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Some of you guys had asked for some natural light images of the camel shantung @Osiris2012 and I finally got around to it today. Without further adieu....
Was a nice couple of days thanks with 12 fish in the net. As to the madder hopefully yes but probably not for the first autumn drop, more for winter around June/July.
Great, thanks for posting. FYI guys I'm headed off to the mountains this morning (fri here) for a few days fly fishing so any orders that were placed in the last day will go out Monday.
You are right it's not as per the proper cloth collar its based on, but still a great collar and glad u guys are making some use out of it
Enlarged so the people can see it Glad it made it there I only just slipped it in the post yesterday.
You can't honestly tell me this is the correct sleeve length for a shirt?If you're cold washing and line drying your shirts, then the shirt maker is full of shit. If you are tumble drying your shirts then yes they will shrink, often by a lot.
Our new navy diamond print Macclesfield http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/navy-diamond-macclesfield-neat/
Sleeves look fine now, clearly too long before washing so perhaps the coat sleeves are in fact a bit long. As to the cuffs riding up easily, this could be caused by other factors such as armholes being too low.
Thanks mate glad you like them!
It's $14 AUD for shipping (about $11US) and that's a flat rate worldwide for 1 or 10 ties. I pretty much always lose money on intl shipping. Certainly 4 weeks is a long time though sorry, Aus post quotes 6-10 business days for the air freight service I use. I'm going to introduce a tracked quicker 4-6 day service soon, but it'll be about double the price.
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