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why in gods name would you try to at this point?
what do you guys think about 8-rib vs 10-rib? i prefer the aesthetics of symmetry and large panel size of the 8.... i dont know if theres any real tangible benefits to the 10
customs enforcement differs from country to country (ive lived in 3 in eu)dont like the thin mop buttons on ss. feels a bit cheap.
got it packaged in an amazon box i dont need anything with this ctshirts.co.uk offer code: amazon42 supopsedly theres another one for amazon.co.uk...maybe its CT clothing through amazon... whatever offer code: 4582LHH2 expires nov 30th enjoy
move as needed
depends on the aircraft. on crj700 emb170 emb175 etc doesnt matter what class youre ticketed in
If that agreement is "I'll give you 20 bucks if you backflip off the roof". Not when it involves intellectual property. Way too complicated a barter for it to be done verbally. Rookie mistake.Well, I guess that Rory guy looks all sorts of greasy.
Are you a filmmaker by trade ? For long ? Your post immediately stopped me at the 2nd paragraph.......This was a harsh lesson-learned in business fundamentals, that should have been learned from day 1. Secure all your work with words - defined deadlines and deliverables.Hope it was a worthwhile experience
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