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Can you post measurements?
I've moved to a pretty rainy climate and want to add a pair of brown rubber sole shoes to my work rotation. What are the staples around here in that regard? Work is a pretty casual law office. My current shoes are AE, Alden, and BB so I'm looking for something of that quality or better, but don't want to pay over $250. I know that might be a tall order so I'm searching sales, factory seconds (Shoe Mart, etc.), B/S and the like. Thoughts? I'm not really interested in...
Orient makes some nice inexpensive divers. I've enjoyed my Blue Ray a lot, and it only cost me about $130 USD.
Need pics!
How would you best describe the color, and is the length bottom of collar or top? Thanks!
Nice Tomkins. I conditioned mine with Obenauf's which darkened it a little bit and softened it, too. Now that it's been 4 months I will probably condition it again. I get lots of compliments on the bag.
Nice hardtail. What kind of riding do you do? Is anybody around here eyeing the new crop of disc-brake road bikes? I love the discs on my mountain bike, I live in a hilly area for road riding, and it does rain a lot here. All pluses for discs. On the other hand, maintenance, weight and price are all minuses, plus it might be overkill?
Looks fun. What brand is the frame?
Some more pics of the Henry Tomkins Essential briefcase. In the last photo it is loaded with my 13 inch MacBook Pro inside a CaseLogic padded case, some legal pads in a folder, and a power cord. The divider has pen and credit card holders, as well as a general purpose pocket. Overall I'm very pleased with the bag. It is very sturdy, the leather is thick, and it seems well constructed. One small issue is that you can see the grain and/or marks on the hide that still...
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