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Just make sure you don't ever steam straight on to the silk.
A handtowel is a bit thick IMO. Best to use a white linen pocket square, and just lightly float the iron over it without actually pushing down. Take special care around the keeper area as it can easily be pressed too hard and make a square indent show through the front.
Thanks for the reminder. We'll revisit it after xmas once it dies down a bit, things are always hectic at this time of the year.
I could see this being an issue with the older burgundy I carried but the current one is much darker, it's more plum than purple under artificial light.
Speaking with Oli's conservative tendencies too, I'd add a slate grenadine fina in as a versatile everyday business tie. When I'm buying/designing/curating new products I honestly don't pay any attention to primary/secondary colours or colour wheels. I just choose what I think looks good and often look to nature for inspiration on what works and what doesn't.
Thanks and good to hear. Yep the weak dollar is good for domestic sales, should be for export too given how cheap $100 AUD is in USD at the moment though it seems to have just stayed steady. Domestic is where I'll be focusing my other advertising efforts though.
I tried to convince Oli to get a burgundy grenadine some time ago, maybe I should try again. Very versatile tie in either weave.
Thanks for starting this, much appreciated mate. Correct blah I'm no longer an affiliate, got to the point where I'm pretty well established here, too many other similar affiliates have popped up in the last 6 months and it's just too expensive with the collapse of the AUD. I'll still be around though, might even have to get off my ass now and post some fits from time to time.
Ha yeah, we just toilet trained our almost 3 year old, she actually prefers the toilet now over potty.
My Wilier was given new life with a new paint job last week. Had quite a few scratches in various spots so this was the cheaper alternative to buying a new frame, and to do something completely different. Matte forest green with gloss forest green stickers (only down and head tube stickers remain plus my nickname). The old... (taken when brand new) And the new
New Posts  All Forums: