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I found the 8.5/9 in the 888 too snug so sized up to the 9/9.5, which coincides with 8.5 on the CJ 348 (slight heel slippage).I'm usually a US 9D so went with the 8UK in Rain since it's a more forgiving last. Sounds like the 8.5 in the Rain may be the better option.I have a pair of Simpson derbies in 8.5 that fit reasonably well (slightly snug), but planning to sell because I don't wear derbies much.
Looking for some size advice from fellow Carmina fans... Background: I wear an 8.5UK on EG 202 and 9 on the 888. I wear a 8UK on the CJ 337 and 341 and 8.5 on the 348. I purchased the Carmina wingtips on the Rain last in an 8UK and due to my high instep, the shoe is snug across the top of my foot - not overly painful, but snugger than I prefer. Length is good as is toebox width, but the shoe is quite snug at the ball of my foot and instep. Heel is good-- no slippage...
As noted in the Skoak thread, I'm in. If we can combine the austerity wing tip with the Adelaide you have in the photo, I think that would be pretty sweet. Don't necessarily need the broguing Ali the Adelaide though. Museum calf or burgundy works for me as does the rain last. Let's see if we can get a few more.
Love the 1st and 3rd pair, not a fan of 2nd pair. Would you consider an Adelaide with the austerity wingtip?
I was thinking leather sole as well. May be fun to do a red or purple lining but always safe to go with natural if that's what the masses prefer. I agree that we want to get this GMTO in before the price increase...just need to find 4 more folks.
I'd be interested in this. What did you have in mind for soles, lining, etc? Also, I'd want to order them in EE width since @Leaves mentioned that D and E are narrow widths for Carmina.
Just confirming that it's recommended to use the Postal Shipping option when ordering on the Carmina site to avoid customs duties. Ami I correct? Thanks
PSA: Dash's in Old Town, Alexandria is having its annual half-off sale through 8/16. If you're a fan of Italian menswear, they carry Luigi Bianchi Mantova and LBM 1911 in suits, sportcoats, and ties. Suits will end up being $750-1000 and SCs will be $375-600. They have quite a few ties and PS as well.
Just curious why the Inca last costs more? Is there something unique about it? Apologies if this has been discussed previously...didn't see much discussion from my search.
My thoughts exactly...I'm an 8UK on Rain so planning to go with 8.5UK for the Uetam. Just wanted confirmation, thanks.
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