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For the Melbourne guys - we are pleased to announce that Hermen Menswear (formerly Suit Your Style) are now carrying a range of our ties. Some of the Melbourne guys may already know Kyall and Nick from Hermen but for those that don't they are doing quite a few events around Melbourne with Spring Racing and other things also. Check them out here - https://www.hermenmenswear.com/ties
Stay away from the west side Seriously though it's one of those things that if you have to ask you may well struggle with it. That and you need about 30 grand in the bank to get started properly with websites, stock, packaging etc etc. But feel free to ask any questions as long as they aren't "who are your suppliers".@Claghorn sorry for my late entry to this thread I saw you tagged me in it just haven't been on the forum much the last 2 weeks (getting reading for the...
There is no GST and duty to begin with (for now) on purchases under $1000 AUD, so nothing is being taken care of, you just don't get charged those taxes in the first place. Though that will all change sometime in the nearish future apparently.
I see at least 8 of you that I can recognize
Got that right, and I'm not even liberal leaning. My FIL used to run a scaffold company a few years back and tells me about the blues he used to have with the local CFMEU officials here, the very same ones that are now being arrested for bribery and being grilled in the royal commission (lomax et al). I don't believe they have the interests of their members in mind at all.
Takes me 5 minutes every morning to iron a shirt. I only work 4 days a week where shirts are needed so taking them to the cleaners, then going back to pick them up is 40 mins at least in total, plus paying $2-3 a shirt too seems like a hassle to me.
Nice, enjoy
^ that's not rust. Can't say that I've seen a rust swatch in grossa that matches the colour of the fina that most vendors carry.
I don't think the roll is the issue, more that the collar just looks too big
You seem pretty upset despite me not attacking you personally in anyway and just stating facts. I just by coincidence came across this article in the Aus media about this event - http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/the-scary-facts-about-gun-control-in-america/story-fnh81jut-1227500840270 The stats on mass shootings are even higher than I'd expected, I was thinking like 100 maybe and there is almost 1 per day. That's scary man and if you think it's not then I...
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