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Can anyone comment on how the current crop of Document trousers fit compared to the broken twill ones?
new sub-line/parallel line coming:
Sizing on the seasonal cut-and-sew tees tends to run differently than the standard seasonal printed tees. AW10, for instance, runs a bit larger and SS11 runs a bit smaller. With something like SS14, there are tees that are explicitly oversized, and then the others seem to match the 'standard' ones (not sure what else to call them). Also of note are the out of season one-off mini collections (Madstore, madarchives or whatever) that usually size S-M-L instead of 1-2-3-4-5...
That jacket is somewhere between 03-04AW and 08SS, i'm guessing. I'm basing this on the fact that 08SS was the first season to use the letter numbering scheme, even though you didn't post the tag. I've seen the pattern on the lining before but can't remember where.
I actually wanted a dish towel.
I am also interested in the dish towel. Make it happen!
I think peir wu started doing only direct sales and is no longer carried by stockists, but I'm probably wrong about that.
hey whoever bought that size 4 ts(s) floral jacket joint, it's really bad and you don't like it, you should probably return it.
oh man, that floral short "suit" is makin' me feel some kind of way...
The Document trousers are probably my favorite purchase all year, from any store. I would love to see more stuff like that. I feel as though Schneider kinda hits the same tone but those pants don't fit me, so they don't count. Unionmade also picked up some ts(s) flannels that you guys skipped on, but I'd be kidding myself if I said I'd be picking them up at full price, so grabbing some next year for my sake would be foolish. Also seemed to me that you guys picked up an...
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