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Nungar have been around forever. But a lot of people/businesses in Australia are still closed for the holidays or not working much so it might take a bit for them to get back to you.Sadly I think my next pair of boots will be Baxters rather than RM's once my 2 current pairs have had it. The prices have just become too expensive, even at my local RM outlet they are up to $350 for seconds now. I think I paid $275 for my last pair there 2 years ago.
Did you try AS colour? I wear heaps of their stuff. We have a reseller account with them at work so it's cheap as chips for me. Wearing one now actually.
I'm sure it isn't. Still, lefties are lefties and fundamentalist christian fun police right wingers are still.... well you know.
Aren't you a labor party member?
Betoota is always full of good stuff. The get stuck in to Casino Mike a lot too.
Hey it's not called DFO anymore, it's now the Canberra Outlet Centre or as the locals refer to it as, the COC
He was actually pretty thick for post spawn condition, was fishing by myself so didn't get a chance to take any other photos from the top though. But in this stream, which is a tailwater behind a dam over 100% all winter has been running flat out the last 4 months and essentially un-fishable. It's only just come down to a reasonable level so it's probably expended a lot of energy in those flows.
Our sesaon is just starting here and like Lefty, lots of other things getting in the way (landscaping my new house and expecting my 3rd child in January) from doing as much fishing as I'd like. I did manage this beautiful 4lber from a river 5 mins from home. Took a bog standard tungsten bead brown nymph
Just wait until you move here and get them from the outlet. I think they are $295 or 275 and my 2 pairs you can't tell the flaws
He's got you there Matt... FWIW I don't disagree with you, I don't think I've worn watch for about 3 years. I've got a cheap Tissot chrono in the draw that cost about $500 10 years ago, and a Suunto that I use when fishing. But both batteries need replacing.
New Posts  All Forums: