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Caution.  Hot stuff.   Putting it together Ht.  re your handle.  not so much Wagner, but I love Strauss leider    Didn't notice it until PCK -  maybe the square is to cas for the dressy fit.   Fit itself is impeccable, as always.     u r what u r AAS   Respect   Cordovan-  that's what's throwing u I think.    Absolutely love your style.  MO you've really got a thing going on.
  textured comma knit  ^^^  -  textured knit would be an oxymoron.  Solids in general.    FU items don't like competition. Those 2 above r good examples.
What on earth r u talking about?
better what ?
@kulata Shoes are black. Agree white would b better. I'll have to get one.
It's another one fro Kent Wang, so a Chinese outfit, Shanghai. AFAIK quite a few retailers use them.  The construction is workmanlike, buttonholes are not brilliant but they are hand stitched. The styling options are conservative.  Im not looking for Foo-esque lapels or lots of drape etc  Seems to work if u are lucky to have the right frame for it. and they CMT so I can get a suit or jacket in decent cloths in 4 weeks. thanks for the explanation  thats beautiful-  whatre...
it's the purplenurple - i associate it with tacky. As a minor color in a square it's okay i guess.  IMO  I do love the coat, and the pics themselves.
  what weight?
Love the coat, tie's a bit .. scary 
 Luddite here- so  uploading 'small' 'med' or 'large' determines the size it looks on your monitor or the quality (pixel density?) of the picture?  cheers!
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