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We also have some slightly and I stress SLIGHTLY damaged ISC work shirts in almost every size that we're willing to sell at discount (discount varies on extent of damage). If interested shoot us an email - info@rogueterritory.comYou can also follow our instagram handle @rogueterritory_seconds for some killer deals!Karl
Great advice, thanks for sharing!To minimize confusion, we also offer our sizing guide to show you how we get the measurements we show on our product measurement tables. We also answer any all fit and sizing questions via our Contact Us pageKarl
Bummer, sorry man. If you purchased from us, you can totally return it, we will be restocking all sizes in the New Year.Karl
Thank you for your feedback. We pride ourselves on producing the best quality jeans we possibly can if, there are ever any questions/doubts about finishing or construction we'd like to hear about them. If you took pics I'd love to see them. You can send them and any other comments/feedback to info@rogueterritory.com.Thanks and I hope you're enjoying your jeans!Karl
I wouldn't recommend washing it. The wool would most likely be fine but where you see a difference is how the canvas reacts. This convos is pretty sensitive to water and temperature. It tightens up when it's wet and or cold and loosens up when it's in warmer temperatures. Though the canvas will stretch back out it may shrink a tad more than the lining. If you have to clean I recommend spot cleaning / febreezing or some other aerosol deodorizer for smell / and airing out...
Shrinkage will be minimal but you will see a slight .25"-.5" shrinkage in both width and length. If you think you can spare to loose the .25" in the chest I'd recommend it. The canvas really comes alive after a soak.Karl
Sounds like XL is the way to go. Thanks for your continued support!Karl
ahh thank you for that correction. it is nifty-do.comand we do not have a physical location.
Thanks for checking out our stuff and sharing your experience! Karl
RGT x NIFTYDO COLLAB BODY - 15oz Stealth selvedge denim SLEEVES - 1.5oz full-grain cow hide - lined in black satin Going live on niftydo.com tonight (Tuesday 12/3/2014) THIS JACKET WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT NIFTYDO ONLINE AND IN STORE I'm wearing a M - Same sizing as our raw denim Supply Jackets also wearing first image - ISC Officer Trousers and raw chambray Work Shirt last 2 images - 11 month old (no washes or soaks)16.75oz Slub SKs and 8180 moc-toe Kangatan...
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