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The new chocolate bourette silk, a great slightly less formal grenadine alternative.
Thanks for that yeah I realised I hadn't fixed it up when your order came through. Done now and thanks for the order.
Thanks! Yeah SF discount works on full price orders $99.95 above. That's the right tie, there is only one left of that one now btw. Jason
The new navy wool challis Macclesfield neat
Bugger off... Canberra is great. Close to the coast, close to the snowies, pretty close to Sydney. Has 4 actual seasons. Doesn't take 2 hours to get home.
Snow in the morning apparently. Still too warm at the moment I reckon.
The new orange bourette, a bit in your face without being gaudy
Try the guys at Oscar Hunt in Melbourne
Thanks for the order ☺. It'll be packed over the weekend and despatched Monday.
I'm hoping at least a couple of you are going to write some smart ass comments on that article's comment section
New Posts  All Forums: