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Welcome! Since the leathers come in the crust state, is there any possibility for distinct antiquing? Or would that be an upcharge as part of an MTO service?
For anyone in need of a code: NEWGZGE5Ugq
Didn't get a chance to see or feel the fabrics so can't comment. Recommend speaking with Michael, the son. He was helpful in explaining their services and I'm sure he could give you details on the materials.
They have 2 MTM lines. Their classic line starts at $895; their executive line starts at $1,195. They also offer what they call "bench grade" which has quite a bit and handwork - supposedly 40 hrs goes in to making his line. I'm guessing it's still MTM, but it's a clear step or two above the executive line. Don't know the pricing but I'm guessing you're looking at $1,400 minimum depending on materials. The classic line is fused but the executive line has a full floating...
Agree...those are simply incredible!
Waiting on mine...thought they'd arrive today since DC is close. Hopefully tomorrow
Would be all over these if they were 42.5 as I'm in need of some black captoes GLWS
Up for sale are four pairs of dress shoes. 2 pairs are from Magnanni, one pair from AE, and one pair from PRL. All prices include CONUS shipping. PM for international shipping charge. Shoe trees not included with any sale. Up first are AE Weybridges in Chili Burnished Calf. They are a size 9.5D. They've seen some wear to the soles, some creasing, and the left heel is slightly torn as the photos show. It's not noticeable when worn, but please note the defect. Asking $70...
Aw sheet...this looks promising
Common in DC but I think it looks awful. Sneakers and suits aren't meant to go together IMO.
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