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A private school boy who doesn't like rugby? Then again I'm a public school boy who does...You speak the truth. It's a great time to be a brumbies supporter.
there's no way I'd sell the business because it's a family name (my grandfather) but the website is obviously worth something so if someone wanted to buy that on the proviso it'd get a name/url change then I'd consider that definitely.
Bit of an announcement to make fellas. Over the coming months I'm going to be winding the business up to focus more on my main job, which has become a lot busier in the last 12 months along with us building a new house, kids growing up, wanting to fish more etc etc. I wanted to let you guys know first as the Aussie members here were and continue to be my best supporters and have helped the brand grow. I won't say anything at this stage re stock but there will be...
There's 2 of them. Herman Bros in Sydney and Hermen (with an e) Menswear who are online but based in Melbourne. I can vouch for both but both are also stockists of mine so I'm of course biased.
If you're going to have 1 herringbone sportscoat (other than navy) then grey is the only colour to have it.
Have you tried Portia's Place or Chairman & Yip? Both good modern Chinese that isn't all sweet and sour pork and that junk. The Shantung Lamb at Portia's is famous amongst Canberra Pollies.
struggling big time without Nonu and Smith in the centres
Great game what an embarrassment to the side that made the final last year.
Hi Dimitris,You shouldn't underestimate how many tie makers there are in Italy, both for regular or knit ties. There really is a lot of them so while I can't say for sure that they aren't sozzi made knits the chances that they are would be fairly small.
I've been going bespoke for years mate, just that I've always called it a regular haircut.Sounds like it's an easy way to slap the $100 price tag on the end. At $100 for a hair cut I better be getting a hand job at the end not a beer at the start (preferably from the receptionist not the barber).
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