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Something to consider, and maybe this has come up and I've missed it is that whether or not you think people are over-reacting if they judge you for wearing a pocket square it doesn't really matter, because it's out of your control what they think. If they are closed minded enough to think that then that's there problem but that person may also be your boss, or a very important client so whether we like it or not if we have to take that in to consideration. And hey, I...
So guys we are going to have a "tie of the week" from here until xmas time. One tie, chosen at random will be 30% off for one week only and then go back to full price, to be replaced by another. This weeks just happens to be the one I'm wearing above which you can find here - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/blue-melange-wdots-linensilk-blend/. It is now $69.95 down from $99.95 from now until next Thursday.
Not a fan of 2 inches, used to be but have settled on a more reasonable 1.75. I'm 6"2. I think 1.5 or smaller is dated but 1.75 is pretty good across the board height wise. I don't really buy the argument that big cuffs drape better, of cuffs in general drape better. At the end of the day, the weight of the trousers determines how it will drape.
Blues and greys and a bit of linen mixed in for a warm day Tie is THIS one
Blues and greys and a bit of linen mixed in for a warm day MJ Bale Luxire H.C linen/silk H.C Linen Meermin
Like JM said, not really. Better off having a quarter/buggy lined coat and a slightly heavier open weave fabric than a light fully lined coat for both coolness and drape.Not very friendly is it. Strange way to clear stock if I do say so myself.
Luddite's terms?
Looks nice, can tell that them and Herringbone are using the same factories now. I just registered to have a look but t wants a client number to get you in to the sale, which it hasn't given me. I guess I'll get an email with it soon (haven't yet).
Not ordering anything sadly, 2 kids under 2 and a wife not working till March has taken care of that, but will cook something up for winter next year. We are actually meeting the PR person at QT hotel in New Acton (Formerly Rydges) to firm up details of our next trunk show which will be down there on the 11th December. Will post more details in the coming days though.230 is very light, I guess you need to weigh up what is more important as far as drape or lightness goes....
I'll be seeing Pip tomorrow night will mention a few fabrics to him to show you. He just got a heap of new house fabrics in also (which I haven't seen yet) but apparently there are lots of lighter weight options.
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