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Speaking as a twin myself (non identical) I got over being dressed the same as my brother when I was about 5. But then again, no fucks were given on your photos.
They'll be regular ties sorry. The fabric is already woven whereas with knits they are knitted to order, like the way socks are made kind of.
About the same as Macclesfield pricing, $100 for self/silk tipped and $109.95 for handrolled. Fabric might be a bit thick for self tipping though.yeah not that saturated IRL, photos are not mine but from the mill.
Good to hear Gents. I've already got some solids coming for the first drop that are wool/silk in a somewhat similar weave though not as slubby or textured, so I'll go back and compare them to what's ordered and go from there. I definitely think they are very unique and to my knowledge no one is carrying them that I've heard of, I also think I can do a much better job of selling them with higher res, clearer images rather than the crappy quality posted from the mills in...
I've got oily skin, and this has been a problem all my life. Be thankful for oily skin though you'll generally age better and wrinkle less as you get older.Anyway...about 6 months ago I started using Clinique mens mattifying moisturiser, previously just used the normal version. It's made a big difference.
Not really sure myself at this stage but personal opinion is that everyman and his dog carries grenadine (including me) and the weave is less prone to snagging like grenadine can be.I believe the fabric is no thicker than a garza grossa but even still a thinner lining can be used to balance out a thicker fabric.Thanks, I really like the stripes but I'd do a mix of them, there are plenty of others not pictured too.Appreciate the feedback so far
A bit of a survey as such, if you guys don't mind. I've found this great fabric in a bourette woven silk, and may bring some designs in for the second drop in winter (first drop locked away already, more about that later). Bourette is a very dry, matte silk woven similar to a lot of linens which gives it a kind of slubby grenadine type weave. What does everyone think?
Ken Cook is a nice little store, been there for a long time. Blades is full of toss pot snobby sales people
Looks great Justin. Here is the new Rust Macclesfield in Natural light
Some of you guys had asked for some natural light images of the camel shantung @Osiris2012 and I finally got around to it today. Without further adieu....
New Posts  All Forums: