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Glad to be of service ☺
For $300-400 I'd be getting someone to make them for you here personally. Like Oscar Hunt etc
Tumblr in general has gone downhill I think, and I rarely post on mine anymore. IG has better traction/feedback and is a lot easier to use.
Sorry man I missed this tag. I turned notifications off for those sometime ago because I got about 30 emails a day from them/subscriptions etc. Best to PM me if you want me to check something out.Is this the rust you are referring too?If so it can be re-done, as can any Macclesfield print we've done in the past, in whatever colours you want. The mins are the tricky part, 6 metres I believe is the min (around 18 x 3 folds) but it's reasonably expensive to do at those...
30% off all Johnstons of Elgin scarves http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/scarves/ Plain Cashmere scarves now down to $104.95 plus shipping (that's under $80 US!)
Gotta be quick ☺. Just claret left now.
Zig Zag your way to 30% off http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/knit-ties/
Cheers mate!
Should be about 1-2 weeks, but if you email me your order details to sales@henrycarter.com.au I can tell you when it was actually shipped, though you should have got a shipment confirmation through paypal also, but it often goes in to junk/spam.
Olive grenadine fina weave
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