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Maybe nanamica? They lean more casual than dress, but I've had no problem wearing them in an office (of engineers). I've had good luck with the decent-taper-with-bigger-thighs on a few pairs. Might be worth checking out.
It comes from a non-grayola'd reseller's account: http://www.refabfash.com/ for instance: http://www.refabfash.com/tenderloin-s-blue-nylon-jackets
oh my god this overdye is on fire. no wonder you're so happy with the product and so bummed people aren't jumping on it, mauro. this is superior.
Thank you for stealing that SdC blazer. Eyeballed it forever and was like "no, no" and now I don't have to worry about the willpower anymore. Every time I think I'm out, NMWA pulls me back in...
Mitchacho drank bleach at Mauro Wonka's Shirting Factory and is now an overdyed blueberry. Quite the gut, indeed.
you'll finally get a camel overcoat that fits!
do i spy short suits?
saw it at dsm when i was last in ny, apologies for my unsteady hand:also came in the dark blue
Just want to point out that that whale fabric was also used by comme des garcons.
It fits maybe slightly smaller than a Large/Extra Large Walz cap, which, as per their website, is about 23 1/2" - 25" head size and 7 1/2 - 8 hat size. Given that, I'd say just south of 7 1/2. Stretches plenty, though, I don't think you'll have a problem.
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