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Seeking clarification on sending in a shirt to copy measurements: I'm located in the US...is it better to send the shirt to the Oregon location and have Luxire forward it on or just send it directly to India myself using the flat $20 shipping? Appears the advantage of shipping to India is a faster transaction but will cost a little more. Are there any other advantages? Thanks!
First EB purchase for me with the Burgundy Beauty. Went with my Carmina Rain size and happy to hear the instep is on the higher side wrt the 946.
@Leaves - Are there no MTOs available right now? I get a "page cannot be found" when clicking the link to see current MTOs.
@Spoo - deets on the guncheck Zegna SC?
I thought it depended on whether the pants were flat-front or pleated. If pleated, add cuffs. If flat-front, no cuffs. But obviously there are several ways to decide as evidenced by previous posts.
So YOOX did end up refunding me the 5% (roughly $20), although they noted it was a one-time exception noting it's their policy.
So YOOX seemed to misunderstand what I requested (just asked for the additional 5% off to match the current promotion) and thought I wanted the additional 20% off with the current promotion. I responded with a clarification but haven't heard back. Not getting my hopes up, just annoyed that YOOX bumped the promotion 2 days after the previous one ended. In the end, the refund is only $20-25 so not gonna stress about it; it's more the principal.
Yea, a little annoyed since I purchased several items at 15% off only to learn of this 20% 2 days later. I emailed YOOX inquiring about possibly refunding the additional 5% since it was a mere 2 days after their previous discount. Still waiting for a response...
Love the collar - what order number is that? Interested in creating something very similar.
PM me for Marc's email address. I've found him pretty responsive and easy to work with - ordered multiple Lupo polos from him.
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