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im waffling over putting in an order for mto whlolecuts this weekend. with medallion, without, or at all. always considered a pair. they look great in isolation (tho very sensitive to the correct last)..... but when looking down on my chelsea boots they look too plain... too nude... like slippers. thats where the medallions come in. adds a bit of visual interest and also balance against creasing. just talking to myself here.
how many of these guys were secretly ecstatic at the opportunity to accessorize with their umbrellas?
Few faults with SS shirts: *previous season's Jort/La Spalla buttons were way too thin. (current ones are acceptable) *the shoulder shirring is a bit too much... shirt looked medieval blousey at times *enlarged left cuff is a nice touch... unless you wear wristwatch on your right *french cuff way too large. complete no-go if you are looking at FC the standard line shirts are okay. re: "construction quality".... completely overblown on this forum. between SS, BB, RLP,...
base price as of november is 135,000 HUF before you get to exotic materials and processes
if i could run a 4 minute mile, is that still the fastest means of traveling from los angeles to new york?
because they're a european shop that sells to more than just californian clientellenights here can get chilly
with baroque shirts, obviously
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