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It's my secret own design collar. PM me if you want specs etc.Me have manly chest hair
@lachyzee has been asking me about the cellulare (and a few others too) so I got around to taking a photo this morning. It's a great fabric. Worn with brown linen/silk Caruso coat, mid wash denim and brown suede chukkas.
Lovely, friendo!x2. I miss that tie Gerry.
Yeah, that's what I meant kind of. Anyone can order the bespoke ones of course, but the min metres (12m if I remember?) puts me off generally at the moment and I've always been able to find plenty I liked in sock without doing it. Much prefer to do 10 designs of 10 units than 3-4 of 25-30 units. I do plan on doing some bespoke PS prints for next Aus winter though.
I do love me a navy tie. There's a cool linen/silk navy w/ white dots coming next week, though probably not seasonally appropriate for you guys at the moment. I also love grey ties (you too Justin this is on the way to you), and it's a colour that's generally under-represented in the tie world - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/dark-grey-macclesfield-neat-print-2/
How slim are they? I prefer linen trousers a little looser than wool, mostly to let them breath a bit better but it has the added effect of not wrinkling as much.Navy, chocolate are 2 favourites of mine.
I owe you a PM tonight sometime on those, been caught up with orders.
Nope, it's from Adamley I believe, screen printedThe problem is that unless you are a Drake's sized company and can order bespoke patterns, then the likes of me, hober, VM etc order off the stock range, which is quite large probably around 500 or so prints but the problem is generally once they go they go unless someone re-orders one and then Adamley usually make another 10-20 metres of it for stock. So it's more than likely that's the case for Hober and he hasn't ordered...
I kept a few things out but nothing work appropriate, all casual stuff. Anyway I'm snug in my Johnstons of Elgin navy turtleneck except now the sun has come out and it's warming up a bit.
Nothing more than saving space. With a wife and 2 kids my own wardrobe space has now become the 4th priority in our family.
New Posts  All Forums: