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Had my 20oz dugdale navy moleskins, nice thick socks and RM's on yesterday, was toasty warm on a day with heavy winds and a top of about 6-7 degrees.
Very nice
Resistance is futile....
That is allowed, as per the first post. Only the tie must be soporific, though I hope good taste will still prevail if your planning on wearing something a bit louder for your coat/suit etc.
I meant to put some examples up yesterday but got a bit short on time. Here's a couple -Soporific CBDSoporific not so CBD
Henry Carter x Sozzi Navy zig zag knit http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/henry-carter-x-sozzi-navy-zig-zag-knit-tie/
I've had one of my trademark changes of heart overnight, and this weeks challenge is now the soporific tie challenge. More detail are here - http://www.styleforum.net/t/401439/friday-challenge-27-6-2014-the-soporific-tie-challenge
As winner of last weeks great Grenadine/knit tie challenge I present to you this weeks challenge - the soporific tie challenge.Now if you haven't seen the soporific tie porn thread you might be thinking what the bloody hell is this bloke on about.... So in short, I want to see your most boring, but tasteful ties.Rules -1) Challenge is open to fits from this week only from now until midnight AEST Saturday 28th (that's Aussie time in case you don't know we are ahead of...
Very chilly and plenty of snow on the Brindies too this morning.I do a lot of work for Thredbo in my 9-5 and they are all just cheering with this after a very average start for the season. I laugh reading all the people whinging on their facebook page about expecting there to be 1m of cover on the June long weekend.
Ok so I've been doing a thinking on the challenge while chained to the work bench packing orders this evening. I had 3 ideas for the challenge of which there has been a few close topics in the past. I'll leave it for some feedback and more though overnight Australia time (it's almost 11pm now) and make a final decision. The 3 ideas are as follows - 1) Navy tie challenge - We've had blue on blue but this would be much less stringent rules wise, apart from that your tie...
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