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Nope, sorry Joe!Karl
There will be little to no shrinkage because the chambray has already gone through high heat in both the washer and dryer.-Karl
We'll start sharing images of the new product at the end of February.K
We don't have any plans to release an unlined shawl collar Supply Jacket.
We will be releasing the Dark (Indigo warp x Black weft) Supply Jacket this Spring. It will most liekey be available mid-March.-Karl
The Black Friday sale ended over a month ago. The current sale is only for SELECT ITEMS that have already been marked down. If you visit the site you'll see a little yellow tab that says "sale" in the upper right hand corner of those items that have already been marked down. These are items that we won't be restocking either in color or fabric so ALL SALES ON DISCOUNTED ITEMS ARE FINAL-Karl
Yes, I took some before and after wash shots. My strobe was not cooperating so I may need to retake the post-wash shots but I'll look through them this week and share here and on our blog soon!-Karl
Rad! Thanks man, couldn't agree more glad to hear you're enjoying them!-Karl
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