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Never lasts that long in my house.... I'd rather spend it on the actual plonk
^Correct, yep we can do that.
Good guys, and I think that's a nice tasteful pattern too with a bit of interest.
Choosing from samples, but there is lots of samples so I see no reason why we can't find something that suits. Once we choose a stripe though, we can customise the colours. Same goes for shantung, though I think that it's probably more of an acquired taste and probably wouldn't be as popular.
Striped grenadines are fairly easily doable and we need a min of 12 units to do them which should be fairly easy, but can customise colours on them for base, stripes etc. I think lets keep bouncing around ideas for another day or so then we'll put it to a vote and go from there. My wife says I'm quite a bit more patient than she is
No idea and seen as I'm not really a fan of those I'm going to veto it straight away sorry
There is a nice tussah in a dark green available below but then I guess for the guys that got the first one do you really want 2 similar coloured green ties? I'm mostly in favour of something that'll be worn often. Using Henry the wombat again would be cool and easy as it's set up for embroidery already, but it's up to you guys at the end of the day. Either way we'll embroider on the back blade not front as to be kind of hidden. I think navy is the most versatile so if...
yes me too, a pretty quintessential Australian country look really. I only ever wear my RMs with denim or moleskins now I think about it.
Monogram sounds cool. The quandrant logo has been done to death I think and even I'm going through the process of re-branding myself in the next few months to something much simpler and cleaner.
There's is on the front blade no? I'd be thinking hidden like we did with Henry the wombat. What about something like this (tussah silk) -
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