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@grovester my apologies for not responding sooner. If you're 7.5 Rain, my hunch is these would be a bit big because according to Skoak, they fit similar to Rain. I would agree with that as I originally purchased 8 in Rain but had to size up to 8.5 and the same occurred with these. I wear 8.5 in both Rain and EB 946.
I'd be all over these if they were a 42.5...that price is a bargain for NIB with lasted shoe trees.
Was wondering the same...@Leaves can you comment on when the 2nd half of the order will be ready for shipment?
Need some sizing advice: Seems most are in agreement that one should take the same size in EG for all lasts, but wondering if anyone can provide a comparison of the 888 and 82/915 lasts (almond toe shaped) as it pertains to fit? I wear a 9E in the 888, though the fit is on the slightly looser side (which I prefer). How does the almond toe 82 and 915 lasts compare? The reason I ask is that I size down a half size from Enzo Bonafe's chisel toe 946 last to its almond toe...
Don't have a digital hygrometer so will def grab one. Will check rH on them and see what happens. Appreciate the advice and apologies for the noob question.
So I've purchased two humidors (50 and 100 count) in the last year only to have them not perform as I'd hoped. I followed the initial instructions to wipe down the humidor with distilled water with a sponge and use a xikar crystal jar (with solution added every 3-4 months) to control humidity level and both times the cigars ended up way too dried out to the point the leaves were cracking. I realized on one humidor that the seal was not completely tight so maybe that...
Already placed my order
Not sure if this is taboo to ask but for those in the US, would you mind sharing where you purchase your Cuban cigars from that are delivered? I primarily smoke Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan cigars but would like to get into some Cubans. I know the embargo makes this a challenge but I understand there are ways around it. I came across several websites but not sure if they're legit. PM is fine if that's preferred. Many thanks.
Couple questions for all: 1) Does EB use genuine leather stiffeners in the toe and heel? 2) What type of leather does EB use for its soles and what's the thickness of them? Many thanks
@thatisgross, I'd be interested in this makeup. Please add me to those interested.
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