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the only reason I haven't picked up a thermal knit is because the knit I got last year occupies too much of my daily wear in the winter. mauro made it too good.
I have at 5'10", 175 and a 41" chest I have the adventure jacket in medium. It's tight in the shoulders but the sleeves are the right length - I'm happy with it but could easily go up a size and still be happy. Everything else I own by the brand is a large.
Got my eototo bison knit today...and I'm sad to say it's going back. Love the bison, love the material but it's too trim in the arms and chest and too long/wide at the midsection bottom for me to keep it, even in an XL. Recommend if you're 6' and 160-170 lbs or so. In related package news, I'm glad none of you people are on pedaled because I'm going to, slowly, one by one, get every piece nmwa is carrying.
Oh, I know those are niche. It's just that stuff is coming super late in the season (after the notoriously delayed eototo) and was hoping there'd be some more offerings in addition to the sweat and shirt. There were some check gaucho pants that I wouldn't mind seeing pop up...
Are there more niche. pieces coming?
Not too much for a full body pic, but in terms of living with clothes, I want to mention how nice of a companion the PeDALED adventure coat was for a chilly halloween bike race over the weekend. Breathed well, moved well, good weight, ample front pocket kept the goldfish I had to tote around for a few miles alive. You're foolish if you ride bikes and don't have one. I mean, look how happy I am! Ok, maybe a little pained in the thumb, but that's not the jacket's fault.
That eototo sweater... one more thing added to the wishlist. You guys are killing me.
At the risk of making my friends dress like me, I've already disseminated information to most of the people I know.
Jeez, this sale is out of control.
Thought I'd share the ts(s) pants that are for some reason still available in 4 and 5: You can tell how wrong the colors are (that little panel's supposed to be about as gray as the rest of the pants) but the cut is really comfy and easy to move in with a strong taper that doesn't make you feel like you're walking on carrots, the main dobby fabric is subtle but interesting enough to lend some visual weight to the whole thing and the knit parts are both super...
New Posts  All Forums: