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What do you need done?
Avante garde would be how I'd describe it, along with Lee Lin Chin after meeting her a few times. Wearing CDG Comme 2 fragrance today, one of my favourites.
She used to be a big client of ours at Robby Ingham when I worked there. Always bought lots of comme de garcon stuff, always black.
Gents with the popularity of the scarves and beanies I'm preparing to do a second re-stock and adding some new things too. I'll be placing the order Friday this week so pre-orders are open on these until then. Please either pm or email sales@henrycarter.com.au if one takes your fancy. Re-stocks @199.95 AUD New arrivals. 160cm x 130cm @199.95 AUD also Brown tweed with blue reverse Dark blue herringbone stripe Taupe herringbone stripe Blackwatch with grey...
@Liber Here you go... EnjoySilver grenadine fina weave
Good to hear it arrived!
yeah 30cm wide
^ Sold out already.... I only ordered a couple. But I'll probably do a re-order of it end of next week. If anyone wants one then stick your hand up in the meantime.
Previous ones were actually only 150cm so the new plain ones are a full 30cm longer.
G'day guys, for those interested in scarves and beanies for winter below is a x-post from my thread - After a very long night last night the new 100% cashmere scarves from Johnston's of Elgin are now live on the site as well HERE All pre-orders are being despatched today. Plain cashmere 180cm x 25cm $149.95 AUD Reversible cashmere 160cm x 30cm $199.95 AUD Denim Olive Light Grey
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