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Luxire just don't do pleats well. I've got trousers from them in flat, forward and reverse pleats and the flat fronts are the only ones I'm happy with. The pleats seem to be too shallow and too short. I've raised it twice in the thread with no response.
Don't think this is the forum section for you skeen. I'd suggest you join the kids over at SW&D where you can un-tuck, stack your denim and discuss your dislike of the daggy old blokes at CM.
We've discussed relevance and appropriateness before many times. Is it really that hard to believe for some professional people, even ones that can wear denim to work (like me at times) wearing an un-tucked shirt just isn't on in the workplace. I still wear plenty of un-tucked shirts with denim on the weekends where I'd feel just as strange being tucked.
Thanks mate. All of the new Macclesfields will be 9cm and the grenadine re-stocks and linen/silk blends will be 8.5cm wide.
Thanks again everyone, really appreciate it. Now back to business, with Fathers Day in Australia this Sunday there is still time to get orders in and have them delivered in time (I'd definitely recommend you pay for express post however). Brown Macclesfield neat http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/brown-macclesfield-floral-neat/
Thanks all for the kind words. Been a whirlwind of a day from 6am waking up and my wife saying she'd been timing contractions since 3am, at the hospital by 6.30am, baby came at 9.15am and everyone was sweet so we came home at 6pm and the little fella didn't say boo the whole way home. Everyone is in bed sound asleep (except for me) but I'm not far off. Here is a pic ready to go home
Born with a fly rod in his hand, we welcomed Arthur Charles Segrott in to the world this morning at 9.15am after a short 6 hour labour. 51cm and 7.6lb they are both doing well and my wife was an absolute champion throughout. Anyone that's placed an order in the last couple of days please bear with us for a bit.
We are back up and running again. For everyone's information I gave my hosting people the sack today and in the coming weeks we'll be migrating to a new host that offer much stricter controls and offer 24/7 support. I'll personally be glad once it's all done because with less than a week until my my wife is due I've got other things to lose sleep over.
Don't think you can
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