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The jacket comes from the Beggars Banquet collection, but the coat is meant to be more of an Edwardian styling, with a tip to the popularity of fur in mens jackets in the 1920s
Anyone have a chance to check this out in person? Limited Edition Wool Sweater Would love to hear a review
Thanks for sharing. I really like that sweater/shirt. How is the fabric on the liner?
Fall in the Pacific Northwest
WhWhich indigo cardigan are you referencing?
I have a sizing question for folks that wear an "e" width in Barrie. Do you go up a .5 size in Grant and stay "e", or stay the same size and width (e) as Barrie? Thanks for any insight you can offer.
I'm a Brannock size 8d and I went with the 8 on the Bowery. The older Julian bowery were a roomier last than the Cheaney, but I wear an 8 in both boots comfortably.
Anyone pick up the AoM cigar on Barrie in a 7.5e that would prefer the DC cigar on Grant in a 7.5d? Send me a pm
^ +2
Has anyone ever sent their RRL Julian Bowery's back to Julian for new heels or a rebuild? I'm in contact and they have offered that service, but I'm hoping for a review. Thanks!
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