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and u owe me 10 seconds of my life ^^^          @ Nuts, D-S, Spoo great fits
IME the ladies do not love them
AFAIK yep. IIRC its a fit discipline with Foo sos to force his focus on the rest of the look. but thats Foo.Minimum IMO would be #8 cordo blucher, black cap Oxfords, suede boot or bluchers, 2 shades of brown box dress shoesand then set and forget.
@ Butch- sorry man just not feelin it. Adds pounds to your usually svelte frame. Holdo's on the $s about the suit shoe combo tho. @ Clags- the force of Foo is strong in u. No shoo love. Makes me sad. @Mr J- like your casual insouciance. Patterns of shirt, SC and tie look a bit close but with a diff shirt I would rok this. @DonC- u got a 'Newsreader' going on here. nice up top (altho the tie's a 50-50) but whats with the moccas down low?
[quote [/URL] The tie is navy, lighting sucks. [/quote] Frankie. i like the peaks
I know rite? I find lite ties tricky too. The escorial has a nice hand..I agree about the lite blue. Maybe with a fawn linen SC then.the Vanda doesnt present so well in pics i find but dammit its a nice tie.Clagsi see HFs point but generally your hitting it outta the park evry fitOf course if u raise the camera a foot or so those sternum-hugging issues will fade away..
hi guise- Clags, elegant Nathan Lane, sorry, it's you DC, nice fit  Pingson- that's a great jacket-  2 great jackets really, and a fantastic tie- so subtle, so dry   Would appreciate opinions on which is better below?-  with the blue linen, or same fit, brown escorial tie. Cream poplin shirt, white linen PS         Deets.. Lite Blue Linen- Hober [[SPOILER]]
UC-  that's a great-looking suit cloth.  Can u tell me what gives?   SB-  great look.  brown's your color.
  perhaps it's a new monitor I need too    thx for the info!
New Posts  All Forums: