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Sorry missed @The False Prophet's first post. I think sat arvo around 3-4pm would work for me
I also took a few snaps of the dark red bourette stripe at the same time for anyone interested
No thanks to all the bloody reds players that miraculously made there way in to the team. Cooper and Genia what a joke. They only came good 65 mins in when Toomua, Pocock & Kuridrani got them fired up, with a bit of great captaincy by S Moore at the end. All brumbies players . Though was impressed by Phipps and hooper made some great tackles early on. Nic White really un-lucky to miss out on the team for bloody Q Cooper Hopefully Cheika doesn't take as many risks next...
Thanks for posting Justin @ElliotSmith Some fit photos of the new navy/red stripe as requested in natural light
No worries. In short, too cut away and collar points are a bit short. I did send them the exact measurements off the pc site. I've been meaning to give pc a go but the weak AUD and $30 shipping has had me putting it off.
Yeah but they didn't do a great job. The collar is still lovely, but a long way off the milano 2.
There is a really nice slate blue fina that many places (myself included) carry. You are right though it especially lends itself to light-mid grey suits for a lower contrast look.
Good to hear and looking forward to seeing them in some WAYWRN pics soon
Possibly, but not until next Autumn/winter now. My big beef with them was that they are too small as a one size fits all glove, certainly on me they were and there were a few others that returned them for the same reason. I'd asked the maker in Scotland to consider making a larger size and the answer was unfortunately no (2 years ago though). I'll broach it again late summer though. Johnstons do make a lot of cashmere gloves also but none to my knowledge with the smart...
What season is the wedding in?
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