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An olive tie is not what I'd call hardcore CBD and the earthy tone of it lends itself to brown shoes. I asume the suit is dark grey not navy bit hard to tell on my monitor. I JF mentioned that he works for himself at home so black oxfords are really a bit much, though you could argue a 3 pce suit is too
Not bad, but lose the shoes for some dark brown oxfords
I get these all the time too, highly annoying. Only solution I've found is to turn off java script but that limits the sites functionality somewhat.
They might not feel too small, but they are. That's ultimately the problem, possibly the sleevehead too small as well.
That's an understatement if it took 3 months! I bought a few pairs off him a couple of years ago before it all went downhill, have since sold them because I put on a bit of weight as we all do with 2 little kids. Anyway the quality was great, but I am 100% opposed to supporting companies with such shit, or non existent service. According to Fok he hasn't paid for his affiliate thread for a long time so the forum isn't even being supported by HY anymore either. I can...
http://www.bespoke-tailor.co.nz/ This is the guy. Not sure but I think he is in Auckland or C/Church can't remember. He posted in the aussie members thread quite a bit late last year, very knowledgeable and nice bloke.
Guy anyone remember the name of the Kiwi tailor that posted on here late last year. Brendan or Brendon or something? Username?
Are you aware that beyond HY's absent service levels that he doesn't permit international returns? Could be a very costly exersize if they don't fit, especially as much of the sizing is all over the place with revised cuts.There was a NZ based tailor posting on the Australian members thread for a while, Brendan or Brendon I think was his name. Not sure where he is located or prices but certainly may be worth checking out too. I'll see if I can find his info.
Monks with a tuxedo?
Looks white to me?
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