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I quite like the site, light and airy. I'd love to re-do mine but don't have the funds at the moment, putting it all back in to stock presently. The range is only very small though really, guess they are just starting up though. I see the name Aygesh in there, wonder if it's the same dude that used to work for Isaia.
Cheers mate. I think the denim is probably my favourite of the two but I think the brown is a bit more versatile. The brown is an interesting one it looks lighter in some lights and darker in others, due to the melange effect it has. The denim would be a really good tie for races and weddings etc over spring, like you said a good alternative to the peach. It will work well with lighter grey suits.
New ties... Suit: Herringbone Sydney Shirt: Kamakura Tie: Henry Carter brown melange linen/silk PS: Henry Carter Shoes: Carmina
Finally warming up here... Suit: Herringbone Sydney Shirt: Kamakura Tie: Henry Carter brown melange linen/silk PS: Henry Carter Shoes: Carmina
Naughty boy. He needs a business connected to SF so when that happens you can just say "but I'm working"...
Still waiting for some images to be edited but the new linen/silks are now online (bar cream floral). Plain ones are all un-tipped. Find them here - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/shop/ties/linencotton/
A first preview for you all, in the light grey with white dots. They have some nice slubs that are a lot more subtle for those that think Shantung is too much. A great spring/summer tie for work, weddings, races or whatever... They should all be online late tonight about 10-11pm AEST.
Linen/silk collection has just arrived today. Will post preview pics tonight but below is a list of what's coming - Navy w/ white dots Light grey w white dots Plain denim blue Plain peach Plain chocolate Cream floral woven Mint floral woven Watermelon floral woven These are the swatches of the floral ones I've posted previously
Hard to say definitively without seeing both and the shades of them, but I think the mid blue Macclesfield floral above right (which has a purplish tinge to it) and the crimson Macclesfield above left would also work. If you want something plainer but with texture grenadine grossa in chocolate, forest or purple (assuming the shirt is lighter like violet) would all work well. Navy grenadine if your feeling conservative I guess. Just stay away from pastels if the shirt is...
New Posts  All Forums: