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They have the B/W Houndstooth under Pattern Ties...I just ordered it for my wedding tie. Very excited!
Agree on Tombolini...found it to fit pretty close to TTS
Ordered the chest pocket polo in khaki from Carson Street Clothiers only to learn that they're inventory was mixed up and they don't have it. Really bummed...anyone know where I can find the chest pocket polo (non-white) or lupo polo in XL?
How does the 363 last compare to the 348?
I know this is the Yoox thread but wondering if anyone has a FarFetch promo code. Found a couple items that I'm thinking of snagging but never been on the site before.
What are everyone's thoughts on a solid navy wool/mohair blend suit for a summer wedding? The blend is 50/50 and I sweat heavily so thinking the suit would be a good option for me. Wedding is on the MD eastern shore in August so it'll be hot. Saving grace is it's on the Chesapeake so hoping for a breeze. Through research, I noticed that the more mohair, the more shine the suit will have. I'm not too worried but I don't have any experience with mohair so maybe 50% is too...
@spoo - deets on the Oxxford gun check SC and glenplaid suit? Thanks
I use them for alterations but haven't used them for any MTM. I, too, am considering Sofios and Suitsuply for my wedding suit. Leaning towards Sofios since I've been pleased with my alterations. Sofios MTM starts at $895 as an FYI. Not sure about Suitsupply
Bummer, gonna have to pass then.
Can you, or someone else, comment on how it fits? TTS? Largest they have is a 54 but I tend to wear 56 in suits and SCs and 17 in dress shirts. Guessing the 54 will be too small but curious to hear from others.
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