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Yep sure was popular. Sold out now but Herman Bros has one left in stock for any of the Aussie's that might want it
Haven't even ordered them yet so colours still TBA but they will be from Johnstons of Elgin, which is very very good stuff. Some cashmere beanies coming from them too.
Guys have just put some of the new scarves up, only 2 of each style so don't leave it too long if you like any, there won't be any re-stocks. some spoilered pics below -http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/scarves/ [[SPOILER]]
Hi All, Hope you had a nice Easter. Just back from the snowies and it was pretty chilly, so a fitting time to put some of the new scarves up. There is still another 4-5 to come later this week. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/scarves/ Wool/Silk blends - These are quite lightweight and a good transition phase scarf. Printed silk - Still lightweight but not an open weave like the wool/silk ones. Will keep you warmer and keep the wind out. More to come...
yep but until our new house is finished building (like july next year) I don't have the storage space for much other than what I'm carrying now
I'm not re-stocking socks guys, they sell through too slowly for very little profit.
They make blokes stuff too.
Go to the nike outlet in homebush or puma outlet at dfo or whatever it's called these days. Used to be a puma outlet in Alexandria actually. I get a lot of stuff at lululemon but it's not cheap (actually my wife and MIL buy it for me at xmas etc).
Yes rembrant connection. Been around for a long time but no experience sorry. John Hanna used to sell it in Canberra.
Unfortunately I don't have the kind of storage room I need to stock bulkier items at the moment and won't till about July next year when our new house is built.Currently living with in-laws which means my office is half the size it used to be already!
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