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Burgundy Beauty GMTO showed up today. Unfortunately for me, they're a half size too small like my Bolet Adelaide GMTO. If anyone is interested buying them, pm me. They're an 8 on the 946.
If anyone is interested in purchasing the Burgundy Beauty on 946 in size 8, feel free to PM me. Another GMTO where sizing didn't work out. They're BNIB.
What size are you? This was done as an MTO last fall and mine were a half size too small so I'm selling them.
Received 3 ties and 4 PS from Shaya yesterday - as always, nicely wrapped and quality is top notch!
@TtownMD I, too, was curious about sizing and not surpirsed you're in on this! But I think I'm an 8.5E as well.
I have a collection of 20 ties for sale from various makers. Most are 3-fold but there are several 7-folds. I'm open to offers and always willing to discount for orders of 2+ ties. All shipping is CONUS. Will ship internationally for additional charge. All are in pristine condition, save for maybe a loose keeper or what's noted in the description. Some NWOT. Prices range from $20-50. 1) Yellow ISAIA with light blue specks, 7-fold. Measures 61" X 3.25". SOLD. 2) Navy...
I, too, will offer a discount of $25 on the Enzo Bonafe Bolet Adelaides. Just mention codeword Razl in your PM. @bsarosi Enzo Bonafe Bolet Adelaide, 946 Last
Thanks @razl
Thanks @TtownMD, I feel $475 is fair since they have the one day of wear. And good to know on size...if you ever decide to clean out your closet, think of me!
I purchased this Bolet Adelaide oxford through a GMTO from Skoatiebolaget in size 8 only to find it a half size too small. I added heel taps and wore them one day but have no choice but to pass them on to someone whose feet they will fit. These are on the 946 last, which fits very similar to Carmina's Rain last. For those not familiar with Enzo Bonafe, they make high quality, hand-welted dress shoes out of Bologna, Italy. Nearly every aspect of their shoe-making is done...
New Posts  All Forums: