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Looks a bit muddled up to me. Light coloured cotton jacket with what looks like a thick, chunky wool cardi. So if anything the coat is the issue not the trousers.
Thanks to those that pre-ordered the plain scarves, they and the regular stock are ordered and should be arriving early May if not by the end of the month. I got a bit carried away and ended up ordering a few extras, which you can find some low res images (all I have at the moment) of below. None of this stuff is available on the Johnstons of Elgin website, it's for retailers only and I haven't been able to find anyone carrying it yet.... Reversible 100% Cashmere...
Ovlov, did you end up getting any of your Passagio ties you were having issues with?
Australia is pretty close to them and they already have a fitter here permanently, so no special trips required. Would cut down on the logistics quite a bit I'd imagine.
Country Road
Oli, What do you like better, sex or watches? Make your decision and proceed accordingly...
Reminder for this guys, pre-orders will be closing tomorrow night at 6pm. [[SPOILER]]
^Thanks for posting. For any aussies or people heading in to winter like us, tomorrow night (Tues night AEST) I'll be placing the order for the cashmere scarves. Info below that was posted on the Australian members thread - So this is what I've narrowed down to for stock, but below is the link to what I can buy so certainly if anyone wants to order something outside of those that can be organised in the next week (they'd have to be paid for up-front i.e pre-ordered). ...
I sized down a size on their sizing recs, sounds like they are naturally roomy. I'm 6'2" 90kgs and got a M. Will update when it arrives
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