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From a SA at Melrose Store:TUESDAY JUN/24 All RRL SALE Product will be marked down an additional 25% OFFSPRING- 40% + 25% OFFSUMMER- 30% + 25% OFF
Anyone had to resole a pair of Julian Bowery boots yet? I'm wondering if it is possible to get the cat's paw heel replaced. Thanks!
I'm ready to do a first wash of a pair of RRL raw wrangler repro's. Any advice from the denim experts?
Alden of Carmel has a preorder on these with an October delivery
From Ryan at the Melrose store: "Pre-Sale for Spring merchandise will begin on the 24th. It will be 25% off plus a 15% kicker for all three spring collections plus Spring Icon. There will also be several really good core items being marked down to the same discount (25% plus15% kicker). This is a really good opportunity to pick up some items that never go on sale. The items include: Canvas and leather Cargo Bags Leather mailbag and canvas/leather mail bags Slim fit...
Great looking coat. I wonder how it compares to the LE Cadet coat. The twill looks like it could be similar. I do like the lining on the cadet coat, even if I prefer the cut of the Farley.
PSA- RRL Melrose Store is running a 30% off all accessories including leather bags and boots. This sale is for Friday and Saturday only. Not local? Call the store and ask a SA (Ryan is a good guy, but there are others like him) to help you with your order (323) 944-0301
I really wasn't feeling a tremendous amount of envy about having missed out on this sale. Until now.
Anyone seen the Farley work jacket in person yet? Thoughts?
These boots are in the bottom of my closet a lot. Super solid, but the break-in is so much work. Many people gave up on these due to the tightness of the vamp. Mine aren't in rotation enough.
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