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I do, send me a pm with what you are thinking and I can give you some ideas
I thought '73 was the best one, well according to the Fauves.
A peach linen MTO bow tie we made for a wedding recently. Suit is from Braddon Tailors. I have a heap of Macclesfield bow ties I need to photograph and put up on the website too, hopefully over the weekend.
Still do mate (promotional products & marketing). It's very competitive but there are good suppliers and crap suppliers, by that I mean quality standards. Many clients buy to a price rather than quality, I'm fortunate enough to have a fair few that don't which is nice in our industry. Co-incidentally they are the ones that I enjoy working with the most.10-15 years ago a lot of clothing for this industry was still made here too, which made a big difference. Barely any...
That's about right. Time was that you actually had to stop in Yass on your way through but not now of course. Still there is a big servo and truck stop on the highway, might even be a Mobil you know. My wife's uncle owns the Mobil depot here in Canberra, I'll ask him next time I see him. I pass through once or twice a year on the way to Batlow, boring bloody drive till you get to Gundagai.
Looks great PoP. I took a bit of a gamble on that one figuring it was either a love or hate print but ordered more fabric than usual anyway. Think we ended up with 16-17 and about a third are gone already so glad everyone likes it so far.
PSA to Canberra members we are planning a few events coming up over the next couple of months leading up to xmas with Braddon Tailors. First one will be the Hustle & Scout Markets on the 22nd November and then our next Trunk Show looking like the 11th December but rather than be at the BT studio we are negotiating with QT Hotel in New Acton to host it for us. At the trunk show we'll have the new Shantung ties and Suspenders released. Also I got my dates mixed up on the...
No worries. Striped grenadines are on hold at the moment, I need to speak to another mill first (Fermo Fossati). The current ones we are looking at are very expensive and have high minimums so realistically it's a new year project. Shantungs are ordered though and will be here late November.
It does have a very grey blue effect to it. It's essentially a blue and white which when mixed gives it a grey tone with the melange pattern. Was actually supposed to be a darker blue, like navy but came in lighter than expected. Still it's a very cool effect.
That was me and yes so far I agree
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