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Depends on if, like Breck said you're looking to layer underneath it. The waxed canvas will stretch a tad. I wear a M in everything, I could size down to a S in the denim Supply Jackets if I wanted them to be fitted. The Waxed Lined Supply in M feels a little more fitted than my denim supply jackets but I can still wear a tshirt, button down and sweatshirt underneath it. Sure, it feels snug, but its damn warm! So to answer your Q, if you want it fitted and only plan on...
Sounds like they're right where you want them. I understand the waist maybe a bit uncomfortable at first but if you can button them then you're in the right size. You should expect at least .5" in total for the waistband. [16x2 +.5] since they're tight on you, you may be looking at a little more than .5" also the boxer waistband does take up some room, you may want to wear the boxer waistband above the denim waistband during the break in period. if you stick with them...
Just saw this post. I'm sorry to hear that the fit didn't work for you. Thank you for your patience throughout this process. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding fit or product. -Karl
Hey man, I truly apologize for the delay in response. We have been slammed with orders and return / exchange requests. This is a very busy time of year for us and though we pride ourselves on being super responsive, sometimes emails or RMAs fall through the cracks. Have you been taken care of yet? If not, please email me directly at karl@rogueterritory.com
The ISC fabric is different. The indigo warp x indigo weft selvedge canvas is from Italy. It has an inkier indigo color instead of the bluish black color of the Cone Mills canvas. The hand is also smoother, IMO easier to wear. The fit is the same as our newer workshirt. the shoulder, chest, and body are essentially the same as the one you had, but the forearm has been opened up a bit more. Hope that answers your questions. It's a beautiful piece and will serve you well! -Karl
Rad! Enjoy!!!
Sorry man, it would be very difficult to do that since it's not an end of season sale. This is old old stuff, random stuff and slightly damaged stuff. Follow our @rogueterritory_seconds account on Instagram to find deals on current product.
For those of you in the Los Angeles and greater SoCal area looking for some deals. Join us this SUNDAY 8/24/2014 at General Quarters for the Mid-Day Requisition! Find all sorts of goodies From both RGT and General Quarters (Old stock, minor damaged product, old seasonal goods and stuff you've probably never seen before) At great prices!!! Also enjoy local Ice cream from Smile Frozen GoodS This is a one day event! Sunday 8/24/2014 // 12-5pm Where? General...
We believe that the pricing is extremely fair. The blanket lining was made specifically for us by Faribault Mills. This in itself adds a huge cost (100% wool) to the jacket. In addition the waxed canvas is made in the US. Of course I'd always love to offer extremely competitive pricing but when you're working with high quality materials made in the US I believe the $385 is not only justified but actually a great deal. -Karl
The Field Tan is the only color and the shawl collar dark denim blanket lined jacket will be released at the end of the month. -Karl
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