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Quick sizing question: I just ordered some Petit Standards in 31. My true waist is ~33, but I can button them comfortably out of the box so I think I need a 30. However, the thighs are pretty tight and I wouldn't want them to be any smaller. Will the thighs on a 30 Petit Standard stretch much, or should I just get a set of the New Standards in a 30 instead?
PM'd regarding measurements.
PM'd regarding measurements.
Measurements added. Final drop to $35 shipped before this hits eBay.
Drop to $40 shipped.
I am selling a large black Nice Collective pocket tee I just bought from Mortar. Unfortunately the cut is off for me and so I am looking to sell it, as they do not take exchanges on 'final sale' items. I paid $52 shipped and will sell for $45>40>35 shipped. I tried the shirt on once and haven't worn it out of the house. The fabric and design are great it is just a bit too wide in the neck and long in overall length for me. Pit to pit is just under 20" and length is 30.5"...
Mortar has some great sales on Nice Collective stuff, just copped a t-shirt and was tempted by a field jacket, but I already have one too similar. Definitely worth checking out!
Can anyone recommend some pants similar to the KZO Timber? Really liked these when I tried them on (should have copped them a year ago) but it's tough finding something that is rugged with a slim cut and not too much going on, but is not denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevent In Barcelona for a few months and need to get a haircut, any recommendations? Agree on a price before getting a haircut. Still bitter about my bad 40 euro job I had done there three years ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Big haul today: Trois Pistoles Rogue Chipotle Ale Young's Chocolate stout Racer 5 IPA Goose Island Matilda Ten Fidy Brother Thelonius Dogfish Head Sah'tea St. Bernadus ABT 12 Lagunitas Cappuccino stout Lagunitas Imperial stout Still need some goose island bourbon county stout Sounds awesome. I just picked up a bottle of the ABT 12 I can't wait to pop next week sometime, still have some Old...
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