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 Nice, lovely SC.  As PCK says, the white shirt's not optimal with tweed.  They're formal.  What's the quality ofthe Rubi shoes?   Loved  JK Simmon's performance, did u?. And the other guy too.  My fav movie this and last year. As a study of a messed-up masochistic relationship, Whiplash  beats Gone Girl by a country mile. One of those movies that restores my faith in cinema.
Caution.  Hot stuff.   Putting it together Ht.  re your handle.  not so much Wagner, but I love Strauss leider    Didn't notice it until PCK -  maybe the square is to cas for the dressy fit.   Fit itself is impeccable, as always.     u r what u r AAS   Respect   Cordovan-  that's what's throwing u I think.    Absolutely love your style.  MO you've really got a thing going on.
  textured comma knit  ^^^  -  textured knit would be an oxymoron.  Solids in general.    FU items don't like competition. Those 2 above r good examples.
What on earth r u talking about?
better what ?
@kulata Shoes are black. Agree white would b better. I'll have to get one.
It's another one fro Kent Wang, so a Chinese outfit, Shanghai. AFAIK quite a few retailers use them.  The construction is workmanlike, buttonholes are not brilliant but they are hand stitched. The styling options are conservative.  Im not looking for Foo-esque lapels or lots of drape etc  Seems to work if u are lucky to have the right frame for it. and they CMT so I can get a suit or jacket in decent cloths in 4 weeks. thanks for the explanation  thats beautiful-  whatre...
it's the purplenurple - i associate it with tacky. As a minor color in a square it's okay i guess.  IMO  I do love the coat, and the pics themselves.
  what weight?
Love the coat, tie's a bit .. scary 
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