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Good to hear. Unfortunately I don't hear much from Richard at Ludlows anymore for one reason or another, not really sure why. They haven't placed an order for almost a year now and I have sent a few emails with no response, bit of a shame. But I am actively looking for another retailer down there at the moment so hopefully in the next 6 months something will come of that.
Really nice. I've noticed only in the last 2 days the good silhouette on the last couple of coats you've posted. Slightly extended shoulder, bit of structure and a nipped waist, just how I like my coats at the moment.
You wrote exactly what I was thinking. I think the more structured stuff is better for more formal use i.e with a tie and the un-structured better with polos like you say.
Couple of Macclesfield previews for spring from Adamley (sorry resolution is not great). Colours are generally a bit lighter and a bit less sober but there are some nice ones in there that I think will speak to those in the US/Europe or anyone heading in to Autumn also. Many of these will be un-tipped and hand rolled to suit the warmer weather coming here in Australia. These should arrive in about 4 weeks. In the nest week also I hope to have some more info for other...
FYI, your description on this page says Navy on the right hand side.
Good man
Used to be a catering company back in the 80's-90's I think that did catering for heavy metal bands on tour like motorhead etc. The company was called "shit food for cunts" which I thought was just the ballsiest and funniest name for a company ever.
^See above
Ok guys we are pretty well backbup and running though some isp's may take a bit longer to recognise the new server IP address (similar to what happened with SF a few weeks back). With the new cloud based server the site is now able to handle more traffic and it should load faster on most, if not all browsers. Thanks for everyone's patience in what has been a trying couple of days.
And not a very well made one at that. Pass.
New Posts  All Forums: