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^ Double monk are opening a store in Sydney soon. Not sure exactly when though.
It was, though I didn't stay up to watch the game after being up 5.30am on sat. Might see if there is a replay on fox tonight though.Hoping if we make it to the final then it'll be someone other than the tah's purely due to wanting the brumbies to win it!
Ok guys the votes are in and the majority went to the Striped Grenadine (no surprise). First votes were given a full vote and second choice half a vote. Grenadine - 15 votes Macclesfield - 7.5 votes Tussah - 4.5 votes Shantung - 3.5 votes Over the coming day or so I'll post some options for the stripes and we can narrow that and colours down and get something happening. We also need to decide on whether Henry the Wombat gets another run with the embroidery or if we...
Playing devils advocate here but if you are opening a mtm store wouldn't you be better off getting a heap of stuff made for yourself through those channels rather than spending a ton of coin on bespoke? I mean most people would obviously take the bespoke route if given the choice but if you're opening a business doing mtm you need to be able to understand the processes, stand by the product and be kind of a spokesperson for that product as well right? I've enjoyed this...
Bumping again for anyone who missed it. Voting closes midnight tonight.
Yeah we get excellent hopper fishing around late summer here (feb-march).
Off season here now, so busy tying a bunch of new patterns for next one. Here are a few I've been working on, really enjoying learning some new CDC patterns in particular
You actually got the last one in the denim Thanks for everyones votes so far on the members tie keep em coming
Our most popular tie by far, the rust grenadine fina weave
Can you send me a PM with your vote mate? Otherwise they'll all just get lost in the thread and will be too hard to track.Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: