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Aren't you banned from NMWA now anyway?
Speaking as an Australian online retailer, we kind of have to jump on the black Friday bandwagon because if we don't people will just shop at U.S based sites where it's a big deal. Last year I sold 75 ties in 1.5 days over black Friday!
Ha no but I could, my dads family is from coventry. Just a fly fishing bum is all, I tend to keep track of what's going on in the rivers and dams..
Eildon is crazy low, but it's due to downstream releases for farmers/irrigation. For a supposed el nino year the rain in the high country hasn't been too bad so far.
You 'mirin the zyzz?? Ah who give's a shit, he was a bloody goose anyway.
I'd wear it with a navy or slightly lighter than navy suit, white shirt. White linen PS if you are that way inclined. Keep it simple, nothing silly.
Maybe she has been consulting to the NRL as well...
Thats 2 hats from the good food guide not michelin stars, basically the Australian version though.
No Michelin ratings in Australia Don FYI. I don't think they go outside of Europe and the US no? We have some lovely restaurants though, when we aren't cooking prawns (shrimp) on the barbie of course...
Joe Ha is his name btw
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