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No probs. I wouldn't send it back to them just to do that, get a seamstress or your mum/wife/gf who can sew to do it for you. I'd add some to the width only if you measure the collar and it matches what's ordered. I find luxire trousers often come in tight in the waist fwiw, maybe necks do too but there is nothing worse than a tight neck on a dress shirt so it's worth investigating to find a solution.
Looks ok to me otherwise. And in the meantime I'd just move the top button rather than trashing the shirt and adjust it for the next order.
I've got heaps of side tab trousers and have started to move away from them a bit (for odd trousers). For no reason other than my weight fluctuates a bit and once they get a bit loose they are impossible to keep up properly, so need to be made quite tight in the first place. Going to start using them for only suit trousers where I have brace buttons installed that I can wear slightly looser.
^with all the above taken in to consideration, would a navy knit not have been a better choice than black then?
Have you guys thought about changing web hosts? I've just done this (for other issues other than speed) but the speed of the site has improved out of sight. You guys are pretty smart so I'll assume you've addressed the speed with your developers/IT people, but there is no real reason it should be that slow unless your images are super super high res. Though, even high res images can be scaled down do not lose any noticeable detail on screen to the viewer while still...
Possibly, jyst about to announce a new Sydney stockist in the coming weeks so hopefully we can partner up for a trunk show. Brollies are not on the radar at present though, can only do so many new products.
No worries. Smart gloves are not an option the manufacturer just won't budge on the sizing issue. These ones are from Johnstons of Elgin and I'm hoping to contract them for quite a few things including pure cashmere beanies, gloves and scarves and a thin gauge merino sleeveless cardigan. Still plenty of work to do yet though.
@Oli2012 Is this what you are after for next winter?
Thanks Guys, Another good news piece today, we finally swapped web hosts so our server issues should now be a thing of the past and in to the future for handling extra traffic at busy/sales times and as the site grows. It's a huge relief for me after the issues of the last month and the lost business that goes along with that. On the plus side for the consumer, the new host/server appears to have the site running a lot quicker than before also. I would be very grateful...
I see your problem here. You wore socks...
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