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Less than 1 hour to go!
Only 8.5 hours left until codes expire tonight at 7pm AEST (midnight LA time). Happy thanksgiving to all of our U.S customers.
Thanks for the kind words mate and support as always. Will get your order off mon-tues next week.
Speaking of black friday.... Correction: The 30% code should be BLACK30 with no space in-between.
Thanks guys, some nice orders coming in overnight. Codes have now been emailed out to the mailing list and will be shared on social media shortly, so I recommend not to sleep on things if there are only a few left. Cheers Jason
Codes are now active guys. Happy shopping and thanksgiving on Friday for those of you stateside.
Oh and btw the 30% code is BLACK30 not BLACK 30 with a space in the above.
Here's the details guys, will post again when the codes go live which will be later tonight around 10.30pm Aus time. Codes are storewide on full priced items including new arrival/grenadines.
Technically they are my competition so no sheeping from me, but you did publicly threaten him with legal action no?
Aren't you banned from NMWA now anyway?
New Posts  All Forums: