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Thanks for all the thumbs on Friday. Another shantung today....
Liber, I have a pm coming your way
definitely not cold here but has been raining and cloudy all day. My version of this coat (of which there's been a few) is actually pretty lightweight so it's not so bad.
No ones fault but your problem to fix IMO. If it's your carrier and your freight account then you are responsible for it getting to the customer once he has paid for the order, trying to charge more after the fact has only seen you lose a customer (and possibly more). My honest feedback.
Get yourself to an outlet instead. I have 2 pair from the outlet here I think I paid $275 per pair can't tell the difference. X-post on a rare tie day
Oh g'day guys long time no post.
Talk shit, post fit... or something like that
I don't see any reason it can't be worn in winter or autumn especially with more wintery colours/patterns. I personally think the texture of shantung works great with tweed.
It's not too bad, personally like others said a bit more sleeve and body length would be good.Biggest thing I can see is you have a very dropped left shoulder which is causing the balance and lapel issues. Look at the difference between where your hands finish for a clue. A tailor could insert a small pad in that shoulder to lift it up and even everything out.
My first tip, try some shoes
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