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I've received a lot of compliments on these Orvis boots. Very warm, very nice looking too - vaguely English-horsey, in person. I walk 10 miles a day in them, through slush and snow. They're tall enough that pants don't get slush marks. Heavy wool socks are a must, though, or the socks slide down maddeningly. I save the G&Gs for indoors. - Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by Wayward IIRC, his complaint was that it's too thin and, while it looked good, it didn't provide enough warmth. My experience with the camel overcoat was similar - it was basically a long suit jacket, rather than a real overcoat that would keep the weather out. Plus, mine was badly made - the button holes didn't line up with the buttons particularly well. I gave it away. You're better off getting an overcoat...
Nice shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Just curious as the quality of fabrics used for the money you pay. Basically, using H&M as a starting point, would you say Indochino is on par, better, or worse? (I know, might be a weird comparison, but also eying h&m for a cheap suit...) You never know! It's a surprise every time! They change fabric sources frequently. People have returned jackets for remakes, but kept the pants, only to find that the...
WTB Canali Kei EU 48R / drop 6 sport coats - Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by dagman1 Option 2: Keep shoes at the office, wear boots to work. Nothing is worse than wet socks in the winter... Get some high-quality, manly, water-proof boots for trudges through the snow and slush. It's madness to pretend that shoes or overshoes are suitable for real winter. I wear these leather hunting boots (with waterproof lining), and save the G&Gs for indoors. Dress the part with a heavy wool...
I'm looking for a proxy who can snag one of these Brooks Brothers Three-Button Plaid Sack Sport Coats in 38R from a local BB store (that size is not available online), and mail it to me in Canada (marked in a customs-friendly way). PM me. - Mike
Lovely shoe for a lovely price! Free bump. - Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by style_man Today their site features a topless woman Is that Angie? - Mike
Quote: Originally Posted by atila Can anyone point me in the direction of a website/maker who makes 3.25" ties? Being short and athletic, but into a more classic look, 3.25" is my preferred go-to width, but I have a hard time finding ties of that measurement consistantly. will make them whatever width and length you want. Great vendor! - Mike
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