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I sized down a size on their sizing recs, sounds like they are naturally roomy. I'm 6'2" 90kgs and got a M. Will update when it arrives
Speaking of nice thick jumpers, I just ordered one of these in grey, price is bloody ridiculous. http://www.woolovers.com.au/british-wool/womens-mens/aran-polo-neck-jumper.aspx
Looks like you could use a size up on the jumper mate
They'll be $150 full price i.e $135 after SF discount but they won't be here in 2 weeks. I'm holding orders open for the next 4-5 days for pre-order but they should be here start of May.
You don't. Just ignore the comment bit and click add reputation, that will give the poster a thumb. Easy peasy.
Not this year sorry, there is/will be quite a bit of patterned stuff in the form of the printed scarves already and in the grand scheme of things they are a small part of what I carry. Plain cashmere, checked cashmere and printed scarves are a bit of overkill for the kind of inventory I carry.Mostly because cashmere sells so well, you have marketing to thank for that partly but I have a baby alpaca scarf at home and it's nowhere near as soft as cashmere, even shitty...
I'd have no problem wearing that to a wedding either, and perhaps may have in the past. I actually gave that tie to my father in law to wear to my wife's sisters wedding. But I'm certainly not against wearing it for everyday (albeit formal) business use. As it stands everyday business dress for me these days is usually RM Williams, jeans or moleskins and OCBD's so even on the rare occassions I'm dressed up these days, I tend not to be quite so formal. Don't let that...
So this is what I've narrowed down to for stock, but below is the link to what I can buy so certainly if anyone wants to order something outside of those that can be organised in the next week (they'd have to be paid for up-front i.e pre-ordered). For those that bought my cashmere scarves a few seasons ago, these are from a different maker with a better cashmere and also 30cm longer at 180cm...
I'll have cashmere scarves in about 4 weeks time, made by Johnstons of Elgin. Will be a bit cheaper once you convert and take off SF discount ($150 full price). Will post some pics later.
No apologies necessary. I carried it a year or so ago. Been meaning to re-stock it actually, should do that Nope at work
New Posts  All Forums: