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Enjoy it! They are all gone now. Need to start thinking about Springs new shantungs actually.
Any of you aussie blokes use Proper Cloth for shirts? Thinking of giving them a shot because I really like some of their collars but the $30 shipping fee definiately caught me by surprise, especially when that's $30 USD. I've used Luxire a fair bit and my pattern is good but I find their website pretty awful to browse and there just seems to be something a bit off and uncomfortable with my shirts that even I can't pinpoint.
The new Green striped bourette
Good man, yes the crappy Aussie dollar is certainly kind on the export side of business at the moment
Reading the indochino thread for a few pages is enough to put you off isn't it?As they say, assuming you've had decent experiences with both SS/PJ, if it aint broke...
Yeah, what Justin said lol
@lachyzee Some images of the new Burgundy grenadine in grossa in natural light (fina is the same colour also)
There were supply issues with the old colour off the mill we used for the burgundy in both grossa and fina, so technically it could be ordered again in the future but I just got sick of the delays in the end and I like the new colour in person. I'll try take a snap for you tomorrow though in natural light on the mannequin. I can't really justify carrying both colours long term however.
The new Burgundy wool challis Macclesfield....
With the latest shipment we also updated the colour of the burgundy grenadine in both grossa and fina to a darker more rich burgundy with a plum tone to it. Both are up in the shop now - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/ties/grenadine/
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