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What do you think of Cashmere trousers in general? I always found them too stretchy and found they lost their shape from about lunchtime onwards, saggy in the ass etc. Of course they return to shape but I eventually decided I didn't want to spend half the day with a saggy bum and ditched them for heavier wool flannels. Must say I find the same with lighter weight flannel too.
@spectre @Pingson @Pliny Here is an old image of me in the same coat with charcoal trousers, the trousers are darker in real life and do provide a good deal of contrast. Wearing a pink shirt but of course white could be replaced very easily and is possible even a better choice. Not sure who said it but I disagree with saying navy add's an extra colour to the mix mostly because I think a lot of SF's would reach for a navy tie in this situation so the navy is already...
thanks they are the Robert last
^not in my current rotation I'm afraid but I have worn charcoal lighter weight trousers with it, works well with a black knit tie. Anyway yes navy is good with that and I wear navy trousers with a few brown/rust coats also. I'm really a fan of them what more can I say.
You should consider just a touch more fullness in your trousers for next commission. Otherwise very good. While we are doing WIWT's, here's mine -
Agreed. I have 2 of these shirts and rarely wear them because of this. It's a very cool, icy blue. I prefer warmer slightly more saturated light blues for shirts.
It's based on this collar - http://propercloth.com/collar-styles/milano-ii-spread-collar but with 3.5 points and 1 button closure. Though I feel it's come out a bit more spread than that. I'll measure the actual distance for you a bit later.
Thanks, I think it still needs one more slight tweak to be not so spread and we'll be there. Yep one of my ties, no need for a Luxire thread discount we do a 10% site wide SF discount already. Best not to discuss in this thread though but you can check my affiliate thread on the first page for details or send me a pm.
X-post. New luxire dugdale flannel and summer chambray. Shirt is spot on but the trousers need a bit of work for next order. Mostly a bit added to the thigh and the length has come in a little long, maybe only 1cm though so not too bad. One thing I was dissapointed with is I asked for full lining but the lining is cotton. In my experience, and maybe I've just been lucky fully lined trousers I've ordered in the past have been satin lined, point being to reduce friction...
The SF dreaded navy odd trousers. These are a new luxire flannel pair and first wear. They need a cm taken off the length I've decided. They also need a brush after only about an hour of wear, one of the drawbacks of flannel in dark colours I guess. Tie: Henry Carter wool challis Shirt: Luxire Coat: Herringbone Sydney PS: Henry Carter hand rolled Macclesfield Trousers: Luxire navy flannel Shoes: Carmina
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