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Would depend on where you buy from them I'd imagine wouldn't it? PJ have a full-time showroom in the US now and I'd imagine would legally have to charge in USD when buying off them through there, unlike say a traveling tailor type arrangement.
Are they rollers?
thanks, it's a wilier izoard, custom painted matte forest green with gloss decals. Only decals now are down and headtubes, so it's nice and clean.
If you are talking about these https://www.merlincycles.com/mavic-cosmic-carbone-sls-wts-wheels-pair-70640.html?utm_campaign=googlebase-AU&utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=shopping&utm_term=Bikes+%26+Frames&ucpo=22705&gclid=CPqMjLPd3c0CFQaXvQodHEEJMg then I run those on my bike. Like you said not real carbon and not exactly light, but stiff as hell and I haven't had to touch them in 3 years as far as trueing goes. I'm pretty big as far as cyclists go, 6"2 and 86kg and ...
Hi mate please send me a pm with your details and I'll see if I can get you in touch with him. He is a stockist of mine but has always been a part time operation in between his full time job and has a young family. Still, hopefully I can get you guys in touch.
Have you had a look in strand hatters? Last time I was in there they had quite a bit of accessory type stuff like links
That looks great Gerry. I'd even go so far to say that the fit of it is better through the chest/lapels than your PJT stuff. Pretty good for a first go!
Just put a bit of masking tape around the suede to cover it while you do it, should be sweet
I've met Jared (the dude with the tatts ) a few years ago when we had a trunk show down in Melbourne. He is a really nice bloke, I don't really care for a lot of the stuff he wears but that's beside the point. What the 2 on the right are wearing isn't all that ridiculous, at least not compared to some of the other stuff you see. I think he works for oscar hunt here now, same with the girl. I'm sure like everyone at pitti they've planned it all out in minute detail.
I'm 100m above Canberra now and about to be another 150m above qbyn when we move to googong in about 3 weeks time. Hopefully it doesn't turn the -3 from -5 to -7....
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