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I'm a 42L with 32 waist, 6'3, ~195 lb. The 52 ma-1 fits me well, but with limited range of motion in the shoulders. I don't think sizing up will help much. As others said, I think it has to do more with the construction of the jacket itself. That's just a hunch though. Besides, the shoulders on this jacket are pretty structured, so if you size up, it will look like you are wearing shoulder pads. You don't want that.
Quote: Originally Posted by captmomo Hey, I would appreciate some shoes recommendations, especially for the cuffed trousers look. Preferably will look alright sockless Thanks. Monks
TOJ wallets are the truth.
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay Now that I have a navy blazer, what sports coat should I aim to get next? A medium grey or herringbone tweed from TAT: http://www.thickasthievesla.com/fabrics.html Either will work over denim, chinos, or slacks. Versatility is the name of the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by eddiecibrian why is jcrew so highly regarded here? i find it too conservative and mediocre in it's style..plus everything is made in china Jcrew isn't highly regarded here.
Getting your closet in order isn't about setting some arbitrary numerical ownership quota. It's about owning all and only classic, well-fitting pieces so you can look fresh for any situation that may present itself during the course of your life. To wit: dress: - 2 suits: navy worsted 3-roll-2, medium gray (not charcoal) flannel two button (jackets and pants should work as separates) -2 pairs of slacks (light gray, tan) -1 pair of chinos -2 polos (dark and light, no...
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Is this acceptable in any way in a professional environment? Trying to make the best of this, because it is a very nice jacket for the price, just something I'd never wear casually Also, the pinstripes are very faint, do not contrast, and are more of a texture than a color, so it appears solid from a distance. The width of the lapels clashes with the width of your skinny tie. The button-stance is all...
Quote: Originally Posted by trafficjam Inspired by PG, I'm gonna go and get a seersucker shirt made in the near future. I'm not sure on the details, though. What kind of collar, pockets, cuffs am I looking for here? Some collars for examples I've seen online are button down, some are not. I'm not good at these things, what's a safe bet? Button-down for sure. No pocket. Rounded cuff w/ one-button (not two).
Quote: Originally Posted by justpflo Hi guys, I'm going to hang out with a girl this Friday for movies and a dinner. Is it fine to wear a white dress shirt tucked with blue levi's 501 rolled up and sperry boat shoes with a brown/black belt? I haven't tried it, it seems weird in my head but I don't know... what say you? or should i change my white dress shirt to a light blue one. I always feel that wearing a dress shirt tucked with jeans is too...
Quote: Originally Posted by BigRedBike Now I'm looking for some shirts. I'm 6'2" and about 160-165lbs, 30" wasit. The problem is that I have long arms and broad shoulders so I have a horrible time finding button down shirts that actually fit. I want a slim (not super tight fit) cut, can you recommend a style that might work? I like the navy/tartan, and I could have sworn I saw a picture of a black, white, and grape gingham shirt that you posted a...
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