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Just got mine in on Thursday, I sized down to a medium and it fits perfectly and the fabric is comfortable as well.
Message sent.
PM sent.
Never actually worn them but I saw some in a Nordstrom's Rack once and they were the softest jeans I ever felt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor My latest purchase... Those are awesome, i just bought my first pair of wingtip shoes and I love them. Do you have a link for those boots online or anything?
I've been looking for some boots as well and I like the looks of these quite a bit, any feedback on these?
Not wingtips, but what do you guys think of these?
Been looking for some new shoes and I really like these wingtips from Land's End but I am really looking for something in a lighter brown around the same price, any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira They're uglier than sin. Any suggestions in the ~$100 range for some nice casual boots?
What do you guys think of these boots?
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