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It should only take about 2 weeks from time of postage (usually 1-2 days after order placement). But most of the issues have been outside of Australia Posts control, rather with the postal systems in those particular countries i.e USPS takes it on once it arrives in the US.
Man when I saw your post I was hoping that you were reporting they'd arrived. I've had about 4 orders, all international in the last 3 weeks that have taken quite a bit longer than expected. But nothing has been lost so they will turn up, hopefully soon. With the new website that's coming in the next 2-3 weeks, we'll have 2 options for international shipping, one regular as we do now for $14 and one with a faster and trackable service for $25.
^ that's not rust. Can't say that I've seen a rust swatch in grossa that matches the colour of the fina that most vendors carry.
I don't think the roll is the issue, more that the collar just looks too big
Yeah well you can definitely see that the backs aren't white of the printed silks so extra SF street cred for not using the fabled ink jet fabrics that a certain Mr Cerruti has been known to peddle as vintage.You can also still make a very light lined but un-tipped tie with a 36oz printed silk or a light linen/silk that would be a lot heavier self-tipped. Of course it won't keep you cooler in summer but if everything else is light and airy no reason why a tie can't be...
I still always have cuffs on wool trousers/suits etc. Just not cotton/casual trousers. If it was a cotton or linen suit i'd probably get them. I'm also more endeavored to 1.75" these days when I get them.
FWIW all of my un-tipped ties are still lined. I'm generally against un-lined ties as they don't knot anywhere near as well. As Cox mentioned many wool ties can be very thick and tipping can make some extremely bulky.Correct, the slip stitch as they call it.
No moleskin trousers (not cut like jeans) worn with RM's boots
That looks lovely admittedly. I've found though that I mostly wear RM's almost every day now and cuffs are too chunky and formal with those
Mostly from tugging on the tie to tighten the knot is where I've found stretching it happen on un-tipped grenadines and again when most people take them off by pulling the knot through rather than un-tying it backwards. The delicacy of not having the structure of the tipping keeping the tie sturdier no doubt makes a difference to that IME.
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