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Great looking coat. I wonder how it compares to the LE Cadet coat. The twill looks like it could be similar. I do like the lining on the cadet coat, even if I prefer the cut of the Farley.
PSA- RRL Melrose Store is running a 30% off all accessories including leather bags and boots. This sale is for Friday and Saturday only. Not local? Call the store and ask a SA (Ryan is a good guy, but there are others like him) to help you with your order (323) 944-0301
I really wasn't feeling a tremendous amount of envy about having missed out on this sale. Until now.
Anyone seen the Farley work jacket in person yet? Thoughts?
These boots are in the bottom of my closet a lot. Super solid, but the break-in is so much work. Many people gave up on these due to the tightness of the vamp. Mine aren't in rotation enough.
I happen to be wearing mine today. Great shirt. Glad I didn't miss out on it.
It certainly is one of those pieces that never shows up in that after market. Enjoy it.I will keep looking for a medium to turn up, but I'm not going to get too hopeful.
I regret not picking up that piece. Looks awesome.
I picked up the Black Cheaney bowery before Christmas. It is certainly different than the Julian. The leather is more waxy, and the shoe seems more blunt. Obviously the dianite heel is a prominent change from the stacked leather, but even little details like the laces aren't as interesting. However, the shoe is breaking in nicely, and I find it to be much more comfortable than the Julian. I think that is probably what I like most about the boot. It really is very...
Vintage-inspired V-neck sweater crafted from a soft lambswool blend and designed with a classic Fair Isle pattern. Washed to give it a faded, weathered look. Size Medium V-neckline. Long sleeves. Solid rib-knit collar, cuffs and hem. Suede elbow patches. Pullover styling. 87% lambswool. 7% merino wool. 6% wool. Dry clean. Imported.
New Posts  All Forums: