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G'day everyone. We are back from holidays and back in to it. In the next 1-2 weeks we'll receive a full grenadine re-stock and also the 4 new shantung silk ties too. I also have most of the A/W scarves here already which I'll be photographing over the next few weeks and I might even put up some previews if your lucky. I hope you all had great breaks over the new year. We sure did with a nice family holiday in the mountains and lots of trout caught. Ta Jason
Looks good, but you need a long not a regular.
3 inches is a fine width for a tie, a little on the slim side by SF standards but ok. That one looks a bit tapered at the top possibly making it look thinner than it is. I like the tie though. Clags is right though, it's a navy suit/white shirt tie and I see nothing wrong with that. Wearing it with white denim and odd jackets is not the right way to wear it though.
In short, it'll be hot so the less clothes the better. Assuming you mean Sydney though NSW is a big state.
Should put some shorts on mate, cool you right down.
Hi All, I hope you had a great Christmas. Just timely reminder that if you signed up for the mailing list and received the $20 e-voucher that it expires at the end of the year i.e in 2 days time. If anyone has lost their voucher code please let me know and if anyone would like to use it for grenadines that are out of stock that can be arranged as well (all should be back in by mid January). Please email sales@henrycarter.com.au with any questions about your...
Mostly non sartorial stuff as usual for me. Some Lululemon stuff for the gym/running and sone patagonia casual gear. Have a new rod waiting for me at Jindabyne to pick up on the way to Crackenback tomorrow also. 3 nights with the family should be ace. Hope youse all had a good xmas
Full lining very handy for those that wear OTC socks with winter trousers like flannel that cause friction on the calves.
Ha ha @pinksocks must be a weirdo.
Just hand wash em and don't be one of those weirdo dudes who puts their jeans in the freezer. Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of washing denim or any cotton trousers if they don't need it, but this is not one of those times.
New Posts  All Forums: