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you'll finally get a camel overcoat that fits!
do i spy short suits?
saw it at dsm when i was last in ny, apologies for my unsteady hand:also came in the dark blue
Just want to point out that that whale fabric was also used by comme des garcons.
It fits maybe slightly smaller than a Large/Extra Large Walz cap, which, as per their website, is about 23 1/2" - 25" head size and 7 1/2 - 8 hat size. Given that, I'd say just south of 7 1/2. Stretches plenty, though, I don't think you'll have a problem.
Incidentally when conversations like this come up, I find myself compelled to buy something from Greg just in the interests of solidarity. So, like, that's way better than price dumping.
Damn, was gonna pad out my pedaled collection with some of the made in Italy items but the code isn't valid. Foiled.
1+2) SDC short suit. bummed the shorts went so quickly. 3) that Heschung Kudu. My god those are beautiful. I will not be sleeping. 4) the ts(s) reversible shorts. these look like kinda unassuming in the wide shot and so i think have gone under the radar, but the close-ups look insane. 5) schneider addict knit. just looks fantastic. 6) buttero slip-ons honorable mentions are that orange tie that i'll never be cool enough to wear and the niche shirt with the side pocket.
Can you speak to the cut on the trousers? Are they gonna be super slim like the current round of chinos or a bit more relaxed?
ts(s) mob shirt. takuji made ties and a sportcoat out of the fabric, too, but I don't know of any western stockists.
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