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I see your problem here. You wore socks...
1) yes 2) no - they are not from the same manufacturer as previous
AS we wait for the new seasons stuff to drop I thought I'd share some stuff that we are planning in the next 3-6 months. Firstly are new socks, these will be Henry Carter branded and made for us by Sozzi Calze. I wasn't planning on releasing these until Autumn next year but we are almost out of Bresciani I'm going to get a small first run to be here by end of November for xmas. All OTC for now, and all will come in both medium and large. 6 colours coming. Second is...
Every time I visit this thread it's like groundhog day.
Sunday the 31st for us. How bout you?
Note - in blahmans absence Henry Carter holds all distribution, branding and trademark rights over "Henry the wombat". ☺
I saw some pics that Gerry took on facebook. Congrats mate.
In the case of Loakes for example, they have an Australian distributor/agent here and you can't actually buy directly through Loake if you are an Australian retailer. Many people would have no idea that is the case but it goes someway to explaining why Pediwear or Herrings would be much cheaper. I guess you could say that's monopolostic in a way but it's Loake itself doing that not the retailers.
I noticed this post got 7 thumbs so people obviously like them but to me this is another example of the same issue I've had with pleated luxire trousers of the pleats being too shallow and too short. They don't sit flat. @luxire I've asked a few times on this thread with no answer, so i'll ask again. Is there any plans to alter the pattern of the pleats or can we request that the pleat be made deeper and longer? Presently I'm sticking with flat fronts for Luxire...
You mean the retailer should pay a premium? Well they do already by not getting the business in the first place, but that doesn't mean their time should be wasted either. I think certain things depend in this case. In the case of DJ's for example, then I couldn't give a shit because the service their is woeful to say it politely and they are a huge business turning over tens of millions. In the case of say double monk for example, yes they are a bit more expensive but...
New Posts  All Forums: