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I'm sure the fact that the wineries in Paso are so generous with their pourings and often charge little or nothing for tastings might have something to do with it.
I am selling a pair of used Persol 2244 sunglasses. Daniel Craig wore a pair of these in Casino Royale (along with the Persol 2720). These are used, but in good condition - no scratches on lenses and frames look good. I will post pics later. These will come with the Persol case. I am asking ***SOLD*** Buyer pays shipping (unless otherwise agreed). PayPal accepted. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
Go A's!
Recenty bought a bottle 8 Buck bourbon on a whim. It's bottled here in the bay area (san Jose to be exact) using various 8yr old bourbons. I find it overly sweet and lacking any complexity. That said, it's pretty easy drinking and would make a good entry bourbon. Still, for $20, there are much better options, I.e. bulleit and buffalo trace. Sent from my SHIFTS3NS3 using Tapatalk
Here's my theory: I think the guy is probably a germ-o-phobe, and will only use a stall after it has been cleaned by the cleaning crew. In my building, you can tell when no one else has used a stall if the toilet water is pink (from the cleaning solution). So, when he gets to work in the morning or whatever, and sees that a stall hasn't been used yet, he wads up paper and places it in the door as a marker that that stall is still unused. When he comes back later in the...
Sorry in advance for "geeking" out on you, but I thought it was pretty cool to learn about this stuff, and maybe you will too.I'm not an expert on metals, but if I recall correctly, 18k white gold will look whiter/shiner than platinum (which can look a bit dull-ish grey), whereas platinum will be more sturdy/stronger.As for screw-back, it really depends on how your gf will wear the earrings. Some women will wear their earrings 24/7, in the shower, in bed, to the gym, etc....
Does your gf really like the shape of the princess-cut? If so, get her what she wants. If not, keep in mind that princess cut diamonds won't "perform" i.e. shine, as much as a round-cut diamond - they're just not built for that. Most "fancy-cut" diamonds, like princess, radiant, asscher, etc. are cut with the overall shape in mind. Thus, they tend to be cut very few large facets, and as a result, don't reflect as much light. If you look at a princess cut stone up close, it...
Thanks for the opinions - I guess I'll skip it and put the money towards something more matured/interesting.
Has anyone tried Ardeg Alligator?According to K&L Wines:
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