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I've got a nice olive fina weave coming in about 3-4 weeks you might like
Weren't you wearing a rust tie the other day when dimplegate (which I'm staying completely out of) was happening? Rust is in the same spectrum seasonally as brown, probably actually more of an autumn colour than brown.
@Betelgeuse No problemo Dark green wool knit and wool backed printed silk scarf http://henrycarter.com.au/product/dark-green-wool-knit-tie/ http://henrycarter.com.au/product/redgreengold-wool-backed-printed-silk-scarf/
What your describing above, the "it'll work itself out eventually" type of service isn't really acceptable to me, as someone who also runs their business from home. It should make it easier not harder to communicate. Between smart phones, iPads and laptops we are connected more than ever. A couple of days is acceptable, not a couple of weeks. Maybe I just have too high a service expectations on myself! but I don't think that's the case.
I was just going to say Shaya has done a Howard Yount, which is a pity because he's a nice bloke.
Hi Betel, Yes it will be back in stock in about 3-4 weeks. I'll be getting 6 units only so if anyone wants one they can be pre-ordered if you don't want to miss out. Please pm me or email sales@henrycarter.com.au. At the same time there will also be replenishing/re-stocking the grenadine grossa in burgundy, purple, forest and navy and adding a silver. In the fina weave rust will be re-stocked and forest, dark blue (not navy) and olive green added. There will also be...
Orange bi-colour wool knit tie http://henrycarter.com.au/product/orange-bi-colour-wool-knit-tie/
Great to hear. We are having a great Easter here on my cousins farm in Batlow and I'm just smoking a couple of fly caught trout I got from the creek down the back yesterday. Good times.
As the others have echoed 2 lovely fits there cleave. As for Macclesfields, there should be more in about 3-4 weeks time along with grenadine re-stocks and a few new colours, looks like I under ordered on a few of them.I hope you all have a happy Easter. And thanks for everyone's support so far this year.Jason
Glad you like them and sounds like the charges weren't too steep after all. Thanks for the kind words on my service it's something I take seriously especially when you don't have the opportunity to make an impression face to face with online stores. It continuously suprises me that so many vendors (including some affiliates on here) get it so wrong when it's really quite easy. Either way, I'm happy that your happy! Jason
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