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Nice Carmina's Jas. Would like a pair in a darkish brown calf just like it.We are also unashamedly jumping on to the Black Friday bandwagon with 30% off all full priced items. Details spoilered below - [[SPOILER]]
From 6am AEST until Midnight New York time only. Not applicable to sale items & not usable with any other codes/vouchers. Have at it!
It is more exciting! The pocket squares have been delayed unfortunately, hopefully here Friday and up over the weekend though.
Looks pretty much the same as my wedding band. Silver, thin, plain and simple. Nice
Something is happening tomorrow....
Forgive my ignorance, but what's so special about the wallets? Based on the above pics they kind of look like the zip around style that comme have been making for eons.
I don't really see it as a problem paying upfront as long as the house/tailor is easily contactable and can thus be held accountable if something goes wrong i.e has a shopfront you can walk in to mon-fri at least. I'd be more hesitant to pay upfront for travelling tailors, that could and do quite easily substitute cloths and may not come back again for 6-8 months, if at all.
Not sure I'd wear a striped tie with that coat regardless of thin or thicker stripes. Coats like that to me scream for plain textured ties. Navy or chocolate grenadine grossa, linen or shantung. Something that's plain to not interfere with the coats pattern but not a twill or plainer weave. Some large scale neats might work too.
Clementine Ford the actress - hot. Clementine Ford the feminist - not so much.
That's the guy, has like 160k instagram followers or something, more in to those silly bracelets and things like that that the IG masses seem to love. Probably wears a pinky ring too Wears his stuff extremely tight, as you can see.
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