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Sounds like you guys have been down this path many times before! I wouldn't say my fiancée and MIL are being difficult or dictating what we should wear. In fact, I've decided to just have the groomsmen wear whatever navy suit they'd like and my fiancée/MIL have no issue with that. It only came up because they inquired if I was going to do a coordinated suit look given how much I care about quality of my clothes. Hence why I came to the forum for advice/feedback. As Unbel...
So I'm planning to wear a silver/gray grenadine. The POW recommendation is a good one, will look at those.
I'm in need of some advice from fellow SF members. I'm planning to purchase each groomsman in my wedding a Sam Hober tie, but each tie will be different (not doing the matchy thing). In your opinion, would it be best if I selected various wedding ties for the groomsmen or are there other ties that you would suggest for them? Appreciate your feedback
That's what I said initially but several don't even have a solid navy suit. They asked for advice on buying one, which was considerate of them. At first I was going to tell them to buy whatever they preferred but then fiancée and MIL chimed in on how the suits should be coordinated. Hence why I'm here looking for advice. Unbel had some sound advice about MTM, which I agree with. So for the guys that don't have one, my advice would be to get something a step or two up from...
Thanks unbelragazzo. And I'm in agreement with you on MTM - several of the groomsmen just aren't up to speed on CM. And although I intend to give them plenty of time to order, something is bound to come up. SuitSupply has gotten pretty good reviews on here, so I'm leaning that way with the OTR route.
That was my first instinct until the bride and her mother questioned how coordinated that will be. I'm trying to walk a fine line between coordinated but not overly matchy. Also, you'd be surprised how many of the groomsmen don't own a basic navy suit so I feel like I'm doing them a service by requiring a solid navy suit. For that reason, I want them to get as a good of a suit as possible but stay within a reasonable budget for them.
So I have some time till the big day (8/9/15) but I think I should start figuring out my outfit and groomsmen outfits. I'm set on 2-button navy suit with white FC shirts and I intend to order each groomsmen a Sam Hober wedding tie (probably mix and match rather than all the same). My dilemma is choosing what suit for the groomsmen. They're spread out from east coast to Midwest and I don't think a meet-up is doable. Therefore, do I choose an online MTM option and with...
I ordered a suit and a couple shirts 6 months ago. Suit and shirts ended up fitting pretty well but they screwed up the suit the first time - suit had a huge collar gap. They had to send it to their tailor in NYC who was able to fix the flaw. Customer service was good in terms of selecting materials and customizations. And they were good about providing updates on the order status. All in all, I'd use Enzo's again.
New code for 20% off: WINTER20 Doesn't work on all items but it did apply to several sale items making some items pretty enticing.
I have a collection of accessories for sale. First up are 9 NWT Drakes PS. All but one are cotton and measure 16x16. The last PS is a wool/silk blend. Discounts offered if 2 or more are purchased. All SOLD 1) The first three are identical but differ in color. They have an Aztec motif. The first is navy with yellow trim; the second is yellow with blue trim; and the third is blue with red trim. 2) The next set is a pair with bicycles and unicycles. The first is white with...
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