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Great game what an embarrassment to the side that made the final last year.
Hi Dimitris,You shouldn't underestimate how many tie makers there are in Italy, both for regular or knit ties. There really is a lot of them so while I can't say for sure that they aren't sozzi made knits the chances that they are would be fairly small.
I've been going bespoke for years mate, just that I've always called it a regular haircut.Sounds like it's an easy way to slap the $100 price tag on the end. At $100 for a hair cut I better be getting a hand job at the end not a beer at the start (preferably from the receptionist not the barber).
That never happens sir, never happens.... (with respect to POP). I've been tying ties for a very long time now and really do have it down pat, as I'd expect anyone who owns a tie company to.
That's one of my ties so I guess I feel like commenting on the dimple situation. I'm very pro single dimple too, but I never tie my tie twice and never use a mirror and I never have any problems, I guess maybe I'm just next level at tie tying or something like that. If the situation came about that the first wasn't perfect I don't think I could be stuffed doing it again tbh.As an aside, this thread has become so painfully slow to load for me compared to others and after...
I dare say they have done the same as myself and found the manufacturer of them and gone direct to bypass sozzi, which in that case would not have a sozzi label. Just speculating of course.
Obviously I fish too much and don't read enough...
the restaurant not the river in vic. Never fished it but heard it fets flogged to death.
My Canberra top 3 is Rubicon, La Cantina in Narrabundah and Ellacure in Bruce.
I'm a big fan of Drakes as a brand both as a competitor (albeit a very small one) and just someone who is interested in ties and follows what's going on, so it was somewhat disapointing to have a gander at the new look book, all seems pretty dull compared to previous seasons.
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