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Eliod FTW- what a great fit.     this guy
 u crac me up 
that back is so clean   cravat   those brown pants are a great choice.  i'd like to rock ths look     its a thumbs down on the yellow from me.  otherwise good!  noice SB
+1 I wonder how Foo thinks about these now. AFAIK he had them made up at the peak of his Neapolitan crush.   Exhibit A ..  or u might need them because you're sporting aircraft carrier shoulders Exhibit B  There's  pics of his Ralphness in wider than this but I can't find any online   I've been trying to stick to moderate in everything for longevity's sake.  I'm average height, 40" chest-  quite a bit taller than RL, whose lapels appear to be around 6" here.  With a high...
 Works for me   I've been thinking recently that I've got too many trews with side adjusters no belt, so not so great with SCs, but this looks great EFV IMO.   And almost SW&D    Nice look HC.  Interesting high collar there.  Not a crit. Knocking it out of the park again there P/P.  
 thanks!  this is fantastic and well thought out MR, u really have an awsm sharp preppy look going on, very con sistent too IMO.  The DMs, which I personally don't like in general, look great , &  I don't see an issue with the narrow tie.  If it's good enough for HRH, who also goes for blue DBs with repps, why not?  Don, you're the multi-pattern king.  Your last few fits seem to feature low contrast top and bottom-  I'm not sold on that, but YMMV and so on
     Matter of fact this is a subtle herringbone too. And a little more brown IRL  Thanks MF & point taken.  With age comes width in the wrong places   Not sure what u mean, bit it kind of balances out MF's comment, so   Cheers.  I usually go for 2 inches, but this was a stuff up that I haven't bothered fixing. Spectre if u write your comment below the quoted pic you'll avoid confusion as to whether they're your words or those of the person u quoted.
Hi guys   [[SPOILER]]   
 Eliod really?  Reaaaaaaly?  Friedrich altho blue and purple are adventurous this looks great IMO  the pents there are mid to dk gray IRL  Don't know what's happened to the color in that pic.  But then Taka would look good in a burlap sack and a black leotard.    i'd love to get me some of that fullness in the sleevehead-  it's a cut that works well with skinny guys. Butler, the length in that DB is extraordinary -  Defies  the half-half convention -  but  
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