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Hmm, we are identical in EB sizing but I thought 8 would be the right size for 74945. I guess I'll follow your lead since I, too, prefer my boots (and oxfords for that matter) to fit on the looser side. For comparison, I wear 42 in Vass F and 8.5 in U/K. 8.5 in Carmina Rain/Uetam. 8.5 in CJ 348. 9 in GG06.
Assuming it's 50% down, 50% later, count me in. Only issue is I don't own 74945 so need some sizing advice
Since I posted the initial comment about the lacing, I guess I'll apologize to jamiemc and anyone else who may have taken it a passive aggressive comment. That was not the intention; rather, I was simply curious if the poster preferred the wider v-lacing (it seems most comments on SF lean towards closed or a tighter v). I wasn't trying to critique it backhandedly...moreso curious since we rarely see posters with the wider v-lacing.Turns out he wasn't able to try on, which...
That's a pretty wide v along the lacing...doesn't bother you @jamiemcp? Seems like next width up would be more ideal but YMMV.
Are they 42 or 42.5? Photo sole shoes size 42...
Sizing didn't work out on all my items. If anyone is a 46/56 in Lazio suit, Hudson SC (have 2), or Washington SC, feel free to PM me. Suit is a gray Birdseye. Hudson SCs are brown/blue melange and navy melange. Washington is a blue, SB peak lapel SC. Will sell at cost. Will post to B&S this evening.
This happened to me last year. I tried to cancel an order before it had processed but couldn't - was told the same to decline delivery. I declined delivery (2x actually) from UPS and it was returned to sender. Got a full refund.
Yea, I had stuff in my cart that was gone within a few minutes. Odd sizes may still have some luck.
For those not aware, the Suitsupply outlet went live yesterday for last season merchandise. Code I received via email is FIRSTACCESS to login. Site is www.suitsupply.com/outlet
Now I'm confused and may decide to pass with the no return policy for sale items. If an 8 fits me well in the 337 and 8.5 fits on 348 (due to chiseled, square toe), am I correct in going with an 8 in the 363 (almond toe)? Also, is is true to stick with 8 on 337 for loafers like the Vincent (loafers often tend to run snugger since there's no lacing). One poster said they go with the same size for all 3 lasts while others have said to size down a half from 348. I...
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