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Selling a size large Nice Collective pocket T. Really interesting fabric, color and construction but it doesn't fit with the rest of my wardrobe. Great layering piece. Color is a slightly green-tinted black, and the fabric includes flax. Fits slim and long. I have included a few measurements as well as pics. $35 $25 $20 (final drop) includes USPS shipping and Paypal fees. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for looking! Note: fit pic is not mine, it...
Why aren't these bigger?! GLWS.
For sale is a pair of brand new with tags APC New Standards, size 31. If you have any questions about sizing please refer to the APC megathread here or Context's sizing chart. Fits roughly like a true 33 once stretched. $150 shipped $140 shipped $120 shipped, final drop via USPS Priority includes 4% Paypal fees. Please PM me with any questions, and thanks for looking!
I feel like if you look for deals/sales, you can get designer and high-quality stuff at crazy pricepoints. I just got a Woolrich John Rich + Bros $1k duffle for $188 on sale, an Acne chambray for $50, etc. Better to get really nice stuff on sale occasionally than cheap shit that will fall apart in my opinion.
That Schott jacket is beautiful...wish it was my size. GLWS.
Up for sale is a brand new pair of APS New Standards in a size 32. Sorry for the poor pics but you know what you're getting. Brand new with tags. $160 shipped $150 shipped $140 shipped to the continental US takes them. Please PM me if you have any questions!
They only have 32+ left in APC I'm pretty sure. Didn't see any 31 PS at least.Might have something to do with them going out of business...the sales people were extremely helpful and friendly though.
If you're in NYC you HAVE to go to Generra in Chelsea. (823 Washington Street, Everything is 75% off. APC, WWM, Acne, etc. APC NS for $44 are you kidding me? I just copped a ridiculous amount of stuff and saved thousands but there's some good stuff left. They have men's and women's so get your girlfriend something nice while you're there.
^want those Beams socks bad.
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