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Easy alteration for a tailor to do. Can be tricky if there is a lot to loo off due to the pleating at cuffs, but still doable.
No but I've been looking at the defenders lately. Great cars but too bloody expensive for a 4cyl 4WD IMO. I'll likely end up with an FJ cruiser once the pajero gets a bit older. Still a proper 4WD with low range, but no diesel version unfortunately. Still 220kw is plenty enough for me and I rarely tow anything. Can be had for $30-35k for 2011-12 models down here.
Pity you'll miss summer by the time it's finished but the green linen is fantastic.
Plenty of dodgy stories on this bloke it seems...
Plenty of dodgy stories on this bloke it seems...
I actually knew that, or at least remembered it when JM posted it. Part of being a fly fisher, you end up being an amateur entomologist by default.
Nahkle was the best I used when I lived in Sydney. I know people that have used cutler and not been overly impressed for the price. I've always found Zinks stuff to be ok but unremarkable for full bespoke. Bnt only to mtm for shirts I think. I think I had 2 fittings with Nahkle (it's not a suit remember) though that was 12 years ago now.Tldr - don't be a snob and take the 30 min train ride out west.
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope youse all have great days ☺
Where are you? Adelaide?
I would love to make this happen too, long been on my wish list. I'll start thinking about winter once the holidays are done and dusted.
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