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They are but they aren't. They were never HY's "models" to begin with, the people that make them in Brooklyn, whose name escapes me at present make for HY, DC, Epaulet and Sid Mashburn among others.
Not recommended anymore. Cuts have changed, service non-existent and no international returns. These guys have come up a bit, made by the same maker as HY -http://www.dapperclassics.com/Shop/trousers/classic-fit
To keep your chest warm, obviously.
I think when most people think paisley, large scale gaudy jaquard weaves mostly come to mind which is the opposite of what this is. It's just nice and subtle with really good complementing colours. I'll start putting some fits together on to manny the mannequin of the new stock over the weekend to give everyone some ideas and natural light shots as well.
Yeah man, SF10 for 10% discount
I'm evil... lol
Hi Justin, The bourette is a slightly smaller knot than the shantungs do, but we've used a slightly thinner wool lining too to get the knot size around the same as a traditional grenadine. Shantung's are about as thick as you'll get knot wise but next spring I'm going to do a shantung/regular silk blend which will still retain the slubbiness of shantung but make a softer hand and smaller knot. Ta Jason
It's no skin off my nose, but I don't sell Ring Jacket. If I did though, honestly I probably would have an issue with it being on the main forum.Anyway I just noticed a few posts by Fok over the last week asking for him to be contacted about them like here - http://www.styleforum.net/t/502303/w-bill-green-linen-custom-run/15#post_7967842 I'm guessing to cover legal issues that may arise on SF's behalf if anything went pear shaped.
If that's the case, and maybe I've missed this but do you have permission from SF management to run this group buy/MTO system? I know there is now a seperate forum that this stuff is all supposed to be going through. http://www.styleforum.net/f/20926/preorders-group-made-to-order-trunk-shows-and-other-collaborative-efforts but have honestly not taken much of a look in to it.I just can't help but think that the AV's on here that retail Ring like Khaki's & The Armoury...
So it does, thanks I'll fix it up. The bourette, while a similar looking weave is woven differently and is very snag proof. I've purposely tried to snag some swatches of it and have been unable to.
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