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flip a coin on the style and get the color you need (black).imo both look better on F last
get an MTM blue-white reversible shirt and have the best of both worlds.
yes atleast the enoteca line does
consider zwiesel. theyve got a longer history than zalto. the 1872 branded collections are terrific. super light, thin, and durable
stock model for that is only with single sole, on which they also advise against the toe-taphas to be mto
carmina save scotch-grain for bluchers, not balmorals
here's the 300$ Olympus 45mm/1.8 lens used atF1.8F2.0F2.8portraits on micro4/3 is a jiffyright now, m4/3 has the best mix of usability, picture quality, size, and weight. aps-c, too.
we have no idea what's going to fit you better.
maybe Nick Wooster will be sporting In Stitches' facial hair
these proms where everybody wears a suit sounds like fun
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