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Mossrocks nice    Ça va, SA?  
  I mistook u for someone else-  thght i was looking at new member XXX who also has beard.  And i was thinking 'wow, really nice. this guy's awsm'.  The printing on that tie is outstanding, looks like mebe screen not ink- jet    thx! ,Fresco 511 -  google huddersfield fine worsteds they sell online 
  thanks GMMcL + Stitches, Capelli pumps them out alrite
 you're a good candidate for a Liverano cut Isolation.  you've got the physique to go wide long lapels, fitted waist and open quarters, ... suit u more than this, which isn't bad all the same   tasty use of a paisley IsteRed
 haven't seen it, praps I'd better not.  I will say you're more of a polka dot fan than me, but apart from that i find you have a sophisticated and conservative palette    I'm working on this ...   
Huddersfield Fine WorstedsHuddersfield ClothHarrisons of Burley ebayBritish Fabrics EbayHarrisons of Edinburgh will have a US distributor listed on their site u can prob useJohn MolloyPepper LeeKevin and Howlin there's lots, but AFAIK SF don't have a single list anywheres
^^ FYI just a few pages back someone (JRD? ) posted a list of mills, and online sellers
  it's the combination of relatively formal elements up top against the trews IMO... and  I think a worsted navy blazer needs some or all of -  patch pockets, contrast buttons, swelled edges and at least to be in a roughed worsted like a fresco or a hopsack.  From that pic, and i could be wrong, that blazer wants quite formal partners.  I love those tassels FWIW
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