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my dad had some pants from the american revolution in the basement (don't ask) that have a similar fastening system.
OH MY GOD FUCKING THANK YOU sipang. I've spent...uh, several hours trying to find this, even knowing that at one point I knew this.
Does anyone know what I should be looking for to find studs that look like this, or where I should be looking? I bought a shirt second hand that uses them for both the cuff and the placket (that is to say, some are shirt studs and the others are cufflinks, so slightly different size and shape but same style) and some were missing. The ebay listing I stole this picture from describes these as "milk glass" but no special way to describe the actual style.
these document trousers might fit the bill
I'm a 9.5c on a brannock and I comfortably wear an 8.5 in the Bruce.
found myself in a dressing room wearing almost all nmwa stuff: [[SPOILER]]
Fake. listing says UCP1207 (which is indeed the rose bomber) but the tag says UCP4303, which is a men's topcoat, not a woman's bomber. Nominally FW15 The second appears to be legit, as far as I know. SS16, but from a pop-up, not the main collection.
Can anyone comment on how the current crop of Document trousers fit compared to the broken twill ones?
new sub-line/parallel line coming:
Sizing on the seasonal cut-and-sew tees tends to run differently than the standard seasonal printed tees. AW10, for instance, runs a bit larger and SS11 runs a bit smaller. With something like SS14, there are tees that are explicitly oversized, and then the others seem to match the 'standard' ones (not sure what else to call them). Also of note are the out of season one-off mini collections (Madstore, madarchives or whatever) that usually size S-M-L instead of 1-2-3-4-5...
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