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Nope, sorry. Not trying to torture you or anything just that you are the only person that's ever asked me for them. Burgundy sells 10 times better.
FYI all sale ties are now min 50% off.
Next lot won't be ordered until about April but i'll post up swatches here when it happens.Yes there is a light-mid grey herringbone wool coming for winter. Same timeframe about late April.
I hate the word dapper
That's in no way soporific I'm afraid
Outlet in Canberra is pretty good, as long as they have your size. Very slight seconds for only $250 usually. Will pick up another pair come winter.
If you'd asked 2 weeks ago 100% but they are all made up now. Can definitely let you know on the next run though best to send me an email to sales@henrycarter.com.au Ta Jason
Should be next week for re-stocks on Grenadines and some new stuff too. The delay was delayed unfortunately but it's all leaving Italy today. Will have to check the list to see exactly whats in there but pretty sure silver is.
I just use a white linen pocket square, works well.
New Posts  All Forums: