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Hey guys, thanks for all your interest! I'll be coming out with 2 new RKs for Spring/Summer and re-releasing the original 6oz (what I call 'Grey Caste') selvedge. The new ones will be a darker indigo warp white weft 10oz Japanese selvedge and the same exact Cone selvedge canvas the was used for the RKISCs but it'll be natural undyed canvas. You can expect a lot more fading and contrast from the new darker indigo RKs. I'm super excited about this next release. They...
no, sorry dude. The smaller Safari Trouser sizes were a fluke...the fabric shrank more then anticipated when I sent them for garment dye. You won't see 27s offered again. I may offer Ar-G Trousers in 28 on my next run.
ha! yes today! not January 5th ooops...
Thanks dude, I made those a long time ago. Those were a prototype for the DBL inndigo work trousers I released later. At this point in time I don't have any plans to remake the work trousers so I guess the RKs would be the closest thing to them.
Thanks for the feedback and I'm happy to hear that your pleased with your jeans. I do that white fabric on all my jeans, it's kind of my thing. I like the contrast , but its possible that I could switch it up on future models. We'll see.Thanks again!Karl
Hey guys thanks for the interest. The Ar-G trousers fit very similarly to the RKs I would say that the leg is slightly slimmer on the Ar-G trouser. But, honestly there's not much of a difference.New Ar-G and Safari trousers will be available on Our online store tomorrow january 5.The safari trousers fit the same as the Ar-G trousers in the top block (waist, rise, seat, upper thigh) but has a slightly larger leg opening from the knee down. Closer to my Stanton fit.
I don't know how the Diors' fit but it sounds like you'd be happy with a 30 in the RK ISCs. The leg isn't super slim and the top block is relaxed but not baggy.
Yea dude, it sounds like you'd be happier with a 32...unfortunately I'm all out.
Great pics Albert! thanks for sharing
Thanks man! I'm glad you're liking your RKs, right now I'm at The Common and Industrie Denim in Union Square, AB Fits might possibly re-stock my stuff..we'll see. I love the RK cut so am definitely going to plan on doing something new for Spring/Summer along with another release of the RK6oz.
New Posts  All Forums: