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Agree, like the frui ones also. I've always though it's something that probably looks good on instagram photos but isn't so flash for long term wear.
Just the wash is not great, length too. Some dark plain wash denim would be miles ahead and the lacoste polo in this context is a bit daggy dad (speaking as a dad).Jacqaurd is woven. What's the difference between your 2.
Noodlers we need to help the man with his casual game. Those jeans have gotta go.
New release Salmon ziz zag knit tie
Hi Guys some new arrivals and a few re-stocks of scarves and beanies from Johnstons of Elgin arrived yesterday for anyone who missed out last time.New shipment from Johnstons have arrived and are online HERE, some re-stocks and some new items. This will be the last drop for winter so once it's gone it's gone. [[SPOILER]] For anyone who pre-ordered, they will all leave on Monday rather than tomorrow as they came a day earlier than expected and I need to get some specific...
Nothing wrong with fleece jackets, when you're in the bush on a river somewhere of course
It sure is, but Patagonia stuff is top notch and they use nothing but what they call "traceable down" which means that they only source down that they can trace back to the farms that are certified to not live pluck or force feed geese. They sell lots of fly fishing gear too and that's how I got hooked on their stuff, it's addictive!
Down for sure GF. How dressy and what is your budget? I've lusted after this Patagonia one for ages but already have 3 vests at home - http://www.patagonia.com.au/mens/vests/mens-bivy-down-vest.html
Um, there is about 5 pages of spam in MC at present any mods that might see this, I've flagged the top one.
Hi Lachy,They measure 6cm at widest, not what I'd call skinny and not what I'd call super wide either, a fairly classic size IMO.
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