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 Looks great, and thanks..   I'm looking for that design in a lighter  wool-silk or wool-silk-linen +  with a blue overcheck.  
 Stencil's on the $s IMO- Minnis is coarser but I don't find it uncomfortable at all 
Some terrific fits last page     GMMcL I third that sentiment-  Those suits  deets: Dugdale/Kent Wang MTM Kamakura Henry Carter grenadine Simonet-Goddard cotton Bresciani Vass
  I think the gorge looks  .....    nah, not going there. Love the pinstripe shirt.  
 same year my daughter was born  
    that sounds logical Ed, cheers.   The dated thing re: that jacket  is as much about all the other factors of cut, fit and styling.  Just my opinion.   What year is it AAS?
 Not saying its not fine, just dated.   factor in that AAS' camera is lower I'd say gorge on right is pretty low. 
  hmm I think you may have a point-  damn you !I need to check this out.
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