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Without dampening your enthusiasm, tumblr is a slowly dying platform. I get less engagement from it than anything else now. Instagram is really the best for a more personal experience with better instant engagement. Works very well for me anyway.
Congrats Tira, I'm also on the new baby wagon my son Arthur is just on 2.5 weeks old now. Can't trump twins though! (I'm a twin too actually).
Story of my life (not by choice) though the yellow wiggle is pretty hot I must admit. Makes it a bit easier to watch than the previous sausage fest.
glad you and @SeaJen loke your ties. There's lots out of stock/sold out at the moment, big sale plus busy in general but in the next 2-5 weeks will see a heap of new stuff including plain grenadine re-stocks, new linen/silks, new macclesfields, new patterned grenadines and shantung silks. Gonna be a good season ahead I reckon...
@Oli2012 suit shop have made you a coat or 2 right? Why not get them to make a suit for you? Different price point of course but assuming the fit is better than otr/mj then worth it IMO. You've said before about feeling the heat too so things like quarter lining can be done this way too.
I am actually hoping to have cashmere scarves back again next winter. But am talking to other suppliers including Begg of Scotland.I'm also going to have gloves again but they won't be cashmere, they'll be much nicer. Plenty of time to decide but think peccary and deer hide... plenty of time to reveal more about that though, lets get through spring and summer first.
Me too PS! Some patterned grenadines that will also be arriving with the shantung silks. Will keep you guessing on which colourway of these will arrive.
Belt loops for Chinos IMO
^ and a good time to support your local Australian based Neckwear and tailoring companies
Just one of the new shantung silks that will be coming with the second drop of Spring/summer in mid-late October. Shantungs will all be hand-rolled and un-tipped.
New Posts  All Forums: