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Oh HELL yeah. Been waiting for this. Coverall is mine.
That's the UCP4104-1. It sold out most places in Japan (that I can find) fairly quickly, but there's a great chance western stockists will get them in a later delivery.
I stand by my words.
Big shout to all the guys who came out in DC, great to meet you all, sorry to have to bail early. Nice to know everybody who's into the same stuff on the internet is, uh, into the same stuff in real life.
when you talk to the Niche. folks, any chance you'll be able to get some hands on Old Park or Harapos Reales gear?
There are pre-orders for kolordidas available on luisaviaroma and barneys. tee is $110, shorts are $150. doesn't look like particularly capable activewear, though.
and you'll stay that way. jeez, good luck.
They drew a wizard on the box for me when I asked them:
Hell yeah. Been waitin' for the ts(s) drop.
Maybe nanamica? They lean more casual than dress, but I've had no problem wearing them in an office (of engineers). I've had good luck with the decent-taper-with-bigger-thighs on a few pairs. Might be worth checking out.
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