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May be of interest to you Lachy (and others) but we are getting HC branded braces in late November and there will be a few formal wear options in there too.
Fok I'll be on to you about this tonight sometime. I guess what I envision is something that stays true to what we (Henry Carter) are about, what SF is about and that people want to buy while still being tasteful. Like anything though we won't be able to please everyone.I absolutely envision having something that can be used for comps or whatever Fok wants, but also something that can be sold to members. I'd probably think a pre-sale type deal would be best so we can...
There is admittedly not much stock up on the site at present, it's really really low in fact. Heaps of new stuff will arrive next week though, unfortunately we got caught a bit with the August shutdown in Italy.No worries, I'll send @LA Guy a pm in the next day or so and see if we can discuss it a little bit more before we get too carried away, but I think it could be a good idea and done very tastefully.
The key here is we are both Aussies...I could look in to making a special edition SF members club tie no probs. Sing out if there is any decent interest. We did this for the Aussie members a few years ago already.
When we got the last shipment of Macclesfields we got a bowtie made from the Navy/Red wool challis that was extremely popular in the ties (now sold out). I never put it up on the site for one reason or another but it is now at $69.95. Only 1 unit though so be quick. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/navyred-wool-challis-bow-tie/
ordered navy, but don't have it yet. Ordered as a shirt though.
No probs. I wouldn't send it back to them just to do that, get a seamstress or your mum/wife/gf who can sew to do it for you. I'd add some to the width only if you measure the collar and it matches what's ordered. I find luxire trousers often come in tight in the waist fwiw, maybe necks do too but there is nothing worse than a tight neck on a dress shirt so it's worth investigating to find a solution.
Looks ok to me otherwise. And in the meantime I'd just move the top button rather than trashing the shirt and adjust it for the next order.
I've got heaps of side tab trousers and have started to move away from them a bit (for odd trousers). For no reason other than my weight fluctuates a bit and once they get a bit loose they are impossible to keep up properly, so need to be made quite tight in the first place. Going to start using them for only suit trousers where I have brace buttons installed that I can wear slightly looser.
^with all the above taken in to consideration, would a navy knit not have been a better choice than black then?
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