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Sounds good Matt. You'll really enjoy Canberra I think especially being so close to the Brindies if you like to get out in Nature, but also plenty of close bush around Bruce and Black Mtn to the inner north. And while you'll hear people whinge about cyclists around town like you do everywhere, the Cycling infrastructure is probably the best in Australia.
there's a few Canberra guys here maybe 10, some more active than others. Technically I'm not one either, I live over the border in Googong but I'm in Canberra almost every day and work there too.
If you have trouble getting your trousers to stay put try this way http://lifehacker.com/5886438/the-savile-row-fold-keeps-your-pants-from-falling-off-the-hanger works like a treat
I'm going to agree with both of you here. The Drakes look book has been fantastic for the last few years, very easy to draw inspiration off. On the other hand Oli makes a good point. Who's buying it at full price? Plenty of people on sale sure, but not many people that I know are putting their hands up to to buy the ties at 125 quid or whatever they are now, let alone some of the other eye watering prices. They are definitely looking at the luxury end of the market...
I should have been more direct - I would give anything for her to nag me about cleaning the bathroom or taking out the rubbish.
Would definitely wife Charlotte Caslick..... Great game.I owe you a pm too, later today.
FYI canberra guys MJ Bale outlet just opened at DFO/The COC
I've toyed with more expensive denim like G-Star and APC and I just don't think they are worth the coin. I see denim as a throwaway piece and all those expensive raw denims I've tried seem to stretch like buggery and are so stiff I get the shits with them after a while. You seem to either have to buy them ridiculously small and stretch them out or buy them not so small for comfort and the ass stretches out of them. The uniqlo's seem to have only minimal stretch and mine...
My uniqlo's are my favourite too, wearing them now. Just be careful that the indigo can rub off on to your nice new white stone bench top, and that doesn't make wives particularly happy. I have solved the problem by putting strips of clear contact along the edges of the bench which are invisible, still wearing the jeans.... (of course this is not a problem just with uniqlo denim).
Would depend on where you buy from them I'd imagine wouldn't it? PJ have a full-time showroom in the US now and I'd imagine would legally have to charge in USD when buying off them through there, unlike say a traveling tailor type arrangement.
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