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That blue linen coat got a perfect spring/summmer cloth. A Bargain at this price for whoever it fits.
Are you sure the prices in US are right? 4700 SEK = about $695 5500 SEK +200 SEK shipping = about €635
I think Kiton bought the whole Carlo Barbera, with mills, clothing lines etc..
That shoe looks exactly like something my friends gfs would try to get them to buy.
It is raining.
I don't think there is anything off with your hip/waist ratio. It's only clothing manufacturers that make clothes for people without butt and legs. Buy the pants you like and sew them smaller in the waist? Problem solved. You can't do much about the width of your hip anyway.
When are the sales, and what do I need to get 30% and 10% off?Is most sizes available? I am a 8.5 UK in C&J.
That suit looks terrible man. Really really bad. Please be a troll.
DAMN. The Belvest suit in 44R and the SC from Belvest in 44R are beautiful!
They need to have button-closure, and slanted pockets. Any sizes and materials. (wool and size 34 preferred) I am looking for worn out ones that you just want to get rid of.
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