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They make blokes stuff too.
Go to the nike outlet in homebush or puma outlet at dfo or whatever it's called these days. Used to be a puma outlet in Alexandria actually. I get a lot of stuff at lululemon but it's not cheap (actually my wife and MIL buy it for me at xmas etc).
Yes rembrant connection. Been around for a long time but no experience sorry. John Hanna used to sell it in Canberra.
Unfortunately I don't have the kind of storage room I need to stock bulkier items at the moment and won't till about July next year when our new house is built.Currently living with in-laws which means my office is half the size it used to be already!
Yeah me too, so I'm not sure that they understand the limited appeal the HB's has in Australia at their price points, even to the menswear nerds like us.
I enquired about stocking Eidos when it was first launched (online of course). Was told that Henry Bucks has been given an exclusive in Australia for their first 12 months or something like that. Wasn't a great move in my book so I let it be and didn't enquire any further.
Yeah definitely needed if suiting up. I've got a vast array of outerwear from different weight goretex/waterproof stuff for when fishing, to pea coats to overcoats for more dressier stuff. Though must admit I tend to mostly get cold on my chest so end up wearing down vests quite a lot when not at work.
Yeah I mean if you've just moved back from Canada or somewhere like that you won't feel it too much. Same as Canberran's think Sydneysiders are soft when it's 6 degrees in the middle of winter and they are wearing overcoats, gloves and scarves
For spring and summer sure but pretty much now and on to winter and even till late sept it's flannel weather here. It was 2.3 degrees sat morning when I went for a ride. If that's not flannel weather you may as well move to Thredbo
Good to hear you had a positive experience and thanks for the support as well. Herman has a nice little business that no one in the west really caters for (save Charles Nahkle for shirts).Yeah not really a fan of "fitters" calling themselves tailors wherever they are based in the world. As someone who was a fitter many moons ago, I always saw it as disrespectful of those that can man the shears themselves.Cricket wasn't much of a match in the end but as @Geoffrey Firmin...
New Posts  All Forums: