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Nice fit betel. Yep that's the chocolate grenadine grossa. Out of atock at present but will be re-stocked late sept.
Gerry pays the same price as everyone else does. He's just a top bloke.
Never thought I'd say this but it's actually cold herein Sydney
Guys will be in Sydney tomorrow and thursday on non HC business. If anyone is around Thursday morning and wants to catch up for brekkie/coffee around 8-8:30am around potts pt or darlo then shoot me a pm.
Seems others are having trouble as well but heaps of images are showing as broken links until you click on the image and it shows, which is a pain in the bum of course. On mobile and chrome for me.
Good to hear it finaly arrived, took a lot longer than expected though. We better look at a different way of posting to Mexico for next time I think.
No worries Gerry's is a little more saturated and I'm always conscious of the site photo's not being overly saturated as they can appear very shiny in stock photo's with the white background. Unfortunately you just can't have a professional website with natural light photo's, the conditions are too varied and un-controlled.But, I'm happy to take criticism on my photos because a) I'm still learning and b) I'm not a photographer, just a guy who runs a small business. I use...
Gerry is a very good photographer. Just not really sure what you mean about the colour being different because they look almost exactly the same on Gerry's photo and the site photo. Also bear in mind that my photo's are studio photo's taken under artificial light, as opposed to natural light of Gerry's.
IMO, Too risky given they don't accept intl returns and actually don't respond to any communication at all these days. I'd recommend luxire if you're not adverse to a bit of trial and error and are good with measurements.
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