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Just also re-stocked some grenadines - Grossa - Navy Slate Fina - Forest Rust Slate
Thanks guys, always happy when your happy! Only one of them left now.
Not in the US I'm sure, but in Australia they did (in AUD not US). I remember it vividly because my parents would only pay that much for shoes for us at xmas time. Pretty much everything here is a lot more than the same thing in the US.
We only have 2 ties of the very popular Crimson Macclesfield left - Drakes sell this exact same fabric for 115 pounds (about $209AUD) which is over double the price we sell ours for. The fabric is sold out at Adamley so once it's gone it's gone.
I had these 20 years ago when I was about 14, when they originally came out, they cost $250 back then or something like that. Sweet shoes.
Ouch.... Doesn't sound too good. They are a South African brand, new to the market in Aus (which is a pretty small market tbh). I'd imagine the US market would be nigh on impossible to crack for a smallish brand like them. Anyway saw one in the shop a few weeks ago when I was in the mountains and they are really schmick, the matte olive paint would be very good for rod flash on bright sunny days too.
We've been open since the October long weekend, though I've only been getting out once a fortnight because I just had a son at the end of August. The season has been pretty kind to me so far, haven't had a blank session yet. I'm looking at one of these for the new rod http://www.tacklesafari.com.au/shop/xplorer-guide-2/ which my local store in the mountains carries, so I can have a cast with it while I'm up there. Will be spending 3 nights there after xmas so have...
Interesting it's been on my list of things to get but I think a new 5 weight will come first this year. The water I'd fish with a tenkara rod though I really enjoy fishing already with my 3wt. Would also like a switch rod to learn how to double hand cast, rivers in Oz aren't big enough for a full on spey rod.
This weeks tie of the week is the above mid blue floral Macclesfield. It has a beautiful dry hand and is un-tipped with hand-rolled edges. You can buy it HERE As before it will be 30% off for one week only and return to full price next Thursday. Offer available online only.
I'm not really sure what you're trying to ask but I think your confusing brands that make bespoke that also make rtw with each other, like G&H. Firstly a suit is only really bespoke if it was made for you, otherwise it's just a second hand suit made for someone else and usually with weird proportions unless you happen to be the same size as the original bespeaker was (not likely). Secondly many Savile Row firms now produce RTW suits made with their label like G&H,...
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