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this sounds so wrong, on so many levels
dunno what you mean by suitable but on the whole the outfit is not appealing
not talking about upper - because its a matter of conditioning - but soles look like a helluva lot more worn than "5-6 times". thats what my shoes look like after a year of fair rotation (like 50 wears). unless its been walked in the rain
not if i could get that langematik for 6k
i like em both ways
half way up everest isnt climbing and theres no "dinging" about, its just a leisurely walk up towards EBC
they need to do them a nice brown tweed herringbone...but i think the havana brown plain will do. and because its havana the jacket can be orphaned lazio light grey check looking nice if it were flannel
Sept's a good time Riga: 9/10 Tallinn: 7/10 Vilnius: 5/10 StP: 8/10 Stockholm: 5/10 have fun
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