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Thanks for posting Gerry, I have fond memories of that one and even have a photo of me, my wife and my daughter when she was only 6 weeks old wearing it at my sister in laws wedding last year before I gave it away to someone (my brother I think)Reminder to everyone today is the last day for this tie of the week above before it gets re-placed with the next one which i'll announce tomorrow.
Heads up Canberra members that are interested we'll be at the Hustle&Scout twilight markets this weekend with our friends from Braddon Tailors. Great way to see our products in person rather than over the net and maybe stock up on a few xmas presents. We have also confirmed our next trunk show on Thursday Dec 11th at QT Hotel in New Acton (what used to be Rydges). More details to follow re that though.
Someone just admitted they watch dancing with the stars ☺
Watermelon linen/silk floral
I reached out to Jamison a few months ago having been a previously happy customer of his. Without going in to full detail it was just a polite email suggesting he should check in to the thread as there were a lot of complaints re customer service of late. The email was never responded to and of course the thread not updated. @LA Guy is perhaps aware of the situation more?
Back to basics... http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/burgundy-grenadine-fina/
a man after my own heart. Sounds very much like my list if you swap hiking boots for wading boots. Patagonia is my go to for most of that stuff.
He should be ashamed of himself showing his face around here after treating people like @ovlov the way he did. Honestly should be banned from the forum.
Thanks J/man
Forest green grenadine grossa
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