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Good to hear you had a positive experience and thanks for the support as well. Herman has a nice little business that no one in the west really caters for (save Charles Nahkle for shirts).Yeah not really a fan of "fitters" calling themselves tailors wherever they are based in the world. As someone who was a fitter many moons ago, I always saw it as disrespectful of those that can man the shears themselves.Cricket wasn't much of a match in the end but as @Geoffrey Firmin...
Next run mostly grenadine re-stocks and some of the bourette silks I posted a few pages back (colours/patterns still tba). I'll post here when the time comes.
No worries. Yeah bit late for the current order which is leaving Naples next week but I'll sing out when the next one is being placed (about 4 weeks time).
Hi Craig, The standard length (147cm) works fine for me. It's a little shorter than the previous 150cm which had the blade lengths even on a four in hand but 3cm really doesn't make much difference in the grand scheme of things (well not to me anyway)
I tried mate, the minimums were just too high. Most of the mills in Italy want you to buy min 25m of each fabric. I was obviously talking to the wrong people. I know Yount/Epaulet get them made in a place in Brooklyn who I assume carries cloth for them. But with the crappy dollar and bulk international shipping/duty etc it'd be impossible to do at a decent price at present. Good thing about ties and stuff that doesn't need trying on is the return rate is next to...
On the back burner for the minute I'm afraid. There will be some gloves coming when winter hits properly in around July, but these won't be them.
Maybe for spring (or something similar) if it's still available. Bit bright for Autumn/Winter which is locked down already anyway. Clags nice texture on that blazer.
No worries code is SF10 at checkout. Works on full priced items only and orders $99.95 aud and above (before discount obviously). Ta Jason
Hi Guys the grey pin dot just sold out (Thanks Clags and all who bought the last few). But yeah the exchange rate is very favourable to you guys at present. Even the full priced Macclesfields at $99.95 - 10% SF discount works out to around $69-$71USD currently plus shipping.
Good to hear guys and thanks for supporting my stockist. Will actually be in Sydney next week for a day trip and hoping to drop in and see him
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