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It's no skin off my nose, but I don't sell Ring Jacket. If I did though, honestly I probably would have an issue with it being on the main forum.Anyway I just noticed a few posts by Fok over the last week asking for him to be contacted about them like here - http://www.styleforum.net/t/502303/w-bill-green-linen-custom-run/15#post_7967842 I'm guessing to cover legal issues that may arise on SF's behalf if anything went pear shaped.
If that's the case, and maybe I've missed this but do you have permission from SF management to run this group buy/MTO system? I know there is now a seperate forum that this stuff is all supposed to be going through. http://www.styleforum.net/f/20926/preorders-group-made-to-order-trunk-shows-and-other-collaborative-efforts but have honestly not taken much of a look in to it.I just can't help but think that the AV's on here that retail Ring like Khaki's & The Armoury...
So it does, thanks I'll fix it up. The bourette, while a similar looking weave is woven differently and is very snag proof. I've purposely tried to snag some swatches of it and have been unable to.
Not really but fina will snag less, given the tighter weave of it. As a weave, I prefer the grossa looks wise. Mostly I think avoiding snags on grenadines is a matter of not having dry hands or sharp nails though.
^ Also true! I've had a sore back for approximately 2 years and 4 months now since the first born came.
Too true. Actually carrying 2 little kids around all the time is a very good workout too.
Hi All,Bunch of new stuff has arrived in the last few days, spoilered below. I'll be on to some options for the Aus members tie in the next few days just been delayed with 2 sick little babies and this new stuff. [[SPOILER]]
Ok guys all the new stuff is now online HERE and I'll just do a quick run through of all the new stuff. Bourette Stripes The Bourette silk is a very dry, matte finish silk with an element of a grenadine weave as you can see. A really unique fabric not widely available at many places at all. Bourette plains As above though hand-rolled rather than self tipped. A wonderful texture added by having different colours for the warp and weft of the...
I think if you are expecting refined out of RM's they are not the boot for you, and as mentioned above something like C&J's are a better bet. What you are getting though is a boot that will be the most comfortable boot you've probably ever worn that takes no breaking in and can be trashed and they last forever.
I'll PM you tonight, hardly gets worn was bought for my wedding. Just the trouser length I think to add cuffs, still I'm 6"2 so there is plenty of length in there.
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