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For any Canberra members that want to try before you buy, Braddon Tailors have now got the new range of Macclesfields in the studio as well as a re-stock on Grenadines. They are appointment only so if you want to see the range either contact myself here or Pip on info@braddontailors.com
I was looking at the top one specifically, which appears to be a full inch longer than the bottom one based on those images. Worn as an odd jacket the length issue is even more apparent, it makes his legs look short. If AJL was longer legged naturally a longer length would help balance that, but from that image it appears it's not the case. Even is he was, a 30 inch BOC length is still too long for someone a full 7 inches shorter than I am.The bottom one looks ok to me...
30 BOC far too long for 5'7". I'm 7 inches taller than you and take a 30.5". Jrd seems to be the only one talking sense here. I'd cut your losses and sell it otherwise you'll end up with an expensive coat that never gets worn or is ruined by a tailor. The amount the sleeves need to come up should have been the first indication. Your a short, not a R. Take away the fact its a Formosa for a minute.
I've got HC branded braces coming at the end of November in some nice tasteful colours, made by Albert Thurston. They'll be quite a bit more than $5.98 ☺
Pretty easy to do but yeah would need 8 people involved. Depending on how the lion was done rough price guide around $80 per tie. Pm me if there is interest. Ta Jason
I don't think it's as bad as you think, looks pretty good to me. Yes sleeve pitch needs a bit of work and back could be cleaner but its better than 99% of mtm posted on SF
go to Griffins up the end of the shops for a drink before
Love Rubicon. Got the degustation with wine last time and was smashed!
Thanks mate, I love it. It's just a good fun summery tie. I think you'll either love it or hate it and that's why I like it so much, it's a nice departure from a navy grenadine for example. Re squares, I'll put up some previews a little later today (they are not great quality images, just scanes from Adamley) but there will be some larger sized ones as well as some more 33cm ones. I'm actually talking with Adamley about next season at present and we'll actually do some...
Mate I've posted this before, but these are 3 of the new linen/silks coming.As well as these in the same weave we have -Navy/white dotLight grey/white dotPlain denim bluePlain chocolate brownPlain peachI think that's a pretty good range considering last year was just plain peach and violet.
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