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Casual Friday Monaro style.... 20oz Dugdale Moleskins and RM's
Email from Herringbone, they have released their SS14 collection......It's not even the middle of winter yet!
Good choices, I really love the dog one and really brown and sky blue are 2 of the best colours to be put together on a tie.I've been getting asked for 9cm ties for some time now and hesitated for about a year, but they are popular especially in the Macclesfield neats. All grenadines in fina and grossa are still 8.5cm wide (negligible to 8cm IMO) and I have no plans to change that in the short term.
Same difference between rolling your sleeves up and wearing a short sleeved shirt when it's hot I guess. Rolled sleeves - Good Short sleeves - Detective Sipowicz or Michael Douglas in falling down.
oh matthew... Capri pants are for sheila's not blokes. They're the confused cousin of shorts, not sure what length they should beIf you want something other than shorts to wear to the beach in summer may I suggest looser linen trousers, casual like with a drawstring. Roll the legs up if you have to.
So with the despatch of the next lot of Macclesfield's imminent I thought I'd put up a few previews from the fabric swatches. There are a few I'm keeping up my sleeve, all are silks except D76 is a wool challis. Images are all scanned off pdf's, so resolution isn't great. Should be arriving mid-late next week and they will all be 9cm wide. Some of these will also be made in to self tie bowties...
^Yes not really the done thing here either. Electricity is expensive in Australia and only getting higher and I pretty much stick to towels and sheets too, in summer I don't really use it at all (have a big backyard which does it for free). I'll do socks and undies in winter in the dryer (now) only because they take 3 days to dry inside.
I laughed.... But you hit the nail on the head pretty much. It's the stuff like this, which is completely un-relavent to the average Aussie bloke and just a little cringe worthy“Not exactly. I still love my clothes and have been called particular about what I wear. But I’m not about to put on a bright blue pair of tartan check pants with suspenders and a bow tie on a first date.”Oh, but we wish you would!It's fucking bullshit.... I don't know a single girl who'd like to...
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