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Don't read too much in to these questions. Fact is, most people who donate to Vinnies et al (myself included) do so because they have too much shit and it's better than chucking it in the bin.
Hi mate/everyone,Just quickly checking in here to say hi. I'm still running, in the sense that the site is up and there are products on it however apart from filling orders I'm taking a break from it this year and will look at what I want to do later in the year. Life is very busy at the moment with 3 young kids all 4 and under, my full time job and I also work as a gardener on the weekends too and all of that leaves little time for much else unfortunately. Hope youse...
The Comme fragrances seem to fly under the igent radar a bit, but are by far my favourite. I just bought a bottle of the white for a change, usually Comme 2 is my poison.
Thanks guys, no more bratz for me though I'm booked in to get the snip in March! We had a daughter, Rosie. 2 girls and 1 boy so I'm out numbered.
Hey mate hope you are well. No meetups for me for a while we just welcomed our 3rd little one on Saturday last week so I've got my hands full for the time being.
Nungar have been around forever. But a lot of people/businesses in Australia are still closed for the holidays or not working much so it might take a bit for them to get back to you.Sadly I think my next pair of boots will be Baxters rather than RM's once my 2 current pairs have had it. The prices have just become too expensive, even at my local RM outlet they are up to $350 for seconds now. I think I paid $275 for my last pair there 2 years ago.
Did you try AS colour? I wear heaps of their stuff. We have a reseller account with them at work so it's cheap as chips for me. Wearing one now actually.
I'm sure it isn't. Still, lefties are lefties and fundamentalist christian fun police right wingers are still.... well you know.
Aren't you a labor party member?
Betoota is always full of good stuff. The get stuck in to Casino Mike a lot too.
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