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Isn't that basically the Leffot tanker, with the difference being the brass eyelets?I'd be totally in if it was ravello, whiskey, cigar or some other unicorn. I really like the Barrie, and it seems to be less common to find the rarer colors on that last. I keep reaching for my Leffot tankers because of how comfortable they feel. It would be nice to mix up the color scheme a bit.
Hmm. I tried calling in the off chance that someone ordered a 7.5e and no longer wants their order. I had the rep that didn't believe any such order of NST was about to be delivered 😫
Daytrippers for my birthday today
I just don't care for the aesthetic. Sometimes the placement can very as well. Higher it can interfere with the belt. Overall, I think many people have no problem with it so this is mostly a matter of personal preference.
I do own the regular officer chinos. Over the years I ended up with bucklebacks as well. Some seasons they released various selvedge chinos that I collected. I loved the gunmetal grey pair from a few seasons ago where they swapped out the weakly attached buttons for posts. In the end, I just decided the Buckleback was too much like some weird male bustle. Just not for me.
In retrospect, this might have been a good idea. I have progressively sold off all of my bucklebacks. Many I really liked for the material and other aspects, but I simply decided the buckleback was not for me. I probably should have attempted to salvage the pants by removing the buckle back, but I assumed the cut of the pants was different as well.
Anyone know a source for the cat's paw heels for the Julian RRL bowery? Thanks!
That is the garrison. It was one of the limited edition pieces from the Shackleton. Great fabric. I really like the weave on that piece. Very slim cut, and unfortunately it was too slim for me.
Was that in store?
Why would Namor care about an oil stain? He dumped prawns all over his lap and still wore his chinos through the jungles of Thailand and to the Peruvian highlands. You gave up too easily RKD!
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