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I think if you are expecting refined out of RM's they are not the boot for you, and as mentioned above something like C&J's are a better bet. What you are getting though is a boot that will be the most comfortable boot you've probably ever worn that takes no breaking in and can be trashed and they last forever.
I'll PM you tonight, hardly gets worn was bought for my wedding. Just the trouser length I think to add cuffs, still I'm 6"2 so there is plenty of length in there.
Could be arranged, trousers are a 34 too.
hmm they have the light grey in 42L and the right size trousers. My dark grey mudgee bought before fatherhood visited at a 40R is no match for my #dadbod these days.
New drops are here, 12 new ties in all plus some grenadine re-stocks. Should be onlibe by tomorrow night, A few previews....
Good to see you back posting.MTO mins depend on a few things. Grenadine are easiest because stock is held of the fabric, so no min as such.Shantung and patterned gren is high, 12 units and general stuffis in between usually 4-8. Maybe semd me a pm for some context on the occasion etc.Jason
Just added 2 new scarves in a wool backed printed silk that was very popular last year. Stock is limited for both of them.... http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/scarves/ Close ups of the pattern are in the shop images.
Dots in wool/silk blend Bunch of new stuff to arrive Monday... New grenadine colours, wool challis, bourette silks and grenadine re-stocks.
Those elbow patches are a cinch to take off with a quick un-pick
I agree to an extent in B&M retail. I don't see many, but I still sell a fair few myself. I personally don't see the point of pointed end knit ties, but I may be in the minority on that. May as well just wear a regular tie then, to me the square end is what makes it so unique. I've been asked for the pointed end ones a fair few times and have resisted so far, though may relent in the future and carry a few.
New Posts  All Forums: