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NMWA's PEdALED takes third place in a goofy unsanctioned crit: photo credit to Bruce Buckley.
sdc shorts being gone is great news, i just saved a lot of money
jesus, that sdc suit was made for me.
I'm also in the "need Paul cut" for the chinos. Chinos are bad-ass, but they do not fit me pretty much anywhere in the legs. Natural indigo color is fantastic.
Sorry to get all denim nerd, but the natural indigo chinos look paler than I was expecting. I understand that they're garment dyed, but how many dips are we talking to get that color? 2? 4?
it's almost as if they should drink bleach...
Delta made me gate check my beloved Chapman holdall and it looks like someone, seeing a nice bag on the jetway, thought it would be nice to have one of their own. So it looks like I have to buy a new Chapman holdall.
Are the chinos the natural indigo ones mentioned a while back?
You may recognize this pattern as a shirt Mauro put out a few years ago: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Engineered-Garments-Tab-Collar-Windowpane-Shirt-Large-Ted-Wore-on-HIMYM-245-/291333802224?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&hash=item43d4d908f0
the only reason I haven't picked up a thermal knit is because the knit I got last year occupies too much of my daily wear in the winter. mauro made it too good.
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