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In this case, those 2 words shouldn't have been mixed IMO.
We were the prisoners!
Spring looks - Navy Henry Carter x Sozzi Zig Zag tie http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/henry-carter-x-sozzi-navy-zig-zag-knit-tie/
Thanks Guys. If any of you Brisbane guys have some recommendations as to stores you think HC might be suitable for then feel free to let me know. Ideally I'd like a stockist in every Capital city by the end of next year.
I've posted these a month or 2 ago but to give you all an update these 3 linen/silk (70/30) patterns were ordered in the first drop of spring summer to arrive at the end of the month. Also ordered in the same fabric are plain denim blue, plain chocolate, navy with white dots and grey with white dots. They'll come with a full re-stock of all grenadines and the new Macclesfields. In the coming days I'll also post some images of the second drop for mid/late october of...
Yes sorry for all the readers that don't understand 'strayan english! Thanks Mimo.
That'll happen in the next week or 2. There will be a big clear out of the sold out stuff but it's easier to keep it in for now in case any returns are made. There will be a shitload of new stuff going up to replace them all around the end of the month.
Macclesfield #7 hand rolled pocket square now half price at $29.95 AUD http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/macclesfield-7/
I asked to adjust for "very sloped shoulders" on the last order instead of just sloped and it worked well. I think you need to add room in both the chest and upper sleeve as well though to help.
It's the hips not the seat that are the issue, not much you can do for that on a rtw trouser, so I dare say the cut doesn't work for you.
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