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As someone with actual experience nearly the same exact situation, I can tell you what worked for me. My fiancee (now wife) wanted my groomsmen and me to be dressed as such: Or close to it anyway, she had a strong preference towards a red long (FIH) tie. She said no one wears bow ties anymore, and cummerbunds are for old fat men. I countered that I wouldn't wear a long tie, or anything in red, unless I was allowed to make something disappear (because it would make me...
suit supply has them for like $140
Seems to me you're exactly the target demographic for Suit Supply. I've been in there and was fairly impressed with what I saw for the price. I'm in DC too, and there isn't much here in the lower priced end unless you go with a Macy's suit unfortunately. I've been doing MTM (pm me if you want details), but the company I use (I've posted about them recently, so don't want to get accused of shilling) starts at $750 (they do local fittings monthly). Suit Supply had at least...
the t shirt should be white or light grey, and should have a v neck cut low enough that it can't be seen under the ocbd that you're wearing on top of it They're mostly $469. If you're in a city where they have a store, it's definitely worth stopping in to try on. If you're not, it still might be worth buying (free shipping) to do the same.
suit supply is only a little bit out of that range and would likely have something that works. They have the same fabrics as KW, but you get measured in person. I have two suits from them. The first fit well, the second is perfect. full canvas, and they start at (I believe) $750.
double vents won't fix the fact that it's waaay small through the seat - looks like that's why the single vent is pulling open
generally nordstrom rack or something like that...often as an add on for a gilt or ruelala purchase that my wife is making
I'm sure other people will weigh in, but the answer, unfortunately, is that it depends. It depends on lots of factors, but mainly on fit and cost. If you're looking for a suit, your best bet would be to go to as many stores as possible and try different brands/cuts on until you find something that fit and fit your budget. I did this, and at the end of the search, realized that nothing I could afford fit me all that well and wound up going MTM (made to measure) Happy to...
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