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PSA: if anyone's an 8E, there are several pairs of G&G (w/ lasted trees) for sale on Grailed from a seller based in Europe (no, I'm not the seller nor am I affiliated with him in any way). All look to be in decent pre-owned condition.
I jumped on board this GMTO that @ThunderMarch organized and I love these jodphurs. The leather is so supple and just molds to my foot. I was a little hesitant on the millerighe sole but have found them to be very versatile to the point where I was able to wear these in an outdoor setting (grass fields and lawns) with no qualms. This is my first EB pair in 804 and the fit is superb. I agree that it's a classic design yest has a little flair with the inca strap.Thanks again...
Quick question on fit of slub henley and slub polo: how do they compare fit wise to the Lupo Polos? I saw one post previously stating that the slub fit is looser than the Lupo but no confirmation from anyone else. Anyone own the slub henley and/or slub polo that can comment? I wear an XXL in lupos but if the fit is looser on the slub cotton items, I'll prob go for the XL for a little shorter length.
I'm in no hurry either TBH, but all the pics are getting me excited
Waiting on the 2nd order of these...wait is killing me! Any update @Leaves??
Thank you @12345Michael54321 and @Andy57 for the OTC recommendation...solved my problems. Picked up some bamboo/cotton OTC socks and slippage has been eliminated. Hopefully they maintain their elasticity with washes.
My apologies, misspoke...846 has chiseled and you're correct, 804 is more almond.
Thanks! Yea, looks like we're the same in sizing for EB and Carmina.
Know the feeling. Both of my 946 GMTOs were half size too small and I was worried these would be as well. Happy that the 804 is a little wider at ball of foot but still has the chiseled toebox.
X-Post from SkoaB Thread Maiden voyage for these jodhpurs. GMTO on 804 last. Thanks to @ThunderMarch for organizing! 804 in size 8 works very well...was worried after I had to size up to 8.5 on 946.
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