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Just hand wash em and don't be one of those weirdo dudes who puts their jeans in the freezer. Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of washing denim or any cotton trousers if they don't need it, but this is not one of those times.
Doesn't look bespoke sorry to say, more mtm'ish. Coat- sleeve pitch way off, sleeve length too short (unless shirt sleeves too long), waist too suppressed esp from the rear image and front balance is short. Trousers - very messy at the back, looks like back rise is too long and hips and upper thigh are too tight, hence the pocket flare. Obviously too long. Details like lapel width are just details and are personal preference though the above are purely fit issues that...
Getting a bit personal here fellas.... How bout a bit more merry xmas, love thy forum neighbor and all that.
For anyone who isn't on our mailing list, this weeks tie of the week at 30% off (and the final in the series) is the below brown diamond Macclesfield. It will finish at midnight Xmas eve. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/brown-diamond-print-macclesfield/
I can relate to your dad's thinking JM. Of course would be and still maybe a different story in the future if I was running HC full time or at least not working full time in a job that is kind of ok but pays the bills. Out of all of this talk about careers all of my friends/family that are the most in demand are those with trades not lawyers or engineers or whatever. Something I think I'd really enjoy was I 15 years younger. Really though above everything I think I just...
Was going to say the same thing too. If you're dialled in at B&T which you are, they turn out a fantastic product at a price that's fairly similar for bespoke vs RTW why would you go to Formosa, as beautiful as it is. I like the idea of loyalty to a tailor that looks after you well in both fit and service, we live in a very promiscuous world of tailoring here on SF a lot of the time.
I'd never buy a pair of new shoes knowing there is no chance if them fitting. Loake have a nice chukka can't remember the name (kempton?) And I find their lasts are fairly wide.
Hi Guys Anyone looking to get last minute xmas presents (for yourself or someone else) I'm shipping out everyday up until sat and as long as you choose express post and you're in the express post network you'll get it on time (pls don't choose regular post unless you're not fussed on it not arriving in time).
Hi Roshambo, Thanks for the kind words. How tall are you? We've actually just made the standard length a bit shorter after a lot of feedback it was too long. I'm pretty tall myself at 6'2" and the 147-150cm length is perfect with a single four in hand. That said we can do MTO's in all of our grenadines we stock for a small surcharge so pls pm me if you like some more info on that. Ta Jason
We are still shipping pre-Christmas deliveries within Australia every day this week. If you are ordering for someone special this Christmas, we do recommend paying the extra $3 and choosing express post as this time of the year the good ol' postie's workload is a bit big, just like Santa.
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