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Has anyone ever sent their RRL Julian Bowery's back to Julian for new heels or a rebuild? I'm in contact and they have offered that service, but I'm hoping for a review. Thanks!
Indeed, and if you are a 9D you can have a pairFWIW, not my listing, and I am sad those are not 8D or I would have bid already.
Anyone know what season the black pair is from? I have the others, but do not recall ever seeing that black pair.
It is mostly a Southern thing, but white shoes, pants, or even your straw boater should only be worn after Easter, and before Labor Day. I doubt anyone will throw down the gauntlet and demand satisfaction of their honor if you step out on a warm day before then in white, so feel free to act the Yankee
I happened to notice the other day that the Glenn hoodie from the F/W Shackleton collection is lined with the same green herringbone canvas used to make the officer chino's. It was one of the subtle surprises about the brand that is always enjoyable to discover.
It's the RRL gambler from a couple of winter seasons back. I have it and love it. At this point you will have to find it from someone reselling. Have you tried eBay?
7.5 E on those naval boots were among the first to go. Congratulations to those that got in on the order. Looks warm and nice in there from the cold sidewalk outside...
Does anyone have any sizing experience with the Norfolks? Any insight is greatly appreciated.
This wash was disappointing with my grey chinos. If you haven't washed the clydes, I might try dry cleaning to see if you can avoid the white streaking you get with a washing machine.
I like the blue sweater with the cowl neck. It is one of my favorite pieces from the latest collection. There are some great details, including the white trim at the back of the neck. That being said, I typically prefer wool to cotton. I think the wool tends to keep its shape better. Is the second sweater in your post the naval one with the hood?
New Posts  All Forums: