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Not sure if this is taboo to ask but for those in the US, would you mind sharing where you purchase your Cuban cigars from that are delivered? I primarily smoke Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan cigars but would like to get into some Cubans. I know the embargo makes this a challenge but I understand there are ways around it. I came across several websites but not sure if they're legit. PM is fine if that's preferred. Many thanks.
Couple questions for all: 1) Does EB use genuine leather stiffeners in the toe and heel? 2) What type of leather does EB use for its soles and what's the thickness of them? Many thanks
@thatisgross, I'd be interested in this makeup. Please add me to those interested.
@tdes81@Dslondon@PbayvipSoft burnishing works for me as does matching sole edge and flat laces. I, too, will defer to anyone who has a preference between single leather and vibram. I think vibram will make them more versatile for *almost* any condition, but would be happy with either option.Edit - didn't see the summation from Skoak...guess we're good to go and sticking with leather soles, which is fine by me.
Looks good to me...Bolet works for me; other option would be estrusco. Can go either way on leather sole or vibram...I may lean towards vibram so that I can wear them in most conditions but defer to what group prefers.
@tdes81, I, too, am interested in a clean, brown nst without the norvegese on 946. Please include me in potential gmto.
Thanks @ThunderMarch. I, too, went with the 8.5 after getting input from Lorenzo and I appreciate the confirmation.
Hmm, we are identical in EB sizing but I thought 8 would be the right size for 74945. I guess I'll follow your lead since I, too, prefer my boots (and oxfords for that matter) to fit on the looser side. For comparison, I wear 42 in Vass F and 8.5 in U/K. 8.5 in Carmina Rain/Uetam. 8.5 in CJ 348. 9 in GG06.
Assuming it's 50% down, 50% later, count me in. Only issue is I don't own 74945 so need some sizing advice
Since I posted the initial comment about the lacing, I guess I'll apologize to jamiemc and anyone else who may have taken it a passive aggressive comment. That was not the intention; rather, I was simply curious if the poster preferred the wider v-lacing (it seems most comments on SF lean towards closed or a tighter v). I wasn't trying to critique it backhandedly...moreso curious since we rarely see posters with the wider v-lacing.Turns out he wasn't able to try on, which...
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