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That never happens sir, never happens.... (with respect to POP). I've been tying ties for a very long time now and really do have it down pat, as I'd expect anyone who owns a tie company to.
That's one of my ties so I guess I feel like commenting on the dimple situation. I'm very pro single dimple too, but I never tie my tie twice and never use a mirror and I never have any problems, I guess maybe I'm just next level at tie tying or something like that. If the situation came about that the first wasn't perfect I don't think I could be stuffed doing it again tbh.As an aside, this thread has become so painfully slow to load for me compared to others and after...
I dare say they have done the same as myself and found the manufacturer of them and gone direct to bypass sozzi, which in that case would not have a sozzi label. Just speculating of course.
Obviously I fish too much and don't read enough...
the restaurant not the river in vic. Never fished it but heard it fets flogged to death.
My Canberra top 3 is Rubicon, La Cantina in Narrabundah and Ellacure in Bruce.
I'm a big fan of Drakes as a brand both as a competitor (albeit a very small one) and just someone who is interested in ties and follows what's going on, so it was somewhat disapointing to have a gander at the new look book, all seems pretty dull compared to previous seasons.
Scoring works well for leather soles
You could say that though it's a bit of a glass half empty opinion IMO, when replacement cleats cost about $50 a set, 1 set every 2.5 years is pretty good value. The only reason they get replaced is from walking around with them, not from actual riding. I bought some of the cleat covers a while back but must admit I never use them so only I'm to blame for that. Mostly what I love about Speedplays is the better clearance for pedalling around corners, much easier to clip...
I've used the same pair of speedplays for about 10 years now, big fan. I think I'm on my 4th set of cleats now for the one set.
New Posts  All Forums: