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You're still my no 1!
G'day Tommy, Good to see you on here. Cheers Jason
Ignoring the above spam... Aren't elevator shoes the equivalent of a woman wearing a padded bra? Eventually the truth will come out....
Hi there, Thanks for your interest. Looking at it again the website image appears quite a bit lighter than it is in real life, i'll get that image fixed up tonight. In the meantime, below you can find a photo of the new brown in natural light. It's really only a hair lighter than the previous brown.
Here's one (or two) I prepared earlier. Both Grenadine with FIH knots.
Hmm dunno I'm 6"2 and I never ever do a DFIH to beef up my knots, which are of course on all of my own ties. But different people tie the same knot different ways end end up with a different result.
Longer thinner fingers tend to look better with thinner bands also. I'm in the same boat, my wedding band is just plain silver 3mm.
What about Newy? Anyway each to their own. As I get older though I enjoy spending more time in (and living in) the country than in cities. 2 days in Sydney and I'm ready to exit, it's the Parkes boy in me coming out. I like Hobart though, but that's more to do with the proximity to world class fly fishing than the city itself. P.S I owe you a return email/PM, haven't forgot. Will do over the weekend.
Yes I thought this was my iPad playing up. Not really a mods issue IMO but that shit needs to be fixed.
Don't you live in the outer 'burbs of Melbourne? I'll take Canberra any day thanks...
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