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One of my mates who has Ultegra electric still dropped his chain mid ride and bent it completely out of shape to the point he had to get his wife to come and pick him up. I said I thought the electronic stuff was supposed to be precision shifting? I guess for me I like the idea of adjusting the derailleur's with a turn of a screw rather than relying on the electronic system.
The weight would be the killer for me. I'm 6 foot 2 and 87kg and no weight weenie but any stock bike running 105 will probably be north of 9kg and adding to that doesn't seem wise when good brakes and pads stop very well. I've run dura ace brakes and pads for ages now and never had any probs. I'd imagine the current 105 brakes are probably just as good as my 5 year old Dura Ace ones.If I was getting a disc braked bike I'd just look at a cyclocross one that can be banged...
Mine cost about $500 AUD. We stripped it and re-built it ourselves though.Big fan of those, if my next bike was to be an off the rack bike then I'd definitely consider one. I'll prob build something from scratch though exactly as I want it.I had a CAAD7 years ago, great bikes. Only got rid of it because I crashed it at about 65km/h and bent it out of shape.I'm also not a fan of discs on road bikes, though giant have a few nice ones atm.
Thanks for all the thumbs on Friday. Another shantung today....
Liber, I have a pm coming your way
definitely not cold here but has been raining and cloudy all day. My version of this coat (of which there's been a few) is actually pretty lightweight so it's not so bad.
No ones fault but your problem to fix IMO. If it's your carrier and your freight account then you are responsible for it getting to the customer once he has paid for the order, trying to charge more after the fact has only seen you lose a customer (and possibly more). My honest feedback.
Get yourself to an outlet instead. I have 2 pair from the outlet here I think I paid $275 per pair can't tell the difference. X-post on a rare tie day
Oh g'day guys long time no post.
Talk shit, post fit... or something like that
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