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I second that recommendation. I really like the B+M WT boot on the plaza last. It has a double waterloc sole, and I prefer that to the Leffot version of the same boot (Bristol) on the flex sole.I'm hoping Yenni will do a #8 version.
I would need to figure out my sizing, and I would prefer the 4+4, but I would be interested.
Check with Yenni at Brick+Mortar. She has run an order with a May delivery. I went with her make up on the Plaza over that of Leffot as I preferred the Double Waterloc sole.
So the 2016 Summer Look book is going around. Collection is okay, but not super stellar. Out of curiosity, I am wondering how far back folks have seen look books. The oldest I have gotten my hands on was from 2011. Anyone have look books that predate that still available to them?
Great pick-ups. Love that sweater
Someone posted a few pages back about the difficult process of finding which lasts/sizes work well with your own respective feet. That left me feeling a bit wistful, particularly when it comes to rare shell (It took me three runs to finally get the Leffot daytrippers to work. I now know the Grant last simply isn't the best last for me) Anyone know the boot make-ups that have been done on the Plaza last in Ravello? I need some fodder for my Alden dreams.
@jhcam8 Why are you already getting rid of the boots in your sig?
Ouch. Thanks for the warning. I hope you have contacted eBay.
Brick+Mortar has a similar boot to Leffot on a pre-order right now but with the double waterloc sole and blind eyelets.http://brickmortarseattle.com/coming-soon.htmlI skipped the Color 8 Leffot because of the sole, and jumped on the Brick+Mortar preorder because I much preferred the double waterloc. My suede Dovers are all flex-soled, and although they are super comfortable when I first put them on, if I do any real walking in them I am sure to feel it by the end of the day.
New Posts  All Forums: