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no but I don't think they are bespoke like claimed. They wouldn't be the first to make that claim though.
Personally, I don't find the above image all that flattering. I'm on board with polos both long and short sleeve but that makes the guy look like an old man and I'm pretty well still on board with young blokes dressing like young blokes, not old fogeys. High waisted trousers (which I'm a fan of) shouldn't be worn casually IMO (again refer to my young blokes/old blokes motto). YMMV of course and people can do whatever the hell they want etc etc.
I might have 1 or 2 at the office that aren't on the website. I'll have a look tonight and PM you.
Not bad in my opinion, I only have one though and it gets minimal wear. I bought a merino ls polo from Hermen Menswear last year (yep they are a stockist but I paid full price for it) and have been really happy with it. They use a thicker merino wool than a lot of those super thin ones do and it seems to help with not pilling. They are priced well too.
I don't think you are too far off with it but I'd keep the RM's, swap the trousers for denim and the shirt for something softer and more casual like a blue OCBD. But then I fall firmly in the camp of not liking the whole barbour/belstaff look with suits/work attire.
Is it just me or our world class internet speeds perhaps, but is the forum speed incredibly slow on PC these days? Mine takes forever to scroll, load and write.
Melbourne guys might be interested in Hermen Menswears pop up they have running for the next 6 weeks. It's at Poppa & Co 451 Burke Rd, Glen Iris 'Big Red Building' Fri-Sun (10AM-5PM). https://www.instagram.com/p/BEPiFMyyXx8/
Flannies > Flannels...
It's looking pretty crook at the moment, 25 today sheesh.Now I'm a lot more casual at work usually a down vest does me until late may when it get's really cold and I've got a few more dressy down jackets too. They really just have to do me from a short period of time. When I'm in the elements (fishing) then it's goretex and good base layers to keep dry and warm.
I feel so lucky here in Oz that we don't have to worry about beats and paying to fish or any of that (except a yearly licence fee of like $15). All the rivers here are public water, even when going through private property. Of course you can't trespass on that property to access them but if you enter the river/creek on public land, say a bridge or road then you have every right to fish right up it as long as you stay in the water or below the high water mark. Many times...
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