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Ouch. Thanks for the warning. I hope you have contacted eBay.
Brick+Mortar has a similar boot to Leffot on a pre-order right now but with the double waterloc sole and blind eyelets.http://brickmortarseattle.com/coming-soon.htmlI skipped the Color 8 Leffot because of the sole, and jumped on the Brick+Mortar preorder because I much preferred the double waterloc. My suede Dovers are all flex-soled, and although they are super comfortable when I first put them on, if I do any real walking in them I am sure to feel it by the end of the day.
The Bowery is a wide last. Like TruBalance, maybe even E width.The French De Puis leather lining makes the boot extremely comfortable. Probably my most comfortable Alden for fit is Barrie or Plaza lasted, both in E widths because of my high instep. Those lasts fit the shape of my foot much better than the Bowery, but the Bowery has a nicer leather lining and is very comfortable although roomier.Anyone own the Wilberforce wingtips? I am curious how those fit since they have...
PSA- In store F/W sales dropped another 30% today.
[[SPOILER]] How is the sizing on the coat? TTS?
I like the colors. Personal preference is for a slimmer fit. I have worn lots of stacking in my denim and chinos in the past, but more recently I like it less. I took the cuffs out of my oldest pair of ofc chinos a couple of weeks ago, so now they have little to no stack.
Any recommended North American stockists for Cabourn?
Beauties. Made all the more painful knowing that those are my size, and that we will probably not see their like again.Enjoy those Lindricks.
Interesting. I wear a Barrie 7.5D LWB, but the 7.5E in boots. I assumed a RL Marlow in 8D would be the correct size for me, but you make it seem like 8.5 would be a better fit?
Are these the japanese black club denim? They look great.
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