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[[SPOILER]] Matt your a pretty smart guy so you realize though that a lot of us on here kind of do have to fit in to a certain extent right? For those of us that are "professionals" from various industries represented here like law, medicine, finance and the like that are client facing, or have to integrate in to large organisations then fitting in to a certain extent is not just something to aim for it's absolutely necessary when your young trying to climb a corporate...
No worries, it is my collar, but the general details of it from my order notes are this - "Based on Milano 2 collar from Propercloth but with slightly shorter points, see here http://propercloth.com/collar-styles/milano-ii-spread-collar - but with 3 1/2" points and only 1 button closure (if possible)". Though I admit it is more spread in reality than that which I've now asked them to tweak on the 3rd iteration. Order number for this is 7210 and I asked for fused, but...
Sorry not much chance of that today but I can tell you it is pretty tall, and I'm a fairly tall and lean bloke at 6"2 and a 40L jacket. I'd probably suggest that is your under 6 foot then it will be too tall for you.
Hi mate, I'd consider them lighter than both of those and they will make a smaller knot than a grenadine and wool knit also. They are still a knit tie so don't have any lining. I'd estimate them closer to a standard silk knit in weight, hope that helps.
Matt honest question, how does/would a look like that go down in a country town like Warnambool? Do you, and any others I guess that want to chime in think it important to dress to your surrounds i.e country in the country and so on? I guess you could call that fitting in if you wanted to.As for CM, I know the rules obviously by now, but I kind of reject the idea that dressing well should be difficult, in fact it should be dead simple and a fairly small part of your...
In a rush, no PS. Coat: Braddon Tailors Shirt: Luxire Tie: Henry Carter x Sozzi Zig Zag Trousers: Henry Carter prototype (old) Shoes: Meermin snuff suede
Just leaving this here gents [[SPOILER]]
It's on!!!! As always the Style Forum discount code will not work with sale items however if you buy full priced items as well as sale items it will take the 10% off the full priced items, providing it's over $85 AUD.
I didn't really notice it before as a bad collar, but what I think is needed to make a point collar work is both a bit of tie space (otherwise the the tie is just swallowed by the points) and longer collar points, so they are still finishing near or under the lapels. Something like this -
Thanks for all the thumbs yesterday guys. @tchoy Very elegant as always!
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