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While we're playing the Badger The Employees game, when will we hear about FW niche. stuff?
While it's wearable off the bike, it's definitely made to be worn while on. The hood is very high to accomodate a helmet, so you'll feel kinda silly without one, plus the sleeves run a little bit long so the sleeves don't ride up when you're hunched over. Other than those points, though, should be alright, if a little "tech-y."
Finally rained so I got an opportunity to whip out the PEdALED adventure jacket. Weather was pretty good for it, drizzly and low 70s (21C) and I have to say I'm all about it. If you ride a bike as casual transport, this thing is made for it. It even has darted elbows, one of my favorite details in clothes. Plus the color, dang. matches a lot of stuff pretty effortlessly (though maybe not beater bright red vans). Also: Big John chambray shorts.
I got bat signaled.
My m-m-m-megahaul from NMWA came in yesterday and while I'm lovin' the stuff, I may be larger than I thought. Normally, I'm buying stuff second hand and feel like if I can get it on, it fits, but now I'm provided with the rare opportunity to make some adjustments. You're a much more discerning lot than I am, so I beg your expertise on whether or not I should go up a size on this Camoshita suit, or, if not, what I should do with it tailor-wise. I just now realize I...
kinda felt like robbery playing supermarket sweep with that 40% code... anyway, in gratitude, here're some pieces that for some reason are still in stock: niche hibiscus tee ts(s) suit
Wow, what a nice surprise to come back to. Thanks for the recognition that my parents never gave me! Also, when do I get my GIF medal?
I'll add that ts(s) shirting fits a little bit looser than suiting and a little bit longer in the sleeve. Nevertheless, I'm consistently a 4 in tops and a 2 in bottoms, have yet to be hornswoggled through 5 tops and 3 bottoms.
In order from "Totally gobsmacked" to "Only Moderately But Still Impressively Gobsmacked" that these things are still around: 1. Camoshita Green & brown madras check linen & silk sport coat. What the hell is wrong with you people? How did this even make it to sale, much less with this many sizes? If I weren't the kind of person to wallow in my own filth and instead were a sophisticate who drank mixed drinks and wore pants that didn't hug my legs like a hungry python, I'd...
Can't tell if I'm embarrassed or not
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