandru from lucien? maybe they have the same people crafting the shoes, just different store fronts? next to nachtmarkt isnt the most desirable location for upscale shoe shop their double eyelet bluchers and pricing are tempting
I'm sized for 43U and 42.5F in standard shoes.The 42.5F shoes are a hair too tight for me, esp when feet naturally swell during the day.P2-42.5 boots laces up just right. There is enough breathing room in the toes. And with winter socks they would be a firm-perfect fit. So, very happy as they are.For lacing I actually considered going full eyelets the whole way. In retrospect, would not be practical. I emailed them a pic I found on the web and asked to "make em like...
linen-cotton mix wrinkles slightly less than pure linen. but still wrinkle plenty. and the weight/density of the fabric has a major effect, too, not just the composition; a heavy irish linen could wear equivalent to a lightweight l-c blend. as far as comfort, in tropical climates like south and southeast asia, no clothing fabric is of any help. they are all intolerable. the reason i like the linen is simply for its interesting texture.
New Posts  All Forums: