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I dare say they have done the same as myself and found the manufacturer of them and gone direct to bypass sozzi, which in that case would not have a sozzi label. Just speculating of course.
Obviously I fish too much and don't read enough...
the restaurant not the river in vic. Never fished it but heard it fets flogged to death.
My Canberra top 3 is Rubicon, La Cantina in Narrabundah and Ellacure in Bruce.
I'm a big fan of Drakes as a brand both as a competitor (albeit a very small one) and just someone who is interested in ties and follows what's going on, so it was somewhat disapointing to have a gander at the new look book, all seems pretty dull compared to previous seasons.
Scoring works well for leather soles
You could say that though it's a bit of a glass half empty opinion IMO, when replacement cleats cost about $50 a set, 1 set every 2.5 years is pretty good value. The only reason they get replaced is from walking around with them, not from actual riding. I bought some of the cleat covers a while back but must admit I never use them so only I'm to blame for that. Mostly what I love about Speedplays is the better clearance for pedalling around corners, much easier to clip...
I've used the same pair of speedplays for about 10 years now, big fan. I think I'm on my 4th set of cleats now for the one set.
Say hello to Salim for us.Winter in sydney? Brutal is not what comes to mind lol it's not cold at all really unless you are at the foot of the blue mountains.
Dear Dimitris, Thanks for the invite. As I'm no longer an affiliate vendor I probably don't have much to add for now other than to mention that the zig zag knit ties that many of us carry aren't actually woven by sozzi in house but contracted out to a manufacturer. Sozzi do co-brand them for wholesale clients but it's also possible to go direct to the source and specify width/length. As to my personal preferences for knit ties then they are without a doubt always square...
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