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I'm wearing an un-tucked Uniqlo navy oxford today, hope we can still be mates
It was more for grenadines than anything. Un-tipped ties have there place for lighter summer ties and for getting the weight down on heavy wools or cashmere's. But for grenadines which are already a loose weave prone to stretching at the best of times, I found un-tipped ones to be even worse having much less structure than a self tipped tie. So I just started making all grenadines self tipped. Each to their own, YMMV etc etc.... Outside of Styleforum and maybe certain...
Not sure how you came to that conclusion but no it's a lovely classic pattern.what he said ☺
That would be awesome I'm a big New Order and Joy Division fan.
Thanks mate but no need to be sorry. More money, less hours and less stress are things to be happy about from my end. I'm looking forward to it all
^that's just a piece of fabric with a tie shaped cardboard cutout placed over the top not a finished tie. Standard practice with tie makers to visualize the finished product.
A private school boy who doesn't like rugby? Then again I'm a public school boy who does...You speak the truth. It's a great time to be a brumbies supporter.
there's no way I'd sell the business because it's a family name (my grandfather) but the website is obviously worth something so if someone wanted to buy that on the proviso it'd get a name/url change then I'd consider that definitely.
Bit of an announcement to make fellas. Over the coming months I'm going to be winding the business up to focus more on my main job, which has become a lot busier in the last 12 months along with us building a new house, kids growing up, wanting to fish more etc etc. I wanted to let you guys know first as the Aussie members here were and continue to be my best supporters and have helped the brand grow. I won't say anything at this stage re stock but there will be...
There's 2 of them. Herman Bros in Sydney and Hermen (with an e) Menswear who are online but based in Melbourne. I can vouch for both but both are also stockists of mine so I'm of course biased.
New Posts  All Forums: