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Thanks for sharing. Out of the hundred or so ties I've released since the company started, I have to say the green one is one of my favourites. Though in my line of work, it pays not to get too attached to them because there are always new ones around the corner!
@Osiris2012 Brown grenadine with grey suit
A preview of some beautiful new Macclesfields that will be here in the next 2-3 weeks. 30oz printed silk twill.
For Mr Sy
I should do, will do some digging around for it. Will work with navy and charcoal but better with navy IMO
Depends what you mean by best, it has a different meaning to everyone but it's certainly the most luxurious, using the most amount of silk. But a good 3 fold ties as well as a 7 fold. This season I'm focussing more on texture and fabrics rather than construction, so most will be 3 fold not 7.
So just a quick update on whats left, for anyone thinking about putting an order in before the sale ends. Many ties have now sold out over the last week. Blue plaid linen/silk - 2 units Sand plaid - 5 units Sky blue neat - 1 unit Navy/Lt blue double bar repp - 1 unit Maroon/Navy Repp - 1 unit Green/Navy Repp - 4 units Silver/Beige with navy dots knit - 3 units Navy/Orange pin dot - 2 units Sand Mogador - 5 units
Maybe, but i'd need a bit more interest from multiple people to do any smaller than mediums. I have to order 6 units of each size and colour so it's a lot more inventory to carry adding an extra size.Must be you, you handsome rooster!I can do that for you, will try over the next few days or the weekend.
Thanks will pack it up tonight. Also finally got my new boxes today so any orders placed from this morning will be sent out in them now.
At the moment I've only got cotton in stock I'm afraid. Wool will come eventually but Ive only carried them for a few months. Though in saying that, I've never really had a problem with cotton socks squeaking, I've always found the shoes had more to do with it than the socks.
New Posts  All Forums: