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Quote: Originally Posted by andas They made an error. Assuming I measured correct on the shirt. My submitted length "shoulder+ sleeve" was 34 inches. I measured from mid neck just below the collar "over" the highest point on the shoulder and then down by the seam and got 33.5 inches. The Jantzen shirt that I ordered with the same "settings" were spot on.. Let me know if I did an error in my measurement before I start pushing a bit harder on them...
too preppy
these vouchers are on the moderntailor blog... please mention if you have already used these vouchers for the benefit of others. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by perpetua Wait a sec, these don't work... Works for me! well i just tried this 09122500000001 \t Subtotal \tUSD 29.95 Shipping Cost \tUSD 10.00 Discount \tUSD 0.00 Fabric Swatches \tBuy (+$25.0) Credits: \t-USD 20.00 Grand Total \tUSD 19.95 \t \tI have read and accepted the Conditions of Use View
09122500000011 09122500000012 09122500000013 09122500000014 09122500000015 you can use any of these. these are mine.
They emailed me as well. They said gift certs can only be used by new customers. However, you can use another email address and have it shipped to your neighbor so you can use the voucher yourself. The vouchers were generated with the following limitations: 1. check on the email address 2. check on the shipping address I hope this helps
i just bought a pedometer. tells me how many steps i did for a day. 1000 steps a day is my target
strive to be stylish instead of fashionable. stylish is when you have your own style that flatters your facial and bodily features without much consideration on the fashion trends. many books talk about style but here's a book that will quickly give you tips on what's good for you - considering your hair color, your body shape, your built, height, facial features... and gives you tips on how to pick online retailers for clothes. enjoy.
well u might want to have $50 custom tailored suit voucher from askandy?
Black and dark blue cotton collared shirts would be a good casual look for you. For dinner, choose vertical stripes, still dark shades for dress shirts. Untucked, with folded sleeves. light to dark - faded blue grey jeans, black shoes.
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