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Giddy up, it's Melbourne Cup day! This peach linen blend is perfect for a warm day at the races, un-tipped its as light as a feather. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/peach-linensilk-blend/
Weddings, parties or anything... Cream is such a great warm weather tie when paired with a white shirt and navy suit. Add some linen to the blend to make it extra summery. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/cream-floral-linensilk-blend/
For anyone interested in this tie there is now only one left and Adamley have just confirmed there is no more fabric left in it either. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/crimson-macclesfield-neat-print/
Umm am I in the twilight zone???
This is a screen shot of the most common redirect I get, I just got this 4 times in a row trying to get in the Aussie members thread.
Very nice, thanks for posting.
I just checked them out... wow. I don't think they have bothered to look and see what has changed in the tie business since then, they all look like they belong in 2007 where that thread died. Shiny, gaudy jacquard woven ties for $235....
Yeah yeah I know it's almost summer here in Australia and it's starting to get hot, but we are already planning and starting to buy for next A/W Season. Below is a few of the things on the radar. Scarves in silk, silk/wool, lambswool, angora/merino and pure cashmere. Beanies in pure cashmere. Gloves in pure cashmere and peccary. Sleeveless cardi's in pure cashmere. There's going to be lots of good stuff to keep you warm and I haven't even got started on the ties!
Hi mate, It will expire at the end of the year, so still a bit of time to spend it. Thanks everyone who has signed up emails with the voucher code will be going out tonight. Ta Jason
No probs at all
New Posts  All Forums: