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Ah - you need US shirts - take a look at brooks brothers - their traditional fit in an 18.5 has a 59.75" waist measurement, compared to a 54" on the size 18 tm lewin regular fit Lewin's 19 has a 58" waist, BB's has a 61.75"§ioncolor=§ionsize= I'm told the F&F sale (25% off basically everything) is starting on the 22nd
where are you located? Here's the thing: most shirts in most brands are cut monstrously large in the US. I'm 5 10, 215 lbs, and most are huge on me, despite having a relatively small neck I'd suggest going to a store like Brooks Brothers, or even Jos A Bank (but wait for a buy one get three free sale or something) and trying on some shirts What neck size do you wear? That might have something to do with the problem
same here...was really looking forward to this too
Or a POW or other (maybe slightly more subtle) pattern
I've got two suits from proper suit, and I've been really happy. The first suit came out decent (better than anything I'd found off the rack, even with alterations), but the second time, as it seems is the case with MTM was on a different level - it's nearly perfect. Richard (one of the owners) and Seth (who covers DC and Miami) have been great to work with - happy to answer any questions and pm pics (once i take them) of the first and second suits.ETA: I'll be wearing my...
Coach? I have one, and it's decent, if a little floppy.
If i come, will I have the fewest posts? I'm usually lurking around here, but will try to stop by and lurk in person!
Yes, it's true...Leaving today for my wedding/honeymoon. I signed up thinking that this box would move much slower than it did, and the timing bit me in the ass. I know, I know, Drooling over that bow a little bit, but I'll just try to get in #3 (if it happens)
Here's a request for staples (Navy and Charcoal) in 46R/S
Don't know where everyone came down on this, but I'm happy to do an in-person hand off somewhere downtown - shoot me a pm?
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