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IMO, 5 standard 3 fold would serve you better.
I think you guys are confusing un-lined with un-tipped. Though capelli calls his un-tipped (which are lined) ties un-lined, which of course make it more confusing!
Mate I hope this is the info you want, the back rise is always a fair bit longer than the front. Purely because your ass is bigger than well, your balls so you need more fabric at the back, and where the front and back rise meet at the seam is usually more towards the front of the trouser. I wouldn't worry about the pitch too much because your creating a new pattern. You and I are pretty similar proportions and my luxire back rise is 17.25 and front 12, which gives me...
I think the Glenlivet is 12 years, definitely single malt. I had a taste yesterday, nice sweet flavour. No JWB only double black I'm afraid, but if you like smoky scotch you'll love it.
Guys a quick reminder that tonight is the night the trunk show is on for anyone in Canberra that wants to come along and drink my free grog and hopefully buy a tie or 2. Details spoilered below. [[SPOILER]] Also just got a new batch of Macclesfields in which are now up online - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/ties/Jason
Thanks POP. Well today is the day and I'm looking forward to catching up with the Canberra members that will be coming along. We've had some good media coverage over the last few days so hopefully it will be a good turnout tonight - In other news, all of the new Macclesfields are now online also - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/ties/ Here are a few more of them -
Another sneak peak.... Navy Macclesfield wool challis. Off to set up for the trunk show now.
Probably the same length but the right one is hidden slightly by the change pocket
Another little preview. All should be online later tonight (Aus time)
Woof woof.... New Macclesfield silk and challis prints coming soon
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