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X-post. New luxire dugdale flannel and summer chambray. Shirt is spot on but the trousers need a bit of work for next order. Mostly a bit added to the thigh and the length has come in a little long, maybe only 1cm though so not too bad. One thing I was dissapointed with is I asked for full lining but the lining is cotton. In my experience, and maybe I've just been lucky fully lined trousers I've ordered in the past have been satin lined, point being to reduce friction...
The SF dreaded navy odd trousers. These are a new luxire flannel pair and first wear. They need a cm taken off the length I've decided. They also need a brush after only about an hour of wear, one of the drawbacks of flannel in dark colours I guess. Tie: Henry Carter wool challis Shirt: Luxire Coat: Herringbone Sydney PS: Henry Carter hand rolled Macclesfield Trousers: Luxire navy flannel Shoes: Carmina
Today - wearing my current favourite the new Navy/Red challis Macclesfield, Macclesfield #9 hand rolled PS and some new arrivals from Luxire (shirt and flannels). Trousers probably need 1cm taken off the length.
Autumn/winter for me personally. You might get away with the cream/blue one due to the lighter colour and being un-tipped, but at the end of the day they are still wool, albeit lighter weight wool than what a woven wool is.
Thanks, yeah that's a good idea. I do have some thoughts on that but it's something I'll write a more considered response to in the coming days along with some photo examples.
^ I like the tie. Just been perusing about a thousand different Macclesfield fabrics for Spring and there was one just like that which caught my attention and went on to the maybe list.
I generally find Loakes run on the wider side compared to other English makers. But of course hard to know without knowing your foot. I'd email the maker and ask them. Just be prepared to eat about $75 in shipping back to England is you want to exchange them.
What is a neat print tie? http://henrycarter.tumblr.com/post/93277215785/what-is-a-neat-print-tie-an-often-confusing-name An often confusing name for a tie, I was asked this exact same question at our trunk show last week so I thought it’d be in everyone’s best interest to share this knowledge for anyone that’s seen it described as such but doesn’t know. In short, a neat print is a small and repeated/geometric print that is repeated throughout the fabric, be...
Yeah just got my Pajero serviced 2 weeks ago. Needed new brake pads at the same time - $700 later...... Still, I'd rather fork out the money, use a good mechanic than be stranded on the side of the road.
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