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January for me as well
@thundermarch @watchidiot I'm down for January GMTO for the black captoe as well. Keep me posted as we get closer.
I'd be interested in this GMTO. I've been on the hunt for a chukka with soles that can withstand rain/sleet/snow.
Probably not...would be a bit tight in the toebox IMO due to the narrow last
All sizes are UK. I'm a US 9D on Brannock but have a higher than normal instep. Don't know Barrie size since I've never tried Alden. Wholecuts have a narrow toebox so the 8.5 fit much better than an 8.
Drakes Clowns FTW Have that PS and love it
If you're a 7UK in Elton/Hiro, I would go with 7UK for the Uetam. I wear the same size in Hiro/Elton as I do in Uetam. Your narrow feet and instep should fit well in Uetam, although keep in mind the difference between an oxford and a loafer - oxfords tend to give more.
Uetam/Simpson tend to be narrower with lower insteps so my hunch is those won't fit you as well if the Hiro is snug at the instep. You could size up a half size but still run the risk of the instep being on the snug side.Rain/Inca would fit better and 8UK sounds like your size based on Hiro/Park sizing.
I sized up a half size from the Rain for the Uetam so I'd recommend a 9UK for you based on my experience.
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