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Canberra Members Thursday night is the night for our Summer Trunk show with Braddon Tailors. We'd love to see you there for a drink or 2, and of course no obligation to buy anything on the night.
At this Thursday's Canberra trunk show we'll be taking MTO's for 6 grenadine fabrics (3 x fina and 3 x grossa). I'll be personally measuring clients to get the right length, width and offer advice on the best construction methods. From $109.95 for the 3 fold to $149.95 for 7 fold. Extras such as custom embroidery and hand-rolling will also be offered on the night.
So it's less than 3 weeks until Christmas. We have heaps of great gift ideas for around $100 if your stuck for ideas for family, or if your wife/GF/partner/husband want some ideas as well we are here to help. We can also do gift vouchers whether they are a physical voucher or an e-voucher, please email us at sales@henrycarter.com.au for more details on that. Following are some ideas around $100 from each category we stock - Bowties Pocket...
Same here, only problem is my wife has taken a liking to it as well. Luck one spray goes a long way
Possibly, if it's in good condition. PM me.
This weeks tie of the week is a brown floral Macclesfield, hand printed by Adamley. Very versatile and 30% off for one week only until next weeks tie of the week is announced. Buy it HERE
And the remainder are now up also, these are at the smaller 32 x 32cm size. As previous, these are all hand screened by Adamley in Macclesfield for us.
G'day Guys the first couple of pocket squares are up, these are the big dogs at a larger 42 x 42cm size which I know some of you like. More pics on the website here - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/pocket-squares/ The rest are being uploaded as we speak
Hi All, Been getting quite a few emails today from people that ordered in the sale, please accept my apologies if haven't emailed you a shipping confirmation yet but I literally had about 50 orders to process and despatch and have been sick for a few days in between just for good measure. Current status is all orders bar one have been despatched (waiting on customer to get back to me about something) so if you are one of those people your order is on the way. 90% went...
I just got them today, apologies for the delay I've been crook for a few days. Will photograph and have up by 10pm tonight all going well.
New Posts  All Forums: