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Carlos Santos lasts Oliver 160: UK 8 187: 8.5 234: UK 8 Reference lasts Oliver Carmina Rain: UK 8 Simson: UK 8.5 Gaziano & Girling MH71: 8.5 E (slightly narrow, could take wider width as well) TG73:8.5 E (slightly narrow, could take wider width as well) Saint Crispin’s Classic: 8 G - Best fitting RTW last and size for me Enzo Bonafè 946 – 8.5 (a bit roomy over the instep, slightly long) 363 – 8.5 (a bit roomy over the instep) Will post comparisons for Douglas and...
Big shout-out to @AFPOS for shipping to US in 2 days! Got AS Hurst whoelcuts in black and Alex Jodhpurs for AFPOS
Ordered from the Clearance/Seconds offerings, but there was nothing wrong them. Think they had a few sizes available and some had minor flaws, others were in perfect condition. I lucked out that the 8.5 didn't have any flaws (at least as far as I can tell)
Big shout-out to @AFPOS for delivering these bad boys in 2 days. Looking forward to wearing both in the near future Wholecuts are the AS Hurst and the Jodphurs are the AS Alex but made for AFPOS.
I have 4 pairs of men's dress shoes for sale. All prices include CONUS shipping. All shoes have been worn (some more than others) but have been well taken care of and have lots of life left. Without further ado... 1) Chocolate Brown Carmina Suede Brogue Captoe with Medallion - size has been worn away on inside but I'd say these fit like a UK 8EEE. I believe these are on the Rain last, model 10051 with Dainite soles. I take a UK 8EE in Rain and these are a little wide for...
Same occurred for me to US...ordered 2 pairs last Tues evening, had them in hand Thurs evening. Service is impeccable, will post some photos this evening. Can't say enough about AFPOS
I'm with you and that's kinda why I called out the resale. I bought a couple items during the sale and items were selling quickly. Sucks that someone could have gotten a great deal and now has to pay close to retail all because of size uncertainty, especially when it was known that the outlet sale was final sale. I guess the least one could do is sell close to what was paid with a slight markup for shipping and fees. Would be a nice gesture but I understand trying to make...
Appreciate the comments Razl. While my initial comment may be taken as a little snarky (I'm assuming based on seller's response), I have no issue with the seller's effort to resell hence why I finished with "good haul." Yea, the prices are a decent markup from what was paid at the outlet, but I'm not one to judge sale prices since things will sell if people want them. I guess I was just making an observation more than anything else (and looking for confirmation) but if...
Looks like all these were picked up from the SuitSupply outlet for resale...nice haul
Would jump on a few of them, but alas 8 cm width is too narrow for me. Wish they made ties in 9 cm width.
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