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Nice David-  good last for a boot by the looks
    Gemmed, not-gemmed?  -  more Pron!                        
Bullswin-  re: stripes   British is (your) left to right.  American is vice versa.   IIRC  David will ask which u prefer.
Teger-  say again?
    Krauss writes for New Scientist and I love his The Physics of Star Trek -  great fun if u ever wondered how the Enterprise can in theory  travel faster than light speed or how a replicator (might) work.    
But the inescapable point is they don't make shoes as elegant as EG (and they're not easily accessible to the US). Nothing would induce me to buy shoes from those 'one in every town'-  they just aren't the same class, sorry.  
    +1  yes, it's not so much a matter of taste or lack of appreciation of fine construction but a lack of real alternatives, as u say, sub $1k    
  Saw Breakfast at Tiffany's today and was impressed with the late 50s stylishness of it all-  thin ties and sacks; AH and her  wardrobe.  Hard to imagine a mainstream movie even today with a George Peppard man-ho in the lead.   Warm here, and warm end of the spectrum in cottons, linens, silk.  Orange is something I like in moderation; especially with cream.        
  ^  I'll probably be visited by the gemming Gollum and my EGs will fall apart for saying this, but we have been  talking RTW shoes here, and hand-made -  esp hand-stitched welt  -  shoes are just not part of the RTW equation.  .    AFAIK the only RTW that are fully hand-made are Lattanzi, and we all know how affordable they are.   Once you accept that all RTW have varying degrees of machine input,  It's always a question which particular qualities in a shoe a...
    Holy high-rise Batman!
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