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Not sure if they are the same last. They look a little roomier in the toe. But possible. Made for Church's by Loakes? Very strange. Must have been the Church's in the US store chain. Thanks again.
Thanks Onix. Would 1639 be a Cheaney last?
I recently bought a pair of new wingtips at auction that say "Bench Crafted" and "Created Exclusively for Church's Shoes" on the insole. They also say Made in England so they are not Prima Classe. The sole says Bench Grade and Made in England. They have US size and fittings (13D). I cannot tell what the last is unless it's 1639. The shoes do not say Churchill or any other brand name anywhere. Any ideas what these are? Thanks.
Furo, I wish you well. I had something similar a few years ago and was diagnosed by a podiatrist as having a heel spur. The surgery, as he described it, sounded horrendous and would have sidelined me from driving for a month or so. Anyway, it resolved after less than a year ( and after a steroid shot). In the meantime, I wore Rockports and softer Johnson & Murphys and Moscolonis and such and it wasn't too bad. Hang in there.
Just picked up a pair of Merlot Park Avenues on Ebay with the 'W' stamp. Now I know where they came from. Love this forum. Thanks.
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Almost anything with Cary Grant in it. Or Bogart. Or William Powell.
Good grief. If you want to wear socks, wear socks. If you don't, don't. It doesn't matter if you're wearing khakis or jeans or whatever. Why do you think they make tan socks? Just make sure you wash your feet once in a while.
The cement is definately the problem with the Studio line. While there are some good looking shoes in the line, they're simply not meant to be everyday (shudder) or even frequently worn shoes. If you get a good price and really like the looks of the shoe, buy them and wear them once in a while.
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