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SOLD NWT (still in packaging), Blue Oxford Button Down size 16 - 33 1/2, Tokyo Slim. $60 shipped
Yes, full canvas, 28 inch inseam, dual vents.
Samuelsohn Suit 41R U.S. $80 Shipped (within U.S.) Talbot Model in a beautiful wheat color, two button, flat front trousers. This suit is in great condition. It measures as follows: Chest (measured one inch below armhole): 20.5 inches Shoulder Point-to-Point: 18.5 inches Sleeve Length: 23 inches Jacket Length (measured from bottom of collar): 29.5 inches Trouser Outseem: 39 inches
Sold Belvest Suit 52R Eu: $40 Shipped (within U.S.) Midnight blue with some mohair, 3-2 roll, flat front trousers. It measures as follows: Chest (measured one inch below armhole): 20.5 inches Shoulder Point-to-Point: 18.25 inches Sleeve Length: 23 Jacket Length (measured from bottom of collar): 31 Trouser Outseem: 38.5 Trouser Waist: 35.5
John Hardy Lambs Wool Cloth, 2.5 meters, $150 shipped (within U.S.) This is a beautiful rust color and is around 13 oz. Holland and Sherry Nevada Cloth, 2 meters, $50 shipped shipped (within U.S.) This is a beautiful almost air force blue color with a hint of indigo. It is 50% wool, 25% cotton and 25% linen and is around 8 ½ oz. I can refer you to a source that may have more of this fabric.
If you want bespoke/custom in the purist sense you need to go to Chicago or LA. There just isn't much of it left in this country. That being said, you can certainly get a great suit in the front range. Evan is a great guy and someone you should certainly contact. He is as close as you will come to the bespoke/custom experience. Most of what he now sells is made by Adrian Jules and Geneva. At one point he sold bench made clothing from a very talented Canadian coat maker,...
As do mine. I have heard them referred to as "cuts." I once tried to have excess chest fabric removed through these cuts. It didn't work out too well.
For Sale: Now $400 shipped (in the U.S.) A Steed (Edwin Deboise) Bespoke Odd Jacket (Sports Coat). This one-button jacket was made for me in August of 2009 by Mr. Deboise from Porter and Harding’s Glorious Twelfth book. I believe the fabric is swatch number 25349. I love the jacket and fabric, but even after some adjustments, it just doesn’t fit my growing frame. This is a wonderful piece for anyone looking for a true draped jacket. The jacket measures as...
Yeah I just heard the news this morning. He will be greatly missed for sure.
This could be old news in these parts, but I just heard that Joseph Centofanti passed away on October 31st.
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