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He is a class act thats for sure. Breathing a sigh of relief that him and McCaw are gone for next years bledisloe.
So whose getting up at 3am tomorrow?
Both sold out sometime ago though I'm afraid.
Just a heads up that this finishes on Sunday... Though if the Wallabies win I might be persuaded to extend it until Monday night. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/sale/
I love how in the news they were described as suffering minor injuries from being non compliant in arrest.I reckon the cops would have given those 2 blokes the flogging of their lives, which you've realistically got coming to you if the shoot at the police.
Giddy up! Cheated a bit and got up 30 mins in at 3.15am. Couldn't get back to sleep after.
Don't think there is anything in it myself (even though I'd love for McCaw to be rubbed out)
You could go over all the penalties or should have been penalties all you want, like the Scottish scrum collapses from angling in that somehow went against us but it doesn't matter we won and that's that.I will say throwing a long line out in the pouring rain with 2 minutes to go and up by 2 points is prob the dumbest thing ever.I'll be up at 2am Monday morning here to watch. Pretty happy Pocock and Folau have been declared fit too.
No that was this guy
Which one of you lawyers is the guy on the left defending El Masri? http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/hazem-el-masri-court-former-nrl-star-faces-domestic-violence-charges/story-fndujljl-1227578138614
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