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Brumbies win and dads cracked the Johnnie walker blue label. Life is good....
No they don't, I haven't called you a troll once.You misread my question, it wasn't what goes with a navy blazer other than grey (you'd be misguided to think grey is the only colour there), it was what goes better with a navy blazer than grey.@batchplease - that kind of posting from a new member is uncalled for, whether you think it or not.
I can read just fine thanks. The colour of the tie doesn't really matter, I mean look up a few posts to AAS's fit. If he wore a brown tie today would that be a beginners fit? The navy blazer and flannels (or lets just say grey trousers) is the template and lets be honest, it's a great template. Outside of "SF approved" brands I rarely see brown ties being sold let alone worn, though they are my best seller next to navy so take what you will of that.I wear the exact...
So what your basically saying is, pretty much anyone who ever wore a navy blazer is a beginner (apart from you of course)?
Buy a tie - get free socks! Until the 25th March, with any purchase of a full priced tie, you'll get a free pair of Bresciani socks from the renowned Italian sock maker. Simply purchase your tie and put the socks you'd like in the notes and we'll take care of the rest. Easy!
Foxy what happened to selling all your stuff and leading a more minimalist lifestyle???
There's not! It's listed as sold out, shows up when you click the product. Glad you enjoying it though and nice fit.
The perfect wedding tie - http://henrycarter.com.au/product/blackwhite-glen-plaid/
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