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  That's the William isn't it? Looks good with this cas fit IMO.    Suit    The buff trews and suede r a nice touch IMO.   well done
  Terrific pic quality GN.  The cutaway is out of context IMO  - too formal for a crumply casual fit like this. The colors are beautiful.   Happy Birthday Crusty!
  Hi Anden-  in answer to your Q'n 'Which one?' (is wonderful)  it was this one ^^^  but both r nice IMO    Crusty love the suit, but that bow at the lapels bothers me a little. seems to be a Paul Stuart thing
 Outstanding  Anden, also wonderful
V le V gives Chocosa a run for his money height wise too.  Like Manton, off the rack's not an option
 Stowa? Had to look it up.  I know as much about watches as I do about colostomy bags. Good attitude  
I'm flattered and a bit horrified that u put me in a category with the likes of gdl etc TP-   having nowhere near their level of taste and experience.  Anyway kudos to u for running this one up the flag pole - could be awsm.     The most difficult thing IMO is selecting someone else's fit for attention.  I'm not keen to point the finger, but here's one that's awful + egregious in Unbel's sense.  SB's WRN20TM in earthy tones and low saturation.      This fit is like...
It is good isn't it?  Prob my fav MF look.
 +1 on the cloth -  Love to know what it is. Tirailleur, noice
 Im glad u did.  Love that suit, and that's my kind of tie too.  Macclesfield for the SF tie   fully dig the shoes  So what I'm hearing is that Blackwatchitis is contagious. .. and r u telling me u can't source a Cardigan in a pattern?     Each individual item (cept the shirt) is nice RTC, but TP said it-   that shirt and tie don't belong with that tweed, IMO  Butcher stripes r loud; so's a block stripe tie, so you've got 3 louds trying to shout each other down.  How about...
New Posts  All Forums: