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It's safer to go off the measurements than the weight/height of the model (me). As you can see I fill out the M with only a long sleeve shirt and tee underneath. I can do that and a sweatshirt but mobility starts to get hindered. If you want/need to more room for layering or don't want a super fitted jacket go with the L. Hope that helps!Karl
You can expect some give in the shoulder/chest and across the back. I would expect approximately .5" when laying the jacket flat.Karl
Our Supply Jacket is going to be fitted but I think you'll find that especially with your specs you'll love it. With the additional interior lining it does make it a bit more difficult to layer but also with the additional lining you shouldn't have to layer as much. With a t-shirt, sweatshirt, scarf and gloves I'm comfortable in most cold temps. For example - I was wearing that in NYC in 9 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of whatever the hell will freeze your nuts and...
We're not likely to re-issue the Cone Indigo Selvedge Canvas. I actually prefer the ISC we're using now. It's heavier and it actually uses pure indigo dyed yarn on the warp and weft instead of Cone's Indigo warp X Black Weft. Both are great fabrics but I prefer the look/feel and break-in on the new ISC.Karl
We may have caused some confusion with calling the original 13.5oz unsanforized slub denim "slub" and the new 16.75 sanforized denim "slubbies" for that I apologize. The denim is completely different and I recommend sizing either TTS (true to size) or sizing down 1 size from your typical size if you're looking for a more fitted look in the 16.75oz. Other than size 26 and 27 we are completely sold out of the original unsanforized slub denim. Hope that helps! Karl
We announced Black Friday details on the Blog, but I wanted to share them here too. It’s almost that time of year again…BLACK FRIDAY. If you’ve been following our brand, you probably know that we are not a sales-heavy brand. But the one large sale we do every year is Black Friday, and it’s a great opportunity for new people to get into the brand, or for you to pick up that extra piece you’ve had your eye on. So here’s the details: WHEN DOES IT START? Thursday the 27th...
Since you posted publicly, I'm going to respond publicly. Conveniently, you failed to leave a lot out in your post, so I'm going to help jog your memory:1. You purchased a Final Sale item that was clearly disclosed on the site as an item that is not eligible for return or exchange, and on top that, you had us hem them, which also makes them ineligible for return or exchange as outlined on our website.2. My wife (who is an equal partner is this business) never called you a...
We will be releasing the unlined 13.5oz Dark Supply jacket in the Spring. Shooting for a February release.
Yes. It'll be released in February of next year.
You should expect at least a half size in the waist and 1" in the length.
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