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^ probably a mix of cheap silk and cheaper interlinings is my guess.
Hey @Oli2012 I've finally got a few red grenadine finas coming for you
You don't need gloves full stop for these temps mate. Sounds like lovely weather to me I don't think it even got past 10 today.
There's a close up of the actual fabric swatch on the website so hardly deceptive IMO.
Correct. Pretty poor form you blokes trying to paint Andrew as the bad guy. Perhaps an error of judgement on his part based on the hope of excellent content for his blog (which has probably worked) but dickhead? I don't think so.
I know Andrew, not amazingly well but we've met 5 or 6 times and he is a really nice bloke and his writing style is very much like how he is in real life which I like much better than nice guys in real life that are iHoles on the net.. Anyway I'm glad he got the trousers in the end, though the fit to me looks mediocre for the premium paid. Perhaps he has put on weight in the 12 months it took to make them but the pleats splay open quite badly and the seat looks tight,...
Glad to be of service ☺
For $300-400 I'd be getting someone to make them for you here personally. Like Oscar Hunt etc
Tumblr in general has gone downhill I think, and I rarely post on mine anymore. IG has better traction/feedback and is a lot easier to use.
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