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Thanks for sharing. Were these in store or online?I have been very curious about the indigo, and I haven't seen them in person. They look black, but also like a dark navy. Which would you say the color is closer to in real life?
RRL Summit boots by Julian. These were purchased new on sale. I wasn't thrilled with them at first, but the price was too good to pass up. However they have developed an incredible patina and now get lots of interest when worn. It's a great product when it only gets better with age
I would suggest the sportsman.I like this bag because I find it has sufficient space for gym clothes and shoes, and separate compartments so that your lunch doesn't have to ride shotgun next to a pair of sweaty socks. I do note that my older bag looks different than the current model and that the pockets on the ends don't appear to be as capacious on the new bag. Still, it may be a good choice for what you want. Good luck.
I am torn. I have been waiting on a pair of the Leffot daytrippers for longer than anyone can imagine, but I have always wished they had the commando like the DC pair. Ironically the DC pair will soon ship, and my preorder paid in full two rounds of daytripper deliveries ago is still in the Alden ether.
Anyone have any experiencing with the sizing on the Owens? TTS? Or is this more slim?
Natty NST? Barrie?Who did that make up?Thanks!
I took the pants to the local lavanderia, and the woman running the place did her best, but the stain was pretty set. She was a bit baffled at the thickness of the material, and called them "pantalone di tela" ("tela" is painters canvas), and she joked that I shouldn't paint with wine.
Maybe we can see how they turn out in the Fall. I was interested in seeing how grungy they get. I like the natural officer's chino in part because even with the stain, they have enough color in the fabric weave that it isn't particularly noticeable. I wore them just last night and no one noticed the mark. It has faded significantly to a faint brown from a bright garnet.If only not drinking were protection enough from those that do, but fail to keep the wine in their own...
I have the natural officer's chino and I really like them. Ordinarily I would never wear pants that light in color, but they pair particularly well with the Allen jacket. Sadly, my first night wearing them I went to an Italian party and the pants ended up with a sizable red wine stain on one leg. The stain has faded considerably, but it is still visible. I figure since it is RRL, it just means I did the distressing myself. Makes me wonder how that pair of white denim SFU...
New Posts  All Forums: