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Awesome thanks
Anyone with any experience with this fabric? http://custom.luxire.com/collections/pants/products/cream-twill-chino The last "cream" trouser I bought (Brisbane Moss Canvas) turned out to be a very yellowy colour in real life. Looking for more of a stone kind of colour, which this looks like on screen.
They look like they are made by Andrew McDonald to me, a small Australian shoemaker in Sydney
Back to boring today (in a good way). Chocolate Grenadine
Back to boring today (in a good way). Yes that's a cream silk square...
Jas thanks, I was actually going to post that tie tonight so yours was good timing. Here it is again anyway...
It's a love or hate tie and that's why I bought it in. It's also a seasonal tie and I make no assumptions it's otherwise. There's lots of nice conservative neats in my range but if I only did those that'd be a bit boring wouldn't it? It's spring here and it's nice to have some colour. FWIW it's selling very well so far.
Diamonds are a mans best friend....
Diamonds are a mans best friend....
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