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Here's me wearing our chocolate grenadine grossa with a new Luxire shirt.
My first luxire shirt. Collar is a custom one based on a proper cloth milano collar with a few little tweaks. The band height is high (I'm 6'2" with a long neck) and I'm tweaking it a little for the next one (slightly less spread). Order is #7210 for anyone interested in the collar. The Yoke and shoulders are also a little tight so have added a bit to them and the chest too for the next version. All in all though a very well made shirt.
Welcome guys from another Australian affiliate. I've always enjoyed popping in to the strand for a gander whenever I'm in Sydney.
Also re-stocked (well all the initial stock was pre-sold) is the new cream wool challis neat. Only 5 units left now and it's sure to be popular. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/creamblue-printed-wool-challis/
Another new grenadine colour added, this time in the slate but in the grossa weave. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/slate-grenadine-grossa/
I love navy or ideally slightly lighter than navy trousers. As long as they have interest/texture like flannels or moleskins. I wear them with a variety of odd jackets like wheat, browns and greys and always with brown shoes or boots.
G'day guys. I honestly didn't even see that there was a choice between multi and single answers sorry and must have just missed seeing it before bed last night. I tried to edit it but looks like it can't be now it's created and probably wouldn't be fair to the people that have already voted once if I could. I'm a poll newb I'm afraid
Not at all, done.
Poll is now up and the first post has a summary of the entrants images on it. PCK1, for some reason your image quality is degrading when I quote it so perhaps you could pm me a copy of the original image and I'll try to re-upload. Poll closes midnight Monday GMT (not Australian time). Get voting.
Mimo, thanks for explaining that to Teoky. In the meantime, here is one of the new wool challis ties, but of a departure from what you are used to from me but still a truly stunning hand printed tie. This would be a plain grey flannel's best friend (I just don't have one to show you). There will also be a re-stock on challis arriving in the next 2 days along with a few grenadine re-stocks as well.
New Posts  All Forums: