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I know these aren't anything to write home about, but I was in Buffalo Exchange selling some of my wife's crap yesterday and found a pair of these: They're Grenson (the cheap line). Size UK8. They were in decent shape (soles ok, but a slight dark mark/oily looking stain on the left toe, but I think i could get it out, or even just wear them with it). Not my size, so I didn't buy, but they were marked $25. If anyone's interested I can try to pop by this weekend and...
THIS.I missed the last two for failure at the above, but will do my best!
me too! 50 it is!
do you know what last these are on? Or can you compare them to another pair of AE's you have? I'm between a 10 and 10.5, so want to make sure before buying. thanks!
YES!!! Mine's a mess, and I'm irritated. I wore it maybe 4 times before it began.
Manofstyle85 -Is this thing available? If so, can you pass along measurements?
Big thanks to los_face for the Balderessini jacket (among other things). Just picked up from the tailor. Will post a fit pic asap (wearing it to a wedding this weekend). This one (to jog people's memory)...
You have 11 days, including today, to cover shipping and alterations? For my tailor, that means I'd need the suit in hand in 4 days. That's really tight. If I were in your shoes, unfortunately, I'd rent, and be on the look out for next time. Other options include Joseph A Bank, or even H&M or Zara, given your build. It's just not realistic to find something vintage, with specifications about style, in your size, on a budget, and in essentially one day. You can check ebay...
are these available? measurements?
edited to remove double post - sorry
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