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Absolutely, but they don't have to hold stock of anything. Even cloth is ordered in to order. That goes back to my point on the webshop. That small market pointed out above is made even smaller if they can only serve those ones that can come in to their shop. You could cover a much larger part of it with a webstore, even if there were limitations on where they could be posted or say only having some brands on there.
Biggest thing that's always surprised me with DM is their lack of an online store, even if it just covered Australia wide.
Do you reckon? Its only 30 different shoes, 10 of each sho if you yhink about it
I was hoping that Comme de garcon was going to be in that list
its usually made pretty thin for base layers/sports so yeah can be an issue.Just with a wool wash on gentle cycle in a wash bag usually keeps them in good shape.Like Eliod said. Cotton gets wet and heavy and then cold because it doesn't dry easily. Not good for sports where sweating is involved.I usually wear wicking polyester as well, can't really be beat in terms of comfort and performance.@EliodA on the subject of poly smelling, I've always been told it smells after...
Merino is good, especially in winter which I guess you guys are in now, but it's a pain in the ass to constantly wash everytime unlike say a merino knit. It's summer here so pretty much breathable polyester for me. Easy to wear, easy to wash and not too precious. The mens Lululemon stuff is very good I reckon.
What sort of exercise? Anything but cotton if you are breaking a sweat anyway.
Did I miss a past event between you two?
That about right, I usually say 2 weeks but depends on where in the states too. In anycase bry2000 emailed me also (I think) this morning.
Just make sure you don't ever steam straight on to the silk.
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