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The new A/W range is now live in the shop - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/ties/ Heavy on texture and navy, greys and forest they are mostly wool/silk mixes with a few pure wools mixed in Pure Wool Wool/Silk
Soporific, with a bit of texture
Woolovers stuff came, seems well made and nice and thick and warm. Definitely need to size down 1 at least (which I did)
In the meantime while the new collection is still to be uploaded, we got a heap of re-stocks in both grenadines and zig zag knits Grenadine Silver fina Black fina Rust fina Slate fina Chocolate fina Slate Grossa Purple Grossa Burgundy Grossa Chocolate Grossa Zig Zag Knits Chocolate Mid Brown Forest Olive Navy Burgundy
There's plenty of others in Sydney beyond those 2. I'm sure the sydney siders can chime in better
All 4 of those are a wool/silk mix and they do have a fantastic texture, best thing about winter is playing with textures IMO.Thanks mate
Honestly, unless I was on holidays somewhere like Italy or Spain where I might be somewhat worried about how I looked, I'd probably opt for something waterproof and fairly warm (Goretex etc) which generally fold up fairly small as well. I'd be more than likely to be doing heaps of walking anyway which would see me in trainers etc most of the time.
we'll just be getting the denim, loden green and light grey in the beanies
They are made by Johnstons of Elgin and there is a story behind them too, from Johnstons - "The Donegal cashmere has a lovely story behind it. We are the only company who can spin it as we are one of the few companies in the world that is a fully integrated cashmere mill. The fibre is spun on ancient machines (the original ones made in 1797) and basically if they break we can never make it again. We export Donegal yarn all over the world. It feels wonderful, and all the...
New Posts  All Forums: