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The Kamakura collar is one of the better balanced BD collars out there. FYI that image with the tie is one of my photos (with a HC tie), the shirt is kamakura but I took the photo so if it's being used on the kamakura website I'd appreciate the link to it as they haven't asked permission to use the image
Navy/Forest stripe wool/silk blend
Tip for ironing un-fused collars. Lay flat like normal and iron from the outside in on both sides, it will stop those creases from forming on the edges.
Sorry the light is not great at this time of the day, but here goes. Guess it depends on if you are wearing it with a suit/overcoat or casually as to whether it's too thick for you, and how you wear it. On the below, under an overcoat/suit not knotted it would be fine like this, personally I think too chunky knotted under an overcoat On this one you can see a bit better how thick it is knotted, would work better like this (or knotted differently) with more casual...
I don't at the moment but I'll see if I can organize one later today for you
Att: Canberra members. Our esteemed northern forum member @Journeyman will be in Canberra this week and has wed night free, so we are going to have a drink. He is staying in Forrest so I'm going to suggest Public Bar in Manuka from 5.30pm. Mostly because they have kosci pale ale on tap. Anyway all welcome so please PM if you are keen. Jason
Gloves just didn't happen this year for one reason or another. Hopefully next year. Glad you like the scarf
A selection of our plain 100% cashmere scarves from Johnstons of Elgin
I'd be dry cleaning them personally (as little as u can manage)
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