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^nice lapel roll
wow, must be plenty of people over in un zed wanting bespoke for a 3 yr waiting list.
haven't been following the thread too closely sorry, is this with that Brendon chap I gave you the details of?
Not at all. At 188cm you are a long not a reg (same height as me actually).
sleeves are beyond saving you might be able to get 2.5cm out of them you need about 5 which is a sure sign it's no good. Doesn't look too big though your dropped right shoulder is causing those wrinkles on the right back. Tailor could fix that though. How tall are you?
Complete with moody depressed look at the floor blankly swd pose as well mate. I like the Jack Purcells.
Hi All, We now move in to the next phase of the half yearly sale, 40% off all sale stock. Many items are now sold out or low in stock, so don't sit on your thumbs for too long. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/sale/
A nice 4ish lb brownie caught yesterday out of a really little local river better known for pan sized rainbows on a 4wt with 3lb tippet. I've just started tying my own flies a month ago and this was my first fish on one of mine.
Mate I was absolutely shocked to read this the other day. I'm not a religious man so can't offer any prayers or godly words of wisdom so I will just say sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and your family.
I'll have some new stuff in a few weeks time, 4 new Macclesfields and 4 shantung silks plus a full re-stock of all the grenadines too. Appreciate you posting some snaps of them.
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