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Hi all, New shipment from Johnstons have arrived and are online HERE, some re-stocks and some new items. This will be the last drop for winter so once it's gone it's gone. Re-stocks Heather plaid/Camel pure cashmere Plain Navy pure cashmere New Arrivals Blackwatch/Grey Herringbone XL Merino/Cashmere scarf (seriously this sucker is huge 180cm x 50cm) Tweed/teal reversible pure cashmere scarf Blue herringbone stripe merino/cashmere scarf Biscuit...
sure thing, will do tonight
As the old saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. But I'd just send a polite email saying you've noticed this, it's a brand new jacket blah blah. I'm sure a company like PJ will be filling to fix it up or re-make the coat.
I wouldn't accept it, especially on what appears to be an unlined coat
Like this one http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/black-satin-silk-batwing-bowtie/
That'd be one way to describe it.
Guys thanks... The people using the image know who I am, they were up until Friday last week a stockist of mine. They've now gone behind my back to start a business in competition with me, and information I've shared about manufacturers over dinner etc has been used to get in touch with those people to set up a rival business. Strangely I've found out today that the photographer who took the photos is listed jointly on the ABN of this new business but I'm also listed on...
Any of the lawyers in here deal with IP issues? Or more broadly, if I found out a competitor of mine (or soon to be competitor) was using an image of my products (group shot from a trunk show) on both their website and facebook pages for promotion purposes, do I have any recourse to get them removed? The image wasn't taken by me or the competitor, but it is exclusively of my products.
Can't help too much I'm afraid then bar the usual suspects of cue, witchery etc
But bear in mind when comparing pricing your getting to the top end you may likely get hit with gst and duty from skoak whereas its already accounted for from DM.
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