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Final Drops
Thank you @CanadaCal and @sleepyinsanfran The more I wear Vass, the more I love them. F last fits perfectly for me as well. Must give a shout out to @Notch for the great service!
And here they are on their maiden voyage...
These Valways just arrived today...
Just visited and there are 2 MTOs shown upon clicking the MTO header. If you don't see the headers, then I'm guessing there's some issue with your browser settings.
Simpson has a more chiseled toebox compared to your photo above but like @dalevy noted, it is a narrow last. Most folks size up a half from Rain/Forest becuase of the width and/or chiseled toebox. I believe Grenson's F width is standard so you would be likely be a half size up. I would still find a way to try on the Simpson last before buying though.
Not exactly...I just tied it and thought it was a half windsor only to realize that it's more of a reversed half windsor.
Another round of drops
Price drops for remaining pairs
Thank you for sharing @techaview Some great photos and interesting make-ups, especially the valways!
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