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If he self manages quite a lot of time would be organising major repairs, doing his own minor repairs, doing inspections, finding tenants etc still better than an office job but its definitely not a passive income.
when you are a landlord, your tenants problems become your problem. every excuse under the sun for why they are late on their rent. child's dad late on child support. couldn't get to the bank before it closed. work made a mistake with pay. had to pay school fees. blah blah blah. no good unless you don't have problems with sympathy.
survey monkey plans are too expensive. i don't want to spend $250 to raise one survey. google forms seems to be what i need - thanks.
Im looking for a good web based survey tool to use to gather feedback from my staff on my performance. I am used to getting performance feedback however since moving into a management position it has been lacking - i plan on remediating this by setting up my own survey for my direct reports and their staff. I have had a look at a few survey web sites but they all seem limtied or over priced. I need the following functionality - Anonymous login for staff - Free or cheap...
renaissance man. good at everything - they obviously assumed you could cook well. did you tell them you were good at anything else?
it might be over kill but i use an auberins PID for my bradley - cool a shoulder over about 12 hours - control turns down the heat when the internal temperature is right
where i live a sod is a derogatory term for someone who engages in anal sex. took me a while to figure out what you were all discussing.
shame. his stand up is good but i blush at his overuse of the c-bomb; and im Australian.
apolagies if this has been posted before
give up dope. its not worth leaving your dreams behind over.
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