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That's commitment!
I am a fan of a black knit, don't get me wrong. Just I prefer it with black shoes and I'm fortunately not in the position that I have one or the other I have to choose.
Mine posted above are both a dark navy cashmere knits not black, sorry fellas.
Should be lots of new stuff here in about 3 weeks. Linen/silks, shantung blended with reg silk that's not quite as slubby, block stripe silks and some new and re-stock grenadines. Should have all been here by now but the august shutdown in Italy kills us every year.
^ that's a regular 36oz printed silk from Adamley (I carried the same one about 6 months ago).
you could say that. Unfortunately they turned out to be liars and very deceitful with their business ethics. Unfortunate for everyone, one less stockist for me but life goes on. But certainly if someone asks about them I'm not going to recommend. I've seen them make some good stuff (for me included) and I've seen some questionable stuff too, but all of that takes a back seat to good and fair business practices.
Hmm I will reserve comment on BT until after you get your shirts.
possibly but not until next April or May, got a heap of stuff already on order to see us through until then.Unfortunately not the fabric merchant they came from was incredibly difficult to deal with. Was a lovely pattern though.
You mean this one? It's long gone unfortunately
Hi Guys, For those that don't follow my affiliate thread our new website is now up here - www.henrycarter.com.au. There's been a few suggestions of some good changes which still need to come in to effect but overall it's a lot brighter and cleaner that before, now mobile responsive and more shipping options for international customers. If you have any feedback to improve it further feel free to send me a pm. Ta Jason
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