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I used to, got the shits with it and eventually found out the cheap razors with only 1 or 2 blades work just as well as them and much better than the 4-5 blade ones that cost 3 times as much. The DE blades do come in handy for trimming threads and deer hair very close when tying flies though!
I know mate, you are preaching to the converted. All my ties are made in Italy but I also know the people that make them. They are a small family company that have been doing it for 40 years. Its literally the son running it, dad advising, sister managing production and cousins etc sewing.Generally speaking I think its the bigger manufacturers that are playing with the "made in Italy" restrictions and using the cheap un-skilled labour.
I was talking about PJT not MJB
Hi All, Next seasons (summer) ties are finally on the way from Italy and should be online by mid week next week. A basic rundown of the following is - Grenadine re-stocks Shantung in plain, block stripes, double stripes and herringbones Linen/silk blends as we've done in previous years and block stripes in reppe silks in 3 different colourways. We ultimately had to trash the tussah silks I wanted as they were taking too long. Stay tuned for pics etc next week....
It's made in Italy. Though that's no gaurantee it still wasn't made by someone Chinese, Italy has plenty of Chinese workers through the clothing industry both legally and illegally.
Lol, my wife is half maco. I have to be careful. The angry countries as my brother calls them.
I heard that PG was working for PJT now, can't remember who told me that though. Maybe one of the blokes that know him like @thebrownman or @nabilmust might be able to confirm or deny or he might even make an appearance. Either way they have have made his stuff for quite a long time and him and Patrick are pretty good mates I believe.
Neither for me. Loops and no cuffs for chinos.
As a company, they are tailors. None of the blokes in those photos are tailors however even though they like to refer to themselves as such. They are fitters. The tailors are over in Italy. I like the fact that PJT stick to a theme as such, sort of like all the people that work for Cucinelli and RL. It's good marketing. I think many of the fabrics used in that shoot though don't suit the unstructured casual suit look, they are too light and flimsy, hence the wrinkles....
Great jacket and fit, but it's useless without the matching trousers I'm afraid
New Posts  All Forums: