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Was that in store?
Why would Namor care about an oil stain? He dumped prawns all over his lap and still wore his chinos through the jungles of Thailand and to the Peruvian highlands. You gave up too easily RKD!
Anyone pick up this CPO? It sold out early and I am sorry that I missed out on it. Just wondering if I should keep trying to find one, or if I should let myself be convinced that it wasn't all that great and I can just move on. Thanks.
This shirt is ridiculously nice. It may be my favorite item from the Winter collection. The fabric is incredibly soft and rich, and the patterns are really intricate and well-layered. I talked to a couple of women when I wore it the other day, and they were just staring at my shirt while I was talking to them and hardly hearing a word I said. I think I gained some insight into what life is like for women with attractive breasts. The shirt is definitely slim in the chest,...
Forgive the lighting, but my daytrippers had their maiden voyage yesterday. I prepaid, and had to wait three runs to actually get a pair that worked so this day was a long time coming. I'm going to revel in the moment a bit 😊
[[SPOILER]] I wish someone would redo the creamery boot. I have the boot in D width, but I really need an E. Such a great pair of black boots. [[SPOILER]] Leather Soul called this the Pitt boot. Also a great make-up, but another one that has vanished into the wilds and has not been redone.
The stitching is distinctive, and very much part of the brand and its look. Without the stitching, you could just wear APC.I don't mean that as a snub. I think you pick the look that best aligns with your personal preferences, and at times that look can mean a particular brand.Personally I favor RRL and the stitching, which is probably why I am on this forum
Here is a Leffot tanker in 7.5E Barrie side by side with the daytripper in 8E Grant. I'm actually surprised how similar in length the lasts are with these boots.
Thanks for sharing. Were these in store or online?I have been very curious about the indigo, and I haven't seen them in person. They look black, but also like a dark navy. Which would you say the color is closer to in real life?
RRL Summit boots by Julian. These were purchased new on sale. I wasn't thrilled with them at first, but the price was too good to pass up. However they have developed an incredible patina and now get lots of interest when worn. It's a great product when it only gets better with age
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