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That's the best deal on EGs I've ever seen. I cannot believe someone hasn't snapped those up already.
Quote: Originally Posted by jungshoe as far as i can tell, the quality is the same. what i don't like about buying rl-branded shoes is that eg will refuse to recraft the shoes for you once the soles wear out. however, rlpl shoes typically go on significant discount at least once a year (i've kopped mackays for under $500), while eg sales (like the recent saks sale) are few and farther between. Simon Crompton from Permanent Style had his RLPL...
CHCM sale has finally started online and in the Bond Street store. 20% of most stuff right now but word is that that will increase:
I'm replying too late, I'm afraid, but I have seen some great vintage watches at Time Pieces on Greenwich Ave.
I've seen them at Century 21 and on Gilt Group.
I bought one of their bags from a retailer in the UK, not direct. The quality of the leather isn't great. I recently stopped using the bag that I have from them and replaced it with one from Tustings, the quality of which is significantly higher.
They're all over the place - Boston, DC and a handful of other cities have them too. Not to mention the original London version.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I don't think you should wear those shoes. I would keep the shoe trees in them and put them on the shelf in your living room so they are on full display. Why ruin a beautiful, expensive pair of shoes. Couldn't agree more - I would recommend buying a large, antique vitrine to display them in. Whatever you do, don't wear them outside.
Congratulations to Montauk! A well deserved win... Were there any other SF members on the ride, I wonder? Or any who will be joining the fun in May for the spring ride? If the temperatures are pushing 70 by then I'm not sure whether I can manage as much tweed for that ride as I did on Sunday. The waistcoat, at least, will have to stay at home.
Lowndes in dark brown suede...? I kind of wish you hadn't told me that.
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