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I am 23, I just want a casual deconstructed blazer but I didn't know if this type of felted wool is just a trend or if I will be able to continue wearing it over the years.
When is it appropriate to wear a felted wool blazer, I am thinking of purchasing the navy armani felted blazer from saks which is currently on sale. Is it a seasonal wear or could I wear it any time. Will this type of material be more warm to wear than a non felted wool blazer of equal weight?
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First up the Comme des GARCON SHIRT Sport Coat, light blue with stripes, cotton, is extremely light and is perfect for spring summer. It has never been worn other than when I tried it on, but it is too slim in the arms for me and is the reason why I am selling. The first picture is the truest to its color, i apologize for the poor lighting in my room. 17" shoulders, 19" chest, 27 1/2" length, 26" sleeve measurements done to the best of my ability. Also including bicep...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Check ebay. There are a couple resellers on there selling them in different sizes for less then $70. Yeah actually about that, why do they say A mark is on the footbed to prevent store returns. Does this mean they are fakes/defective? Anyone own a pair of these? I am in the checkout process of purchasing a pair and wondered on the fit and comfort. thanks
250 shipped conus
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