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It's not too bad, personally like others said a bit more sleeve and body length would be good.Biggest thing I can see is you have a very dropped left shoulder which is causing the balance and lapel issues. Look at the difference between where your hands finish for a clue. A tailor could insert a small pad in that shoulder to lift it up and even everything out.
My first tip, try some shoes
Are you sure that's from this Pitti? Looks very summery both outside and in what the guy is wearing. People aren't wearing Panama hats in winter are they?
That's it mate. I'd rather go fishing...
You must have plenty of free time! Don't think too much of it, less is more. I don't think I've ever stripped wax off shoes and if you need to I'd say you are using way too much to begin with. 1. wipe dust/dirt with a damp cloth 2. Leather conditioner/Renovauter etc, let dry, 3. polish/wax 4. buff like a bastard until they shine. Should take 15 mins max IMO.
Forgot about this thread again.... Middle of summer here, doing a reasonable amount of fishing over xmas and when time permits. Just got a 4wt switch rod so it's been fun learning the different spey casts but being dry fly season I've mostly been casting it single handed for now and only short 30ft casts. start of hopper season now i'll have some fun skipping them on the surface and when Autumn rolls around get in to swinging some bigger streamers and wets with it.
Looks really nice
He should have disclosed it, but in saying that once laced the laces will cover it anyway won't they?
Easy alteration for a tailor to do. Can be tricky if there is a lot to loo off due to the pleating at cuffs, but still doable.
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