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Most in the U.S. should get them by next week.
The shirt will bleed. Can't really comment on how long. That really depends on how long/hard you wear it. The color difference between the ISC and the Dark is subtle. The big difference is the dye used and the construction. The indigo in the Dark is a sulfur/indigo make up and the weft is black whereas the ISC is pure indigo on warp and weft. The ISC looks super inky indigo and the Dark looks blackish indigo. So subtle but different. Hope that helps. -Karl
No, but we will be doing a 11oz natural selvedge RK in the spring...kinda similar right?
We are trying to get the ISC work shirts and trousers up on the site by the end of the week. We're happy to handle pre-pays if you don't want to wait. You can email info@rogueterritory.com for ordering and product questions.Dark selvedge denim blanket lining shawl collar will be released towards the end of the month.Restock on 16.75oz slub stantons and SKs will be up on the site by the end of this week.
This ISC fabric being a little more rigid and heavy is causing the shirt to run slightly smaller so I would recommend sizing up. Stretch will be minimal
We received your email and forwarded on to Dan. I believe he's reached out to you since. Hopefully he was able to help you out. -Karl
Great to hear man, enjoy! -Karl
Just wanted to jump in - the "Dark" is indigo warp x black weft, and Breck is correct it fades blue overtime because indigo is the dominant color.Our 15oz stealth black x black denim does fade to grey but really only in the high stress areas and after a lot of wear. Don't expect the whole jean to change color as drastically as an indigo x white denim would. The black weft is more like a grey weft, this helps with the fading since the core isn't completely saturated with...
Depends on if, like Breck said you're looking to layer underneath it. The waxed canvas will stretch a tad. I wear a M in everything, I could size down to a S in the denim Supply Jackets if I wanted them to be fitted. The Waxed Lined Supply in M feels a little more fitted than my denim supply jackets but I can still wear a tshirt, button down and sweatshirt underneath it. Sure, it feels snug, but its damn warm! So to answer your Q, if you want it fitted and only plan on...
New Posts  All Forums: