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I think it is because men don't shop in stores as often as women do and when men shop they tend to shop at the men only designers. First thought going through my head when I need new clothes isn't J. Crew.
Could you say Brooks Brothers is comparable?
Go with a top hat instead of a bowler.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Borsalino stop making quality hats over 25 years ago. If you think cheap looking shoes look bad, a cheap fedora is worst. I totally agree. If you are going to be classy and wear a fedora make sure it can stand up to that measure of class.
Honestly Maxim magazine and the like are trying to go more mainstream. They do have style sections regarding male fashion. So you could honestly say they are trying to become a general man's magazine.
This jacket is way too serious to wear with jeans.
Man I miss Shanghai. It has been over 2 years since my last visit.
That is another thing entirely, but I will comment on it. I think that spamming is bad when it comes from someone who doesn't use the site for anything more than once a week or once a day to basically drop the same ad in a paticular forum, website or whatever. FIHTies like he said needs to make a living but also has a keen interest in the forum, so I don't consider his posts as spam. I honestly want to know where people shop for clothes online since clothes shopping is...
Hey Guys, if you are going to buy online, what are your favorite sites to shop?
Very good point. Brooks Brothers suits are very good. Very nice formal wear.
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