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Its just an old cheapy luxire one. Not that impressed with it but the collar is nice.
Thanks mate, everything for this season (bar basic grenadines) has been custom woven to my specs rather than just chosen off colour cards so while it's taken longer than I'd hoped for it to come through, the end result is something that is very unique I feel. More to come later tonight too.
The 5 new Shantung silks, all un-tipped and handrolled to keep things light and blended with a bit of regular silk to give them a softer hand than regular Shantung silk is. Triple Stripe Block Stripe Grey Herringbone Forest Herringbone Plain Burgundy
Part 1 of the new season is now online.... SHANTUNG We've also re-stocked the majority of the fina weave grenadines as well. Next up, block stripe silk reppe's and linen/silk blends.
Was definitely an opinion divider. You wear it pretty much as I would. New stuff will be delivered today, will try get some teasers up later on.
Casual wedding on the weekend. Burgundy carmina derbies on below.
A better one with obligatory cute kids. It's a pretty casual wedding.
Wedding selfie. The ceremony is still going but my little man was too restless so we popped out for a breather
I used to, got the shits with it and eventually found out the cheap razors with only 1 or 2 blades work just as well as them and much better than the 4-5 blade ones that cost 3 times as much. The DE blades do come in handy for trimming threads and deer hair very close when tying flies though!
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