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Anyone have any experiencing with the sizing on the Owens? TTS? Or is this more slim?
Natty NST? Barrie?Who did that make up?Thanks!
I took the pants to the local lavanderia, and the woman running the place did her best, but the stain was pretty set. She was a bit baffled at the thickness of the material, and called them "pantalone di tela" ("tela" is painters canvas), and she joked that I shouldn't paint with wine.
Maybe we can see how they turn out in the Fall. I was interested in seeing how grungy they get. I like the natural officer's chino in part because even with the stain, they have enough color in the fabric weave that it isn't particularly noticeable. I wore them just last night and no one noticed the mark. It has faded significantly to a faint brown from a bright garnet.If only not drinking were protection enough from those that do, but fail to keep the wine in their own...
I have the natural officer's chino and I really like them. Ordinarily I would never wear pants that light in color, but they pair particularly well with the Allen jacket. Sadly, my first night wearing them I went to an Italian party and the pants ended up with a sizable red wine stain on one leg. The stain has faded considerably, but it is still visible. I figure since it is RRL, it just means I did the distressing myself. Makes me wonder how that pair of white denim SFU...
From a SA at Melrose Store:TUESDAY JUN/24 All RRL SALE Product will be marked down an additional 25% OFFSPRING- 40% + 25% OFFSUMMER- 30% + 25% OFF
Anyone had to resole a pair of Julian Bowery boots yet? I'm wondering if it is possible to get the cat's paw heel replaced. Thanks!
I'm ready to do a first wash of a pair of RRL raw wrangler repro's. Any advice from the denim experts?
Alden of Carmel has a preorder on these with an October delivery
From Ryan at the Melrose store: "Pre-Sale for Spring merchandise will begin on the 24th. It will be 25% off plus a 15% kicker for all three spring collections plus Spring Icon. There will also be several really good core items being marked down to the same discount (25% plus15% kicker). This is a really good opportunity to pick up some items that never go on sale. The items include: Canvas and leather Cargo Bags Leather mailbag and canvas/leather mail bags Slim fit...
New Posts  All Forums: