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What those blokes said, same maker. Same funny gap in the middle never seen that with any other makers.
I follow them a bit like I do a lot of other similar makers so I can see what they are up to and I know what you are saying, the last season or so there has been some really bad hand-rolling on them. Some fabrics don't take to it as well as other though and in those cases, especially grenadines I think it's better, lasts longer and neater to do a self tipped finish (not as igent though....)You can see also in your image above there is a gap between the folds rather than...
I'd put Johnston's of Elgin in there as another of those Scottish companies remaining that makes really great cashmere (and merino). They've been going since 1797, that's some history.Note: I do sell their products for full disclosure, but there's a reason I do. Wearing my olive donegal cashmere beanie now on a -5 morning here as well as a JoE merino turtleneck.
Navy triple stripe shantung 30% off only 3 left now at $76.95AUD (about $60 USD) http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/navy-triple-stripe-shantung-silk/
South Africa is a cesspit of violence and racism, almost all South Africans I know that are now here (maybe 15 people) will never go back because of how dangerous it is.
Good man. Update on stock for these sale ties Macclesfields are all gone. Shantung getting very low between 2-5 of each one. In about 3 weeks we'll have some grenadine re-stocks, a few new grenadine colours and about 6 of the new bourette silks I posted up a while ago.
Not clothing related but a cool photo of a nice brownie I caught on our annual end of season snowies fly fishing trip last week.
We are clearing some shantung and Macclesfield's out in our mid season sale, to make way for some new ones coming in a couple of months time. 30% off for 2 weeks.
Like the look of that polo coat nakky
Missed this one... probably more to my beard than hair ☺. On the grand scheme of things it's not all that stressful though I've just been through a pretty messy time with an ex stockist who I also considered a friend that's gone behind my back to start his own label using my tie makers.I think the biggest skill in doing it isn't design because your not really designing fabrics, but curation. Being able to narrow down 500 fabrics to 20 that will sell takes a good eye and...
New Posts  All Forums: