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Nahkle was the best I used when I lived in Sydney. I know people that have used cutler and not been overly impressed for the price. I've always found Zinks stuff to be ok but unremarkable for full bespoke. Bnt only to mtm for shirts I think. I think I had 2 fittings with Nahkle (it's not a suit remember) though that was 12 years ago now.Tldr - don't be a snob and take the 30 min train ride out west.
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope youse all have great days ☺
Where are you? Adelaide?
I would love to make this happen too, long been on my wish list. I'll start thinking about winter once the holidays are done and dusted.
I don't really care to be honest, I was half joking in my original post. It just seems so counter-intuitive to me. I'ts hot so I'll put a second layer of cotton on that soaks up sweat, stays wet and stops the outer layer from breathing. I understand it's very much an American thing to do though. Personally when it's hot (its 36 degrees now/98f) I'd rather have a looser open weaved fabric that lets the air through than a t-shirt type closed weave cotton under the top I've...
Doesn't it just defeat the purpose of wearing a polo (or any shortsleeve shirt) in the first place? I mean if it's warm enough for short sleeves why wear double the fabric? I know of the "to soak up the sweat" argument but anti-perspirent was invented quite some time ago now. Perhaps it's just a US thing that I'll never understand.
^nice write up. Charlie could do with a wash though 😕
Who the fuck wears an undershirt with a polo shirt in the first place?
Counting about 400 pairs right here....
People aren't still wearing those fake lapel flower things are they?
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