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hmm they have the light grey in 42L and the right size trousers. My dark grey mudgee bought before fatherhood visited at a 40R is no match for my #dadbod these days.
New drops are here, 12 new ties in all plus some grenadine re-stocks. Should be onlibe by tomorrow night, A few previews....
Good to see you back posting.MTO mins depend on a few things. Grenadine are easiest because stock is held of the fabric, so no min as such.Shantung and patterned gren is high, 12 units and general stuffis in between usually 4-8. Maybe semd me a pm for some context on the occasion etc.Jason
Just added 2 new scarves in a wool backed printed silk that was very popular last year. Stock is limited for both of them.... http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/scarves/ Close ups of the pattern are in the shop images.
Dots in wool/silk blend Bunch of new stuff to arrive Monday... New grenadine colours, wool challis, bourette silks and grenadine re-stocks.
Those elbow patches are a cinch to take off with a quick un-pick
I agree to an extent in B&M retail. I don't see many, but I still sell a fair few myself. I personally don't see the point of pointed end knit ties, but I may be in the minority on that. May as well just wear a regular tie then, to me the square end is what makes it so unique. I've been asked for the pointed end ones a fair few times and have resisted so far, though may relent in the future and carry a few.
Yeah I thought I was the only one who ever noticed that
I wore my olive one today (-5c here overnight) and it is a perfect fa ric for a beanie, for a thinnish cashmere its as warm as my much thicker patagonia one.Johnstons are responsible for a lot of cashmere jacketing cloths no one knows about. I was told they have the last loom in the world to weave cashmere donegal (like the beanies) and if and when it dies it just won't/can't be made anymore.
^ Double monk are opening a store in Sydney soon. Not sure exactly when though.
New Posts  All Forums: