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That eototo sweater... one more thing added to the wishlist. You guys are killing me.
At the risk of making my friends dress like me, I've already disseminated information to most of the people I know.
Jeez, this sale is out of control.
Thought I'd share the ts(s) pants that are for some reason still available in 4 and 5: You can tell how wrong the colors are (that little panel's supposed to be about as gray as the rest of the pants) but the cut is really comfy and easy to move in with a strong taper that doesn't make you feel like you're walking on carrots, the main dobby fabric is subtle but interesting enough to lend some visual weight to the whole thing and the knit parts are both super...
Not nearly as interesting as everything else going on in this thread but I want to register my pleasure with the Chapman holdall. I'd been looking for, oh, two years for something to replace my falling-apart-at-the-seams-but-dear-to-my-heart high school swimming duffle that had gone around the world with me a couple of times and the Chapman is just about everything I wanted as well as a nice step up. Perfect for work trips. Anyway, here it is on the floor of the Atlanta...
Oh my god those side strap pants look amazing.
I believe it's called a toteholder collar.
I did this exact same thing. I'm all knitted out, in no small part thanks to wvg, but I figured I could spread the love with those sale prices.
Apologies if this has been addressed, I scanned a few pages but didn't see anything on it and the google has been less than useful. My 3A has a loose button and not a lot of spare yarn to deal with it and even if it did, I'm all thumbs. What's the best way to get a button re-secured to one of these beasts? To whom should I be speaking?
Glad to hear your mom's OK, mauro. Stoked to get some palinka off you since everyone else is too wimpy.
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